"I approached Lisa and asked her to speak to a Nebraska Wesleyan group of women who have supported our students with scholarships for the past 120 years. The group’s meeting theme was “leaving a legacy.” In addition to talking about their monetary legacy in a different session, Lisa’s talk was about their bigger legacy of who they are and what they want to be remembered for. It opened many eyes and I think will change how we all speak to grieving friends. Lisa brought comfort to the room by using and embracing the word death. Lisa is a caring and compassionate person. Her words are heartfelt and they demonstrate the passion she has for her field. She draws you in when she speaks and has the audience hanging on her every word. I have walked away inspired and enlightened every time I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Lisa speak. Lisa is making the world a better place! Lisa’s love for her topic is something to be cherished and I know the women present shared her passion…because it is contagious!"
~ Susy Miller, Gift Officer, Nebraska Wesleyan University

“Someone once observed that the longest journey a person will undertake in life is the distance between the head and the heart. Lisa Borchardt has clearly made the round trip. Her work is the beautiful expression of a searching intellect and an emotional adept. She illumines the human experience – with its glories and struggles – while providing practical and inspirational ways for the person to soar. She is a gifted speaker who knows how to delight and challenge an audience. Laughter and tears abound when Lisa takes you on life’s journey.”
~ Dr. Rev. Jim Keck, Senior Pastor
First Plymouth United Congregational Church

“Lisa Borchardt’s presentation on compassion fatigue was both uplifting and insightful for the hospice team. So much of the work done in hospice care requires a pouring out of self, and oftentimes staff becomes weary and run down. Lisa’s presentation to the hospice team gave an encouraging perspective on self-care for one of the most spiritually and emotionally draining fields in the medical care industry. Her self-assessment tools were helpful for staff to step back and observe how the very important work we do impacts our beings. Lisa’s information and presence gave our team a sense of renewal.”
~ Caitlin Mason, Bereavement Coordinator
Tabitha Health Care

“Lisa led our staff in an exercise to recognize unsafe ways that people deal with grief and how to help them out of unhealthy coping mechanisms. She spoke about healthy healing and what coping with grief in a healthy way should look like. Lisa is a presenter who is positive and entertaining, but wise and knowledgeable at the same time. She engaged our entire staff by being energetic, authentic, and humorous. Lisa presented to our group with poise and a deep knowledge on the topic of loss and grief. I would highly recommend Lisa Borchardt for trainings related to loss and grieving.”
~ Melissa Rogers, Human Resources Coordinator Friendship Home

“On behalf of the National Association of Social Workers, Nebraska Chapter, I would like to thank you for presenting at our 2009 Annual Conference. Your presentation contributed greatly to the great attendance this year. Thank you for joining us in this important work of celebrating social work.”
~ Terry Werner, Executive Director
National Association of Social Workers
Nebraska Chapter


Journey Through Living


Lisa Borchardt believes sharing our stories helps people heal. She empowers and ignites audiences with her interactive presentations while walking them through difficult topics using transparency and humor.

Lisa also assists managers to understand that fostering employees self worth cultivates professional success and enhances their performance.

Lisa incorporates research that has shown happiness boosts both creativity and productivity into her speeches. She uses motivation to encourage positive change, while sharing strategies for personal and professional development during each presentation. Audiences are intrigued by Lisa’s passion for helping others to heal, which is a product of her 15 years of experience as a Professor of Social Work, Licensed Mental Health Practitioner, and through her own personal journeys.

Lisa is a tenured and Full Professor at Nebraska Wesleyan University. She received the honor of being named Hometown Social Worker in 2014 and Social Worker of the Year in 2009 by the National Association of Social Workers, Nebraska Chapter. In September 2014, Lisa was selected as 1 of 15 speakers for Ignite Lincoln 6, where she delivered her speech, “Scars Are Stories. Share Yours!”



Lincoln, NE











"Scars in the Workplace"©
A presentation to help managers gain an understanding about how the life events their employees experience leave scars, and how those scars affect productivity.The benefits about acknowledging and working through the scars will be shared, and strategies to develop personal and professional growth will be delivered.

“Scars are OUR Stories” ©
Ecclesiastes 3 states, “Everything has its time, a time to be born, and a time to die", and the Byrds sing, “To everything…there is a season, turn turn turn, a time to laugh, a time to weep, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” As we move through the chapters of our lives, scars mark the memories. Vulnerability, resiliency, happiness, grief, and laughter fill our seasons, and telling stories leads to healing. Lisa Borchardt will share a message about when it is “time to break down, and time to build up

“Thoughts on Compassion Fatigue” ©
Compassion fatigue is about the exhaustion caregivers and professionals experience over the course of their careers. It may diminish our compassion, hope, and empathy, and lead to second hand trauma. This training is for both the managers and those they supervise to have a better understanding of how those we serve maybe contributing to decreased productivity and/or burnout.

“Celebrating Life & Preparing for Loss"©
A presentation focusing on learning about and appreciating life, loss, grief and death. Participants will engage in conversations about how daily choices affect individual lives. Discussions of positive psychology, happiness, and strengths will occur. The grieving process, disenfranchised grief, strategies for coping with loss and information on the caregiving role will be addressed.