"We recently had Adam out to speak at our annual event and it was a great experience. Having him as our keynote speaker helped boost attendance higher than it had been for years. Adam came prepared and was a great speaker. Our members greatly appreciated the Q&A and his willingness to take pictures and sign items. I highly recommend having Adam speak at your event!!"
Alexander Wheeler, Vice President, Oregon Cornhuskers

"Adam Carriker recently spoke at the Omaha World-Heraldís ďBig Red Today Breakfast.Ē During his hour-long talk to over 300 people, Carriker informed and entertained the audience using his life experiences of playing high school football, the transition to Division 1 at the University of Nebraska and then in the NFL. Carriker also talked about being a father of six children and balancing a career with family. He was engaging and funny and the attendees left more enlightened on how this former professional athlete stays in shape and puts his family first."
Jeff Bundy, Director of Photo/Video/Broadcast, The Omaha World-Herald

"Adam Carriker was the speaker at our Washington Cornhusker Alumni Groupís annual spring banquet. We contracted him for an hour of combined prepared speech, followed by Q&A. His presentation was very entertaining and informative. Adam was very accommodating in autographing swag before and after the event. He was a pleasure to work with in every way, and made our event a rousing success!!!”
Forrest Trimble, President, Washington Cornhusker Alumni Group

"Mr. Carriker recently spoke to my youth football organization and did a remarkable job. The young men were drawn to his ability to speak to them at their level but in a very mature point of view. He highlighted many areas the boys could use on and off the field to live a successful life which included hard work, attitude, grit, perseverance, determination, teamwork and sportsmanship. The boys continue to bring up the lessons learned from Mr. Carriker and I am certain many of them will cherish this experience as they journey through life!"
Troy McWhinney, Chief Investment Officer, McWHINNEY

"I remember when I was 4 years old and Mr. Carriker came and talked to my elementary school. I'm now 20 years old, I work with Barstool sports and I will never forget that day he spoke to my school. I wasn't the biggest, the fastest or the smartest kid by far. I wasn't overly happy either. But Mr. Carriker's speech that day inspired me. I remember being invigorated, excited and his passion to this day sticks with me. I'll never forget one thing he said, "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work." That's helped propel me to the position I'm currently in with the successful company I currently work for. I would extremely, highly and absolutely recommend having Mr. Carriker come and talk to your company, school, fan base or anyone in general!”
Trey Morten, Barstool Sports Editor

"Adam Carriker spoke at our Kansas Cornhusker Club annual picnic July 21. He spoke with passion and energy as he shared his decision-making process to attend the University of Nebraska, his experience at the collegiate and pro levels; as well as, sharing about his family. I appreciated his talk about "belief" and the importance of believing in yourself and what youíre doing. His talk reached everyone in attendance young and old. Adam shared his thoughts on the upcoming football season and took time to answer questions before ending the night. I enjoyed having him speak at our picnic and seeing his love for his family, faith and the Huskers."
Michele Kentfield, KCC Secretary


Former NFL Football Player & Host of the Carriker Chronicles


Adam Carriker was born in Hastings, Nebraska to Dave and Nancy Carriker. Adam, an avid Husker fan, was born and raised on a family farm in the small town of Giltner, Nebraska. Despite moving halfway across the country at a young age because of his parents' jobs, Adam grew up with strong country values and a lifelong dream of playing for Nebraska, and one day, wearing a Blackshirt. The story of his career was in serious doubt, however, considering he wasn't allowed to play football for much of his young life. He was also more skilled at baseball and when he finally did join the gridiron, he only played defense for one season on a high school football team that hadn't won a game in nearly two years.

Adamís dream of playing for the Huskers came to fruition, where he was twice named first-team All-Big 12, named to the Big 12 Commissionerís Academic Honor Roll three times, in addition to leading the conference in sacks and winning the Big 12 Defensive Lineman of the Year award his senior season, along with several other honors. Heís also been named to Nebraska's All-Century Team, voted The Best Husker Defensive End since the start of the new millennium, and has been inducted into the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame.

Adam went on to play eight years as a Defensive End, Tackle and Nose Guard in the NFL with the Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams. He was drafted in the 1st round and won Strongest Redskin & Rookie of the Year during his time in the league.

Since retiring he's appeared multiple times on Fox News and Fox Business, and currently hosts his highly popular show, the Carriker Chronicles, aka, the People's Show, which has been viewed by millions!

Adam married his college sweetheart, Angela, in 2006, and in addition to the admiration for his six beautiful children, he loves to share the story of how his unlikely college and NFL career came to be, as well as speaking on topics such as overcoming adversity, bullying, and success in the workplace, as well as in life.



Denver, CO





"Belief" is the story of Adam's battle against his own personal demons and overcoming the odds. Adam shares with his audience how they can conquer their own personal Mount Everest. He will share how each individual can "lay the smackdown, stomp a mudhole in it and walk it dry!"

"No Bull" addresses bullying from both sides. Much to most people's surprise, Adam himself faced bullying in his youth in spite of the fact that he was always a bigger kid. As a result, he became insecure and a bully himself. Adam talks about how to stand up for yourself and be a proud and strong individual. He will also teach audience members how to respect other people's differences, and how to take a stance on what's right vs doing what's easy or popular.

"How To Make It To The Top" Regardless if you're an athlete, a businessperson, someone who grinds hard at work every day, or someone looking to take your life to the next level...This is for you!

"Football Baby" Do we really need to say more? Let's light this candle!

"Just Give Me The Mic" Tell Adam what topic you and your audience would like to hear and he will customize a talk just for your group. Adam can and does speak on a variety of topics so just give him a mic and a bottle of water and stand back! Actually, forget the water...just give him the mic!




"Iíve done sports camps, including football camps for more than 25 years. This past summer I had the honor of having Adam Carrier come speak to more than 130 football players from all over Colorado. Adam is an amazing communicator and has a knack for connecting with students on a personal level. He gave our players some incredible insight into the world of football as well as some useful tools to help these high school athletes navigate an increasingly confusing and pluralistic society. I would highly recommend Adam to come speak to your athletes. He took the time to answer questions and connect with athletes one on one. Outstanding speaker. Great tools to equip your student-athletes."
Scott Miller, FCA Area Director in Northern Colorado

"Adam was gracious with his time and gave every fan who wanted one an autograph/picture. When the time came for him to speak, thatís where he really shined. He was engaging, humorous, and is a very well-spoken and intelligent speaker. Hearing his story made him very relatable and there was a very good message that we should all believe in ourselves and we can accomplish great things. He spoke about his family, life challenges, and his time as a player. I would very much like to have him speak to our group again in the future.”
Dale Hansen, President, Kansas Cornhusker Club

"Not only did Adam have the Big Red Today Breakfast crowd eating out of the palm of his hand, he gave the audience an engaging and entertaining look ďbehind the football helmet.Ē Adam shared his feelings about the state of Nebraska football and gave us a glimpse into his life as a former Husker, and most importantly as a husband and father. Adamís not afraid to tell it like it is!”
Sue Violi, Director of Community Relations, Omaha World-Herald