"Walter delivered an excellent message to our audience. He entertained and educated at the same time. He is a great storyteller with a message."
~ Vice President, Education & Training
Missouri Credit Union Association

"Walter made them laugh...I watched the man weave emotions and soon people were no longer listening to his presentation because they were vicariously experiencing the event in real-time. His message transformed the audience and they left better for hearing it. You want a dynamic speaker with a tangible message...Walter Bond delivers."
~ James A. Ziegler, CSP, HSG
This Man Means Business (R)



"Mr. Accountability"


Walter Bond is called “Mr. Accountability” because he forces each one of his listeners to learn to be responsible for whatever the situation they are in. Through his programs, workshops, books and CDs, he travels the world teaching that personal accountability, confidence, and success are possible for all who desire it; from frontline personnel to the CEO. Walter reveals how to harness the power of accountability and become a rock star of your industry.

A former NBA athlete, Walter rose from being a reserve player coming off the bench to become the first rookie-free agent to start for the Dallas Mavericks. This astonishing journey provides the foundation for the principles he teaches to help empower people in their own personal jouney. Today he is recognized as one of the world’s preeminent experts on personal accountability. Walter has impacted hundreds of thousands of people in his rapid rise to the top of the speaking industy.

Walter will captivate your audience through his unique and memorable personal stories, teaching them the lessons learned from his in-the-trenches experience in selling, as an entrepreneur, and being a team player. He will help your people see how they can transform challenges into opportunities, obstacles into testimonies, and success is a matter of personal choice.

Walter’s presentations are an experience that audiences have enjoyed worldwide and never forget. These dynamic and compelling programs provide both the motivation and the strategies to excel in business and in life.

All Buts Stink - How to Live Your Best Life & Eliminate Excuses Designed to help people regardless of age or position release themselves from mediocrity and position themselves to reach their potential and to be free from all excuses.







Motivation: No One Can Stop You But You
In this powerful keynote talk, Walter examines the seven core fundamentals that highly successful people use to reach the top. Through his powerful, funny, and oh-so-relatable journey, you will learn how to regain control over your mindset and set yourself on the course towards freedom; freedom from whatever it is that is holding you down and preventing you from being the best version of yourself. You are stronger than you believe. You are smarter, braver and more capable than you can imagine. And with these seven keys in your hand, you can unlock the power so that you can impact more people, so that you can have more, be more and do more.

Teamwork: The Best Team Always Wins
If cohesiveness and community are a challenge in your business, you'll be amazed at the way this inspiring keynote will bring forth teamwork in your company. Your employees will walk in as individuals and walk out as a solid unit that is ready to take on the world. Progress starts when your employees realize they are stronger as a team, and when your leaders are equipped with the strategies to encourage collaboration and community within the industry

Mentorship: The Shark And The Suckerfish
If you've never heard the tale of the Shark and The Suckerfish, you're in for a compelling message of the power of mentorship. Walter dives deep into an engaging analogy about sharks and suckerfish, and how their specific roles impact each other. As your employees begin to understand the power of mentorship and leadership, the culture of your business will begin to shift. This keynote talk teaches your team how to channel their inner shark, tap into their inner suckerfish, and how to avoid being a parasite.

Leadership: Visionary Leadership
Nobody follows a leader without a plan. Your ability to craft and execute a solid vision is what will take your leadership, and your business, to the next level. Walter's engaging and inspiring message dives deep into topics like accountability, employee engagement and servant leadership. Be the type of leader you'd be confident to follow by investing in the Visionary Leadership training course and learn what it means to create a powerful vision, and the incredible impact that comes with following that vision.

All Buts Stink
Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure. And many of the excuses you're making to avoid change, risk, growth and progress you genuinely accept as truth. But they're liars. In this motivational keynote, Walter used his personal experience to reach the audience in ways that spark change. Your audience will be impacted by Walter's story of overcoming adversity and will learn: effective goal setting, building your brand, exploring your vision, mastering time management and learning to dominate right where you are.