“We are still receiving compliments to this day on the outstanding show you put on. It makes all the planning we do even that much better when we can provide top-notch entertainment and you were certainly that."
Bret Niemuth, CLU, ChFC, MBA
ING Strategic Distribution
Cedar Rapids, IA

His quick wit, attention to the details concerning our company mission and the people who accomplish it, and his great stage personality made him an instant hit."
Thomas M. Walker
Fort Rucker, AL

Wow! Telecommunications Association of Michigan members belly-laughed as I had never seen before during your comedic presentation at our convention last month... I have never before worked with a presenter, even on serious topics, let alone comedy, who was so thorough in his research. I appreciate that you went to great lengths to gain a very good layman's understanding of the very complex Telecommunications industry. Your jokes, specific to our group, were right on target."
Pamela Shimer
Telecommunications Association of Michigan
Lansing, MI

We thoroughly enjoyed your performance... In addition to the 'personalized' performance, you were great to work with, very organized and professional. We will recommend you to everyone!"
Terry Moore
National Lime Association
Arlington, VA

"Sometimes we have to work very hard to achieve success, and sometimes we let others do the work for us. One of my first assignments with INEOS Acrylics was to find an outstanding speaker/entertainer for the National Commercial Team Meeting. Thank you for making me a success. Everyone said you were the highlight of the meeting."
Marylin Kipley
INEOS Acrylics
Cordova, TN

"He was perfect! We particularly enjoyed the customized humor. He made great use of our company information and inside jokes and our group loved it!"
Sandra Stengel
Raynor Garage Doors
Dixon, IL







Tim Cavanagh is a professional comedian and speaker, which has come as a complete shock to this family. They still remember him as the guy who refused to say a single word for the first nineteen months of his life. And now look at him. He’s making up for lost time.

Over the last twenty years, Tim has brought his clean and engaging comedy to hundreds of business groups across the U.S. and Canada. He puts together a customized comedy show that hits just the right notes.

He always does his homework, researching your website and speaking with members of your group on conference calls to learn about your business, your group’s issues and its personalities. With that information in hand, he carefully crafts his material to create a unique show that really hits home. It’s never a “canned” speech (so there’s no worry about botulism). He delivers a fresh and personalized comedy experience every time out.

One thing that Tim especially enjoys is involving audience members in his show with positive, playful interaction. His clean, clever, audience-friendly style is perfect for any business event.

Tim has made a commitment to doing quality comedy, which has led to appearances on ABC-TV, Comedy Central, Showtime, and WGN America. He can be heard regularly on the nationally syndicated “Bob & Tom” radio show, where he has been a featured contributor with over 200 live appearances. His funny songs have been showcased on Sirius XM radio, the “Dr. Demento” radio show, and BBC Radio 4. He’s even been heard on Continental Airlines—at no additional fee (we’re pretty sure).

Tim’s comedy mission is simple--Customize It! Finding the Funny in Your Business.



 Chicago, Illinois








"Bringing Laughs to Life" -- Tim puts together a truly unique comedy show, including customized material written just for your group, funny songs, lots of jokes, playful audience interaction, and over $7 in prizes. The humor is always clean and appropriate.

“Please Welcome, Mr. Frank Cunningham” -- Instead of introducing Tim as a comedian, he can be presented to the audience in a variety of “serious” personas. Examples range from a new bumbling company Vice-President or a confused industry expert, to an off-kilter government official or anything in between.

“Transitioning from Work to Retirement in Seven Easy Steps” -- Tim can perform a funny farewell for someone who’s retiring from your group. Helpful retirement advice includes, “Stop showing up for work.” And, “In your first week of retirement, call in sick every morning and hope that they forgot you retired and send you a check for sick pay.

“Our Host for Today’s Event, Tim Cavanagh” -- Tim can act as a Master of Ceremonies for a day of meetings or educational sessions and make it move smoothly with a healthy dose of comedy when needed. He can also host an awards banquet or recognition dinner with just the right combination of humor and warmth.