“I was fascinated with Richie's presentation. I was amazed to see all the students 9th-12th grade listen to his whole presentation. They were intrigued and on the edge of their seats for over an hour. For over two weeks, I had people coming up to me and thanking me for brining him in. Amazing!"
~Nicola Amanda Blake, Canutillo School District Leader

“Richie was tasked with providing a motivation speech to over 100 guests at an annual education conference exclusive dinner to globally recognize education foundations and major urban school districts from across the country. He was given a specific topic to cover related to the conference. His message was on topic and aligned perfectly to the objectives of the conference. He came in early to better understand what the conference was all about thus, making his message relevant to the event. Overall he dad an outstanding job."
~Allen Bergtorf, Ohana Institute Founder & CEO

“Richie's content is great, but his ability to connect was key. I loved how Richie was personal and how he was accessible to the students which built their excitement through his participation. This helped them connect to him as a speaker. Thank you for being a model for the students like Noah who has concerns, fears, and anxieties about his size and future opportunities. After speaking with him it was clear that you changed his vision for the future!”
~ Juan Nagore, Principal at Our Lady of Fatima

“Race, teamwork, bullying, and work ethic are topics which sometimes need to be delicately handled. Richie does an awesome job of hitting critical points, treading on water and making a lasting impression. My teams not only perform better, but have a new attitude when Richie is through.”
~John Timmins, Cardinal Newman High School

“Richie was the keynote speaker at the Ohana Conference. His passion and invigoration for life are transparent and rapidly contagious. He is an engaging speaker that appeals to all audiences no matter age, profession, or background. I was extremely pleased with his presentation and would highly recommend hm to anyone looking for an ambitious professional to deliver an inspirational message.”
~Anna Mitchell, SRG Technology




Plan. Attack. Win!


Meet Keynote Motivational Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author, and former professional football player, Richie Contartesi. Standing a stellar 5'7" and weighing in at a magnificent 155 lbs, you wouldn't think he'd be much of a football player. Instead, he looks more like a chess player. Don't laugh, he's good at chess too!

Despite the odds and naysayers, Richie Contartesi walked on at Ole Miss and eventually received a football scholarship, started every game his senior year, and earned the Scholar- Athlete award twice. His inspirational book, "In Spite of the Odds” tells of the triumph and determination.

Born on December 10, 1987, in West Palm Beach, Florida, Richie is the only boy and has four sisters. He knew his athletic ability and resilience for success at a very young age by taking on the challenge of riding a two-wheel bicycle at 3 years old and winning. His football career started when he was 10 years old and right away he found his passion. Richie was determined to play college football and from hard work in high school, he had earned awards and accolades such as Most Valuable Player, Offensive Player of the Year, and Team Captain among others.

After making a mistake signing with Jacksonville University, he decided to take a chance on himself and follow his dream of walking on at Ole Miss. After 3 coaching staffs, 100’s of setbacks, and almost quitting, he pulled through till the end and earned a full Division I football scholarship at Ole Miss. More importantly, he surpassed his wildest dreams of catching passes in the SEC in front of 97,000 fans, starting in all 12 games his senior year, and earning the Scholar-Athlete award twice. At 5’7" and 155 lbs. he won the Scholar-Athlete award twice!

After college, he wasn’t finished. The next dream was to move to NYC and eventually start his own business. He worked for 2 years in the corporate world and found himself quickly at the top, earning rookie of the year honors. Shortly after, it was time to start his own business.

He made the biggest mistake right away and quickly spent all his savings starting Ripped Athlete. While some may see this as a failure, the lessons learned were invaluable. “I failed, I learned more in that year than I've learned my whole life,” says Richie.

That setback launched another dream where Richie set out to start Anabolic Technology. Since learning what it takes to start a successful business,I now have the confidence to go out and do whatever my heart tells me. Like moving to Florida and playing professional arena football for the Florida Tarpons. This would not have been impossible if I had a 9-5 job.

Currently, Richie speaks to both adults and youth. He has realized through all of this that no matter how much he enjoys defying the odds, his true passion is in helping others defy theirs. As a Motivational Keynote Speaker, he helps adults and teens understand that their dreams are closer than they appear. Through all the noise and out of reach possibilities, speaking is truly his favorite way of communicating his passion.



"In Spite of the Odds” is an inspirational story of hope, determination, and success. After football and as a graduate of Ole Miss, Richie found himself sleeping on couches when he decided to start a business with only $700 in his bank account. That business has become successful and Richie now has a full-time staff managing operations.



Las Vegas, NV






Corporations & Conferences:

  • Overcoming Obstacles: "You Don't Have to Be the Prototype"
  • Peak Performance: "Don't Hit Snooze"
  • High-Performance Sales: "Beast Mode, ON"
  • Customized Motivational Keynote

Youth Audiences:

  • Main Keynote: My True Inspirational Story
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Suicide/Depression
  • Distracted Driving i.e. texting while driving, drunk driving, etc.
  • Parenting

Athlete Development:
Richie assists athletic teams and players when transitioning to the high school, collegiate, and professional levels by helping:

  • Make the transition academically and socially
  • Transition from old to new environments
  • Decision-making on and off the field
  • Share the do's and don'ts of social networking
  • Protect his or her image
  • Peer influence and public perception