"Laurie conducted a fantastic workshop with our leadership class. Her ability to engage the doctors and personalize the content kept the audience excited and motivated. The participants kept talking about the workshop and what they “do best” throughout the rest of the weekend conference. Laurie is more than a great speaker, she’s an excellent teacher!"
~ Alissa Johnson
Associate Director, Nebraska Optometric Association

"Laurie’s presentations were very engaging and thought prevoking. I really was able to think about the message and try to put it to work back at the office. Any group or organization could benefit from what we learned. Her message really hit home."
~ Doug
Association Immediate Past-President

"By far Laurie was the best speaker at this year’s conference. I was able to take the information to devise some helpful strategies for my employees."
HR Director

"I personally thought Laurie’s presentation was superb and got a lot out of it that I plan on using in my practice. I really like to empower people to be their best self, and I think this offers guidance to doing exactly that."
Lisa Craig
Board President, Far North CA MGMA Chapter



Your Partner in Transformative Growth


Laurie Baedke is a leadership development consultancy that is committed to organizational change and long-term results by helping your leaders and employees perform optimally from their strengths. She is a breath of fresh air in an environment filled with jargon and empty claims. Passionately devoted to achieving success, Laurie applies her personal leadership strengths to guide her clients toward their goal of sustainable performance with practical, proven and common sense solutions.

Laurie’s leadership talents are guided by the principle that passion and focus breed success. At age 26, she became the youngest individual to achieve board certification as a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. She is one of five independent consultants globally to hold certification by Gallup as a Strengths Performance Coach.

Laurie is passionate, insightful and experienced, with a rich background in executive leadership and entrepreneurial ventures. Her relational abilities draw out meaningful insight and genuine transparency, allowing her, through her focused process, to accelerate growth in individual and team performance.

For leaders, executives or entrepreneurs who insist on results, Laurie’s positive and guiding leadership, will spark transformative growth throughout your organization.


Blair, Nebraska






Keynotes and Seminar Presentations:
  • Strengths Based Leadership: Leveraging Talent for Success
  • Developing the Next Generation of Leaders: Lessons from the First Ten Years
  • Think Like a Patient: Using Behavioral Economics to Drive Business Outcomes
  • Operational Turnaround: Taking Your Organization from Sitting the Bench to Setting the Benchmark
  • The Power of a Positive Workplace
  • Work – Life Balance: Achieving Success and Fulfillment Without Losing Your Mind
  • Motivating, Empowering, and Rewarding your Staff
  • Networking for Success: Building Powerful Relationships

Half Day, One Day and Two Day Retreats:

  • Strengths Based Leadership: Developing a High Performing Team