"At a recent business tune-up session, I expressed my frustration in getting clients to return my emails and telephone messages. Chuck’s answer was the “deadline tactic” After implementing this specific technique, the client not only responded, but provided the information by the deadline I set. I am now using the “deadline tactic” for all my correspondence!"
~ Joanne Ormrod
Baltimore, MD

“Before I began Chuck’s Professional Sales Coaching program, only 67% of my clients showed up for their appointments. Since then, the rate has shot up to 89% in just three months, bringing me about 144 more clients annually. I owe such fabulous progress—unheard of in my field— to the system I have in place because of your coaching program!”
~ Ray Croff
President, Turtle Creek Financial

"Since I've hired Chuck, bad sales problems have dissipated, including overworking myself, prospects blowing appointments, and spending TONS on marketing! But NOW I'm faced with different challenges: being consistently booked 3-to-4 weeks out, marketing/ad budget cut in half and a resulting increase in salary, and, MOST importantly, becoming so efficient that I am troubled simply with the decision of which day to schedule my mani pedi! I ONLY recommend Chuck if you are ready to accept the problems I deal with daily: more cash, more time, and better health!"
~ DJ Carroll
President, Easy Pro

"After procrastinating for over a year, I finally booked Chuck for a one-day sales tune up. He helped me accomplish more in one day than all the books and seminars I have used in the last 13 years as an insurance professional. I cannot imagine all the missed sales before I started coaching with Chuck. Now I have the confidence going into next year that I have the structure and marketing tools to double my productivity and sales. Beyond that, I just booked Chuck for my second sales tune up!"
~ Bill Huang
Keystone Benefits, San Jose, CA


One of the Most Sought After Sales Coaches in America!


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With more than two decades of winning experience in sales, noted national sales coach, speaker, author and corporate sales-effectiveness consultant Chuck Bauer brings us his innovative and distinctive business insight. His passionate commitment to excellence is illustrated in his consulting, coaching and speaking work. With his no-nonsense approach and tell-it-like-it-is style, sales professionals gain immediate revenue & efficiency results from his teachings.

Each week he personally oversees numerous sales processes in North & Latin America; from listening to LIVE sales phone calls to sitting in on LIVE face to face appointment between professional salespeople and their clients. He personally coaches many sales people, sales executives and business owners. His book, Sales Mastery, became available thru all international book outlets this last March.

In his off time he is a committed body-builder, instrumented rated private pilot and rides mt. bikes. He resides in Dallas, Texas.


Dallas, Texas










SalesMastery - The Seminar Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Take! In this customized seminar, your sales people will learn new TECHNIQUES and STRATEGIES to increase their productivity, close more sales, and EARN MORE MONEY! Advanced skills taught in client communication, time management, presenting, objections, closing, & much more. Chuck’s Most Requested Seminar.

TimeMastery - Time Used Wisely = MORE MONEY!
Time and money spent in Sales Coach Chuck Bauer’s TimeMastery Seminar returns exponential increases in Sales SUCCESS. Seize the Seconds: Seize the Sales.

Marketing Yourself Shamelessly - If You Won't, Who Will?
You MUST market you, your company and product SHAMELESSLY. Chuck gives you the specific foundation of how and why Top Of Mind Awareness is important in today’s marketplace. A set sales system to follow, specific sales tools & NO to LOW COST follow up systems are explained and implemented.

PersonalitySelling - Learn to Close Your Clients!
Sales Coach Chuck Bauer avoids all the psycho mumbo jumbo of the personality training field and tells you how it really is. You’ll learn how to recognize personality types—prospects’ and clients’ as well as your own—and how to close to them.

Seven Steps to Sales Success - Make More Money in Less Time!
Knowing what works & what doesn’t aren’t the only things Sales Coach Chuck is familiar with. After years of working with some of the TOP SALESPEOPLE in the country, Chuck has amassed his Top Seven list of the CRITICAL items that are missed in almost every sales process.

From Tragedy to Triumph
Through talent, hard work, and perseverance, Chuck Bauer became a mega-success in the sales and business world despite a difficult upbringing. Today he is President of a leading Sales Training Company and one of the most sought after sales coaches and speakers in North America. Bauer will share his own story, and his strategies for succeeding even through tragedy and turbulent times. Don’t miss out on his inspiring message of powerful, authentic keys to business and life. You’ll leave this presentation entertained, motivated, and encouraged to do more and be more!