"...exceeded our expectations. Your preparation prior to the engagement was spot on. By doing this, you specifically related aspects of your story to our business."
~ Doug Pierce, Division Sales Manager Genentech, Incorporated

"No other speaker has ever tied his or her presentation to our community and culture as Stacy has done. Stacy went beyond motivation-she created passion. Our conference did not end, it continues in the hearts and minds of our participants."
~ Michael Goeden, BB & Six Sigma Champion, SKF USA

"The fact that you incorporated SunTrust jargon into your presentation made your messge so much more relevent and inspiring to our employees. I had so many requests for more information about you, I posted a link on our corporate sales management website."
~ Susan Bossert, Senior Vice President,
SunTrust Corporate Director Sales Management

"You were awesome! Your message was right on target. I can attribute this to the amount of pre-work you put into our meeting."
~ Wilson Ray, Associate Director, Sales Planning Kelloggs Corp.



First American Woman to Climb Mt. Everest


Stacy's climbed the world's most famous mountain, now she's helping organizations across the globe scale their own monumental challenges.

Stacy Allison brings a vast range of experiences and knowledge to her energetic and dynamic presentations. Stacy is best known as the First American woman to summit Mt. Everest. She is also president of Stacy Allison General Contracting, a residential building company. She serves on the Board of Trustees of National University and is the Chairperson for The Oregon Lung Association's fundraiser, Reach the Summit. Remarkably, she is also a successful author and committed mother of two.

Stacy’s mission is to motivate people to move beyond limitations and reach for their dreams. She challenges her audiences to lay the foundation for risk taking by accepting full responsibility for their lives. She also emphasizes the importance of recognizing and valuing everyone’s contribution as a team member in life’s pursuits.


Stacy’s first book, Beyond The Limits: A Woman’s Triumph on Everest, is a suspenseful, triumphant adventure story.

Her second, Many Mountains to Climb; Reflections on Competence, Courage and Commitment is an exciting anecdotal account of climbing challenges practically applied to help you plot your way more surely to professional and personal success. Stacy also contributed a chapter on Leadership in the book, Upward Bound, published by Crown Publishing.


Portland, Oregon







Beyond the Limits: Lessons from Everest
Stacy's breathtaking multimedia presentation will sweep you to the top of the world. It's a journey that will inspire you to apply the lessons of risk, motivation, challenge, and change learned at high altitude to the down-to-earth aspects of everyday life. Her message invites you to reconsider your own possibilities both personally and professionally.

We Can Get There From Here - Teamwork Works!
It's true for any team project—cooperation works! More than an idea, teamwork is essential for your organization's success and survival. Learn how to create a team environment that will improve the quality of life and level of performance for you, your co-workers and your organization.

Reaching New Heights - Risk Taking
Our accountability to ourselves and others defines our character. It determines our success and our ability to adjust to the challenges, changes and risks confronting us in today's world. Stacy demonstrates how the principles involved in climbing mountains apply to our everyday lives and how all of us can tap into our abilities and climb into the future with confidence and courage.