"Dave was fantastic to work with on our AIM Tech Celebration Awards. Not only did he serve as Master of Ceremonies, he weaved his magic into the presentation of the awards. He came up with several creative ideas on how we could integrate magic into the event. He was also very willing to make adjustments to the ideas to make the program fit the time frame we needed. He really delivered on a totally new concept of our awards program which generated great feedback from our audience. I would highly recommend Dave as a great partner both for his joy with magic and skills as an Emcee.”
~ Dave Vankat, AIM Director of Events Management

"My work with Dave Arch for three years at First National Bank in Omaha demonstrated to me his exceptional communication skills whether in a group or a one-on-one setting. During that time, he partnered with me in leading my team to double-digit revenue growth and consistently exceptional profits – no small feat in the worst economy ever! The stellar results my team achieved, in good measure due to Dave’s training and coaching, prompted me to hire Dave as a trainer and coach in two additional companies, with equally stellar results. He is a dynamic speaker and a terrific partner. I highly recommend Dave to any company looking to bring results to the next level."
~ Tricia Keyes, Vice President & General Manager, Zayo Enterprise Networks, LLC

"My first contact with Dave Arch came when he presented a train-the-trainer session to my team. He clearly demonstrated his understanding of effectively training the adult learner and was able to communicate in practical terms that understanding to my team. Even months after the training, we continue to have takeaways by utilizing his book and key concepts into our every day challenges. Since that time, we have additionally partnered with him on leadership development. I am also learning of his skill in assessing the needs of a potential leader and prescribing strategies for addressing those issues in his/her development. His expertise and approach is very helpful in providing me objective,developmental advice!
~ Liz Hall, Executive Director of Training and Development, C&A Industries






Transforming Leaders


Dave Arch has served for the past ten years as an internal consultant with Howard Hawk's groups of ten companies Tenaska, Inc. Tenaska is the largest privately held company in the State of Nebraska and among the top 50 in the nation.

It is Dave's job to ensure that new leaders are constantly being developed to fill the spots vacated by retiring baby boomers. He does this both through a series of forty individual coaching sessions per month and also facilitating a company-wide mentoring program - linking senior management with those who will eventually be taking their place.

Prior to that Dave served for twelve years as Executive Vice President of The Bob Pike Group - training corporate trainers and presenters in Fortune 100 companies on the enhancement of their presentation skills.

He has authored fifteen books with his latest one being Transforming Leaders The Sandler Way released in January, 2014 and based on his experiences in developing leaders in his role at Tenaska.




Transforming Leaders The Sandler Way is a book about business, career and life success. It's perfect for anyone who wants to boost revenue, start a business, close more deals or move up the corporate ladder. It has received four international awards including the prestigious Benjamin Franklin award.

Showmanship for Presenters
Be the "star" of your session or presentation with these fabulous theatrical techniques! You'll learn the secrets of popular entertainers and use them, along with your own personal style, to elicit interest, laughter, and applause from your audience.





Omaha, Nebraska










Transforming Leaders
Based on Dave's newest book Transforming Leaders The Sandler Way, this conference breakout session explores not only the step-by-step processes that will grow you as a leader but also how to use those processes in the lives of others exhibiting leadership potential.

31 Alternatives To Lecture
Based on Dave's books Moving Beyond Lecture and Showmanship For Presenters, this three to six hour session explores what a speaker can use as alternatives to lecturing through his/her content. These 31 lecture alternatives have been arranged according to a presenter's comfort zone beginning with those that work primarily with those only comfortable speaking from behind a podium.