"Wow! You were excellent!"
~Aimee McCall Captive Insurance Group

“The feedback on your program has been overwhelming! We all agreed, this is the program we’ll be talking about for years”
~Doug Slape, Deputy Commissioner, Texas Department of Insurance

“Traci has the ability to immediately capture the interest of an audience and use entertainment to inform and educate at the same time. She taught our team how to use non verbal body language to quickly build trust and rapport with our clients. Our team’s confidence is at an all time high! Thank you Traci!"
~Samantha Hedberg-Primerica Investments Denver, CO

“Thanks you for your presentation. It was very well received.”
~Todd Douglas – First National Banks

“Traci was engaging, fun, and the day went by quickly. Our group loved her….Informative and funny, a great combination."
~Tracy Hildner – Green Bay Management Women

“On behalf of our San Diego chapter of the Risk Management Association I wanted to thank you for speaking to us. It was interesting and insightful and as I'm sure you noticed, the group very much appreciated your insight and was captivated by your topic. As financial and risk managers, our attendees were keenly interested. Regrettable, far to often we must discriminate between fact and fiction. Thanks again!"
~David Stong, President RMA San Diego

“Thank you for your insightful presentation at the Western Bankers Association conference this morning. Very informative and entertaining."
~Brian Fullmer, VP, Business Banking Operations Manager at First Utah Bank

“We really enjoyed having you with us this year! The feedback we received was VERY good - people really enjoyed and valued the content...plus it is so different than what we usually do for keynotes."
~Leslie Swan, Bev Cap Management

“I loved your keynote as you brought me closer to the Jon-Benet Ramsey & Lance Armstrong stories which have captivated me for years! You were masterful with your video, detecting all the subtle hints for mistruth and allowed the audience to FEEL the power of your message. Beautifully done and so great to be a part of."
~Brooke Chesnut















The Body Language Expert


What do Lance Armstrong, Stormy Daniels and Vladimir Putin have in common? Traci Brown’s revealed their secrets to the world!

She’s uncovered what they’re not saying. NBC, CBS and Fox has asked this body language expert to reveal secrets hidden in plain sight. And she can help your team reveal the secrets your clients are keeping from you that are impacting your bottom line. She’s trained in the body language of deception detection right alongside our country’s top law enforcement. And in her fast paced, interactive programs that are sure to entertain, Traci teaches lie, fraud and identity theft detection skills she’s used to get to the truth in billion-dollar business deals, crimes and politics.

Traci is not only a master lie detector, she’s a persuasion expert. Her persuasion system landed her a lucrative product deal with Kevin Harrington, a Shark from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank and took her on a wild ride to the big time consumer markets of TV shopping channels, infomercials and beyond.

You’ll be able to immediately use the same tools to create more success in your own organization and personal life…so you see more zeroes (before the decimal) in your bank account.

Traci is a Three Time US Collegiate Cycling Champion and former member of Team USA. Yeah, she’s fast on 2 wheels and looks pretty good in spandex.

She is a past president of the National Speaker’s Association Colorado Chapter, and the author of four books including her latest, How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft.

She holds a business degree from the University of Colorado and is a certified master practitioner of Neuro Linguistics, Hypnosis and Hawaiian Huna.



Boulder, CO



How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft Field Guide - In this quick and easy to read filed guide you’ll learn how to use the same lie detection and interrogation techniques used by the police and FBI to raise your bottom line by separating the lies from the truth in today’s headlines...and in your own life.


Persuasion Point - Finally, the Secrets of Persuasion are revealed in this easy to read book. Learn how to persuade and influence with ease so you create exactly what you want in any situation.





Liar, Liar Pants on Fire
Would you win a game of Two Truths and a Lie? In this fast paced keynote you’ll learn how to use Traci’s fraud prevention system to find the liars in today’s headlines…and in your own life. If you’re in banking or finance this program is for you.

Jump in the Tank
What does it take to get a deal with a Shark from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank? Learn the persuasive skills to get sharks swimming for you! This main stage keynote is perfect for Sales Kickoff Meetings.

Body Language Confidential
People are trying to hide things from you… It’s only confidential unless you’ve been to Traci’s program. Attendees will learn to uncover secrets in plain view while they laugh and win fabulous prizes behind curtain #3 in this eye-opening, gameshow style keynote.

Master Magnetic Persuasion
Discover the secrets of how to strategically use your body language to persuade & influence. Increase your bottom line & get lots more of what you want.

Inside the Championship Mind
There’s a unique mental makeup that creates excellence & success. Learn the tools used by the world’s top athletes for success in business & life.