"Our corporate partnership team had great takeaways regarding how to network smarter while also understanding the importance of our personal brand to current and prospective partners. Jeff does a great job weaving in real-world examples and how you can apply his teachings to growing your business and building long-term partnerships.”
~ Jason Booker, Sr. Director of Corporate Sponsorships, Kansas City Royals, Kansas City, MO

"Jeff found himself delivering a workshop to entrepreneurial women who are passionate about
their missions and big visions. Jeff is amazing! He brought to our workshop his passion, commitment and skill and taught us exactly how to become our individual brands. He worked with our group and delivered a home-run message that inspired each participant to immediately take action on the simple steps he outlined and taught to us in our workshop."
~ Jan VanBlarcum, Ph.D., Creative Tutors 4 Kids International, Inc., Dallas, TX

"The toughest spot at any conference is the ‘closer’ – the last speaker before you adjourn and head back to reality. That key slot at our annual conference fell to Jeff Beals. And to no surprise…Jeff nailed it! His presentation on How to Succeed in a Brutally Competitive Environment was perfectly paced, humorous and full of great content."
~ Dave Kilby, President, Western Association of Chamber Executives, Sacramento, CA

"A couple of my Dean's Fellows recently said your presentation two years ago about building your personal brand was their best experience at Creighton."
~ Dr. Anthony R. Hendrickson, Dean, Heider College of Business, Creighton University

"My personal thanks to you for yesterday. You were a HIT! I know I speak for all there that we learned, we laughed and we really appreciated the time and effort you put into making our Sales Event one of the best ever. Thanks and I look forward to working with you again."
~ Steve Narans, Corporate Director Training & Development, Global Industries, Grand Island, NE

"Jeff is sure to deliver an engaging and motivating speech! He cleverly ties together his stories and makes the speech end with a punch. Being the closing speaker is tough, but he stepped-up to the challenge and hit a home-run. Due to the high ratings and overwhelming response to re-watch his speech, we are
planning on using his video during our NextGen watch party.”
~ Megan Dotson, Senior Client Success Consultant & Event Director, GovLoop, Washington, DC

"You brought great value to our event. The workshop was a huge experience for our attendees by giving them the opportunity to improve their work in the critical environment in which we are living today. Your talent as a speaker and your qualities as a person made the difference during your time with us. I would
certainly recommend you to anyone who asks.”
~ Ana Paula Costa, Educational Planner, Febracorp, Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Jeff spoke at our Minneapolis IFMA chapter in December 2014. His presentation on self-branding was outstanding and our membership was very impressed with Jeff's knowledge and insight. Not only was the presentation educational, it was a heck of a lot of fun. Jeff's stories are hilarious and we all had a great time learning how to advance our careers! Our survey results after the meeting had 90% of the respondents marking the program as "excellent" with the other 10% as good. It was our best-scoring
program in years!”
~ Wayne Teig, Board Member, International Facilities Management Association, Minneapolis, MN


Author of "Self Marketing Power"


Jeff Beals is the international award-winning author of “Self Marketing Power: Branding Yourself as a Business of One” and “Selling Saturdays: Blue Chip Sales Tips from College Football.” His uniquely diverse career has made him an industry leader and sought-after speaker on marketing, branding and sales topics.

As a professional speaker, Jeff delivers keynote speeches, seminars and workshops to diverse audiences worldwide. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Kansas City chapter of the National Speakers Association.

As an author, commercial real estate executive and radio talk-show host as well as a former television personality, college dean and adjunct professor, Jeff understands how to synthesize wide-ranging experiences into very enlightening, entertaining and motivational presentations.

Jeff is executive vice president at World Group Commercial Real Estate and is in charge of sales and marketing strategy for the company's more than 3.7 million square feet of commercial real estate space in two states.

A frequent media guest, Jeff has been featured in Investors Business Daily, USA Today, Men's Health Magazine, New York Times Online, Chicago Tribune and a number of television and radio stations across the country. As a writer, he has published more than 300 articles in local, national and international periodicals and web sites. He writes the bi-weekly "Business Motivation Blast" which has more than 10,000 subscribers.

From 2003 to 2009, he served as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Nebraska at Omaha's College of Business Administration. From 1998 to 2001, Jeff was Dean of Student Affairs at Clarkson College.


Self Marketing Power Beals enlightens readers in a humorous and entertaining format by explaining:

Eight rules you must know before marketing yourself
How to exploit your current job for self-marketing purposes
Goal-based networking designed to make you more successful
How to harness the media
Much, much more!

Selling Saturdays: Blue Chips Sales Tips from College Football This marketing-and-sales book teaches crucial business lessons by using fascinating, behind-the-scenes stories from college football recruiting, the high-stakes and brutally competitive sales process that matches talented young athletes with big-time college football powerhouses. After all, college football recruiting is marketing in its purest form. Award-winning author Jeff Beals interviewed several Hall-of-Fame, championship coaches and discovered their shocking secrets of success.

Omaha, Nebraska










Self Marketing Power: Branding Yourself as a Business of One
Whether you're striving to land a big client, close more deals or make a difference in the community, one thing is for sure: today's world has no room for shrinking violets. The only problem is that the art of self marketing is difficult for a lot of people. This session will help you build your personal brand while striking a balance between healthy self promotion and egotistical boasting.

How to Sell in Brutally Competitive Environments
Today’s marketplace is simultaneously the best and worst in the history of human civilization. It’s the best because untold and unprecedented opportunity awaits savvy and sharp-eyed professionals. It’s the worst because there has never before been a market so loud, crowded and full of competing distractions jockeying for your clients’ attention. In this brutally competitive market, cutting-edge products, good service, your personal talent and hard work are no longer enough. You need a differentiating factor. In this humorous and story-filled presentation, you will learn that successful sales-and-marketing professionals beat their competition by unearthing what their clients truly value while building trusting, career-long relationships.

Selling Saturdays: Sales Lessons from College Football
Through fascinating stories, the high-stakes and brutally competitive world of college football recruiting comes to life. Audience members soon find out that the process that matches talented young athletes with big-time college football powerhouses can teach them a great deal about their own businesses and careers.

Sales = Storytelling
From civilization’s earliest days until now, human beings have been captivated by stories. That’s why high-producing sales pros effectively use stories to educate, persuade and motivate. The key to making a winning sales pitch is to paint a picture in the prospective client’s mind, to tell a good story.

This humorous and story-filled presentation shows you how to increase profitability and speed up sales cycles through the art of storytelling. You will learn several ways to harness the power of stories:

1. What makes an effective sales story;
2. How to discover your company’s most captivating stories;
3. When to use a story to disarm a hostile prospect or client;
4. How stories can save a deal about ready to die;
5. Why stories are the ultimate way to overcome objections.

As a sales professional, you need to listen twice as much as you talk, which means you have to make it count when it’s finally your turn to communicate. When you become a master storyteller, it becomes much easier to capture greater market share and improve sales per client!