"Adrienne gave one of the most powerful, meaningful messages I’ve heard in my 35 years as a high school principal. Her message is spot-on and presented in a way in which students follow every word. She is a must have presenter on how to achieve success”
~Mark Goodheart, Principal, Otis-Bison High School

“If you are looking for someone who will inspire and motivate your group: that will give you practical hands-on advice for working with young people; and keep you laughing while you are learning… look no further than Adrienne. The feedback I received from the students in grades 7-12 was phenomenal. They took Adrienne’s message to heart. They asked when she could come back as they want to show her their progress! My faculty had the same response as the students… very positive."
~Denise O’Dea, Superintendent, Washington County Schools

“Adrienne is an extremely engaging speaker who draws on life experiences and God’s Word as she instructs and motivates young people to take the necessary steps toward personal success. Our students were dialed in during both of her presentations at our retreat, and I received positive feedback from them. If you are looking for a dynamic motivational speaker, Adrienne clearly fits that bill.”
~Andrew Hasz, Principal, Faith Christian High School

“Adrienne truly has a gift to be able to connect with young people the way she does through humor, through song and through honest conversation. It was a privilege to watch her in action.”
~Jack Maher, Jeffco Public Schools Multimedia Journalist

“Adrienne strikes a chord with teens and young adults with a message that motivates and lets them know their lives matter. Her experiences connect with the audience and inspires them to reach beyond their expectations.”
~Margaret Miller Butcher, Ph.D., University Professor

“Adrienne was a dynamic entertaining motivational speaker for both students and staff. Our students were engaged from the moment she walked onto the stage, rarely do you see 700 students engaged and attentive for 60 minutes. I heard students comment “that was the best assembly we have had”, “She gives me hope that I can make it”, “If she could overcome her accident, I can overcome what I’m dealing with.” Without question, I would recommend Adrienne as a motivational speaker for secondary students.”
~Cheryl Hochhalter, Principal, Andover Central High

“Adrienne made a deep connection with our students within the first minutes of her presentation. Throughout her time spent with us she was funny, perky, real and most importantly vulnerable! As her website displays she is an acclaimed speaker with several pleased clients. Adrienne definitely delivers what she advertises.”
~Natalie Grigsby, Dean of Student Life, Woodrow Wilson Academy (grades 6-8)

“Adrienne is a highly engaging and thought-provoking speaker. She is high energy, has a strong stage presence and is able to command and hold the attention of an audience. I highly recommend Adrienne to you. Her personal story and the emphasis on the important role that attitude, dreams and perseverance plays in our lives is a worthwhile message for students and staff alike.”
~Todd White, Superintendent, Blue Valley Schools

“At the beginning of this school year we had the honor of having Adrienne come speak to our staff. Her message to us was very applicable and uplifting. Her story and approach encouraged us to contact her regarding coming to speak to our student body as well. I highly recommend Adrienne to your staff and/or student body. Her message of perseverance is a must to today’s students!”
~Rob Schneeberger, Principal, Holcomb High School



If You Can Dream It, You Can Achieve It


Adrienne Bulinski challenges audiences to Think Big, Dream Big, and Achieve Big. For more than a decade her passion behind her message has been motivating the minds of audiences around the country, both in person and through her writings.

Adrienne is on a mission to change the lives of teens “one kiddo-at-a-time” by instilling in them the tools to persevere with grit. Through her programs she teaches that with the right mind-set, proper amount of determination and stubbornness, even life’s worst days can be overcome with a positive attitude.

Her messages are influenced by a vast array of experiences including competing for Miss America as Miss Kansas 2005, performing with the USO Show Troupe, living and performing in New York City, re-learning how to walk at the age of 24, becoming a grandma at 29, receiving a full ankle replacement at 30 and the list goes on.

Adrienne holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communications as well as a Minor in Theatre from the University of Kansas. She is the recipient of the prestigious “Speaker of the Year” Award for her dynamic programs and is the author of “Blood Sweat & Tiaras”. In her spare time, she enjoys ski biking, mountain biking, reading, and cooking.


Blood Sweat & Tiaras
A wonderful story of perseverance with a dose of attitude. From the heights of competing on a national stage to the depths of lying in an emergency room, Adrienne will take you through her story of victory on so many stages in her life. Yes, victory, for she never let the difficult or devastating situation she was facing prevail.


Denver, CO





Perseverance with Grit (Adrienne’s signature and award-winning program):
Learn the power of what it means to 1) say your dream out loud 2) develop an unwavering determination 3) build a positive attitude and 4) persevere beyond life’s greatest obstacles. Adrienne highlights four simple choices we can make every day and if calculated correctly can have limitless results. Five minutes a day is all the launching pad you need to take yourself to the next level. Adrienne empowers her audiences with the tools to stay focused, overcome adversity, and live the life envisioned. In 60 minutes Adrienne challenges audiences to think… to really think and to think big. *This program can be easily formulated to highlight/address the following: teen suicide, bullying, hazing, peer-pressure, and self-confidence. Program run time: 60 minutes

Finding Your Footing:
Finding Your Footing is a Christian message following the book of Ecclesiastes and the lessons of King Solomon. Dive into a program of music, laughter, fun, and goal setting. Parallel your dreams with the lessons taught straight from the world’s oldest history book: the Bible. See first-hand how with faith you can accomplish anything, overcome anything, and build the beautiful life meant only for you. We are built to dream. Are you dreaming big and then going confidently in the direction of those dreams? It’s now or never. What are you waiting for? *Program run time: 75 minutes