"Barry and Tyler, Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! We had the pleasure of having DeMoine Adams speak at our Annual Nebraska Weed Control Association Conference and he was amazing! He had tailored his speech to our group and talked about Leadership and Teamwork. For the rest of the conference, I had members approaching me and talking about the number of points that DeMoine brought up in his speech that they could take home and use in their jobs, or just in life in general. If you have not heard DeMoine in person you are missing out on a great message. I would recommend him to any group. His points of view on leadership and teamwork would fit any business or organization. Thanks again for suggesting DeMoine Adams!”
~Todd Boller, President, NWCA

"For our first day of school we had DeMoine Adams speak to our 7th-12th grade students. He did an excellent job motivating them to put forth maximum effort in all their endeavors, stay focused on their goals and make good choices. He really got them excited for the new school year! We received lots of positive feedback from staff and students about how energized they were for the new year after hearing DeMoine speak. It was an honor to have him speak at our school, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a positive, motivating, and energetic speaker for their event."
~Dr. Stuart Lenz, Superintendent/K-12 Principal, Giltner Public Schools

"DeMoine Adams isn't just another speaker 'talking' about the importance of having a solid game plan....He's the epitome of his message! As a former stand-out collegiate and professional athlete he understands first-hand the importance of having a Solid Game Plan both personally & professionally. More impressive than his football credentials is his dedication to education, having received his Masters Degree and is now working on his PhD! I recommend him without reservation!"
~Aaron Davis, President, Aaron Davis Presenations, Inc.

"DeMoine was great! His presentation resonated greatly with our group and he does a fabulous job of engaging the audience to make his presentation come to life. DeMoine is a naturally inspiring speaker who let's his personal and professional experience teach and motivate you to achieve your best!"
~Tim Iverson, Heritage Financial Services

“DeMoine’s insightful ability to take the basic fundamentals of the game of football and relate them to leadership allows for him to connect with a wide range of individuals. His charisma along with his strong knowledge base captivates and inspires to grow the leader in all of us.”
~Dr. Katie Kage, University of Northern Colorado

"DeMoine Adams is the man! His thought provoking talks are incredible and should be heard by all. DeMo is a must!"

~Jamar Banks, Director for Student, Involvement and Leadership, Appalachian State University

"What a true dynamo! Our students were at full attention to the motivating messages of DeMoine Adams. His personal stories of challenge and what it takes to overcome them send an excellent message of 'NO Excuses!' and 'YOU Determine YOUR Destiny'."

~Cara Riggs, Principal, Omaha South High Magnet School, NE

“Demoine captured our student’s attention with his powerful and interactive message! He connected with us in a way that few speakers have. His simple yet powerful witness to do what’s right, be real, and demonstrate respect is easily relatable to our expectations at CCMS. We look forward to welcoming Demoine back year after year!”

~Darron Arlt, Principal, Central City Middle School, Central City, NE

"This week we had the honor and pleasure of hosting DeMoine Adams at Wahoo High School. DeMoine's message was educational, engaging, and relevant. He brought incredible life and energy into his presentation which further fueled the engagement and excitement within our student body. I would not hesitate to bring DeMoine back to Wahoo High School.”

~Jason Libal, Wahoo High School Principal

"I was impressed with the way DeMoine focused in talking about each person's own potential and the specific steps they need to maximize the chance for success. DeMoine has a very sincere way of speaking to students in such a way that they can sense the trust being formed between him and them."

~Gary Klahn, Superintendent, Wheeler Central Schools, NE




DeMoine Adams is not only a motivational speaker, but an artist who inspires others to be greater, to be leaders, and to be winners in the game of life. He was a three-year starting Blackshirt Defensive End for the Nebraska Cornhuskers who led the team in quarterback sacks during his time on the team. DeMoine played an instrumental role in helping the Huskers win a Big 12 conference championship in 1999 and helped lead the Huskers to the National Championship Rose Bowl in 2002.

Off the field, DeMoine received Academic All-American honors, First-Team Academic All-Big 12 honors over the course of three years, the Brook Berringer Citizenship team award recipient over the course of three years, the 2002 Lifter of the Year, and was named the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Nebraska Athlete of the Year. DeMoine is originally from Pine Bluff, Arkansas and has accelerated much of his life as an athlete, both collegiately and professionally. As a first-generation student, DeMoine received his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with minors in English, History, Communications, Ethnic Studies and African Studies and went on to receive his Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. DeMoine is currently pursuing his Doctorate degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and his research includes Leadership, Motivation, and Sociology.


The Game Plan – A Student Handbook to score in life.
365 Days of Winning






Lincoln, Nebraska





K - 12th Grade/College/Athletics
“Bone UP” is a bullying prevention program that challenge students to play DEFENSE by TACKLING bullying behaviors by Speaking up, Stepping up, and Teaming up in order to create a safe, responsible, and respectful school environment.

“Bring your 'A' Game” will motivate students to have a MAXIMUM effort, a STRONG focus, and an UNDENIABLE commitment in EVERYTHING they do in school in order to produce greater results in the classroom, on standardized tests, and in their attitude toward their education.

“Getting into LeaderSHAPE” Anyone can be a leader, but it takes MUSCLE to have leadership! “Getting into LeaderSHAPE” will challenge students to stop being followers, be their best, build winning relationships, and develop a strong character to have the MUSCLE they need for real leadership.

“Scoring in School ” If life was a game, you have to SCORE to win! "Scoring in School" will teach students how to score in the classroom, score in the choices they make, score by following the RIGHT directions, and score by NEVER giving up in order to reach their TOUCHDOWN and WIN as students.

“The ALL-American” (diversity awareness) is a program designed to teach & promote diversity, cultural competence, and respectful behaviors in order to eliminate unconscious biases and stereotypes. Students will also learn how to be an ALL-around individual in their academics, character, and leadership in order to be successful in the real world. *Recommended for the month of January and February.

Professional Development and Corporate Training
“Defensive Leadership” The side of leadership most professionals focus on is their position, their title, their hard work, and their OFFENSE toward the end goal. But leadership is about teamwork, and in any work environment or community the ‘other’ side of leadership requires a personal and social responsibility. “Defensive Leadership” will help professionals and adults exercise their leadership by leading by example, making each other better, and being responsible for each other in order to achieve their collective goal in a constructive, positive manner. *Defensive LeaderSHAPE is available as a follow-up presentation to Defensive Leadership.

“H.E.R.O. Leadership” Heroes give people in movies something to believe in, but H.E.R.O. leaders give people in real life the seeds of potential to believe in themselves. "H.E.R.O. Leadership" will encourage professionals and adults to lead by serving and become positive role models to make a positive difference in the lives of others.




"Barry and Tyler, as my superintendent and I talked afterwards, we were extremely impressed with DeMoine's presentation. We heard many comments from our staff as to how much they enjoyed it! DeMoine really provided us with some great energy to start the year! He also caused us reflect on the kind of educators we want to be and how we can impact our students. DeMoine most definitely exceeded my expectations and I would certainly recommend him to others! Also, thanks to MSB for your work in getting us a great match to kick off the new school year!"
~ Terry Zessin, Principal, Wood River Rural Schools, Wood River, NE

"DeMoine understands, firsthand, what it takes to be a leader. He communicated well with the middle school students and highlighted key points like positive choices, self-reflection and dealing with adversity. His LeaderSHAPE message has been instrumental in building a positive culture in our building…a culture that is student-centered and focuses on the respect and inclusion of all.”

~ John Harris, Wahoo Middle School Principal


"It was an honor to host Demoine for his presentation on Leadership and Bullying. The students and teachers loved him and his presentation. Demoine was an outstanding presenter. He is genuine and passionate about what he has to share with students. He models what he believes. He was the best presenter that I have listened to for school programs. He connected with the students and they connected with him. He made the learning fun and engaging. Demoine went over and above for students. I will recommend Demoine to other schools!"
~Susan Stewart, K-6 Principal, Chase County
Schools, Imperial, NE