"Just wanted to send a quick note to say that Bill Cordes did an excellent job as the keynote speaker at our Nebraska Recreation & Park Association event! He did a great job of keeping the audience engaged at all times. His presentation appealed to our entire group which isn't always easy as you know. We were very satisfied! Thanks for the recommendation! You've been very accommodating in helping our association choose speakers the past few years. We've really enjoyed working with MSB!"
~ Jeff Hassenstab, CPRP, Hastings Parks & Recreation Director

"Bill Cordes did a fantastic job and demonstrated a lot of energy at the Noyes Home for Children's Annual Meeting last night. He showed up early, took the tour, and then blended the Noyes Home passion into his talk! I can tell you he definitely hit a home run with the crowd and the Executive Director, Stephanie Ray, was very excited and thankful. In her words, 'Bill did an amazing job!' Of course, knowing you two and MSB, I knew it would be done right! Thanks again to you and Bill for exceeding our expectations!"
~ Dwayne Braun, Board of Directors, Noyes Home for Children


"The YOGOWYPI Guy" Former teacher, coach and
television talk show host!


"YOGOWYPI!!" Bill Cordes, known nationally as "The YOGOWYPI Guy" - "You Only Get Out What You Put In". His philosophy will intrigue, entertain and inspire you. Since 1988, Bill has presented to well over 2 million participants with contagious enthusiasm, delightful humor, and unique delivery to teach teachers, teens and business leaders, "Better Ways to Live Their Days"

Bill Cordes did his graduate and undergraduate work at The University of Hawaii and Fort Hays State University where he was awarded Graduate Student Teacher of the Year by the International Communication Association.

Bill speaks over 120 dates a year, and while he loves the work that he does with teens, he has the ability to create that same type of connection and enthusiasm with corporate audiences
as well.


Bill has authored and co-authored a number of books: The YOGOWYPI FACTOR, Teen Power Too, Teen Power through Christ, Lead Now or Step Aside, Teen Empower, and Teen Power and Beyond.



Lawrence, KS







The Effective Communicator Phases I-IV: This high impact seminar is one of Bill's most requested programs. In this humorous, and educational program your employees will learn about the stumbles, mishaps, and challenges that occur within any workplace. You will gain key communication strategies that will instantly transform the way your people work with each other and with your clients. Topics in this seminar include: The four barriers that prevent effective communication and how to move past them; Strategies for developing instant rapport within the workplace and with clients; Conflict management strategies, how to deal with challenging employees; and How to create a compelling workplace!

TRU-THRU" Leadership Phases I-IV: This program is a bottom line approach to leadership that brings forth an real understanding about how to develop the three stages of leadership. We will focus on Personal Leadership, Team Leadership and Service Leadership in a way that is entertaining, in-depth and transformational. Your company will develop"Thru-Line Leadership Thinking" which will empower employees to improve the quality of their lives, which will improve the quality of your company.