"Adolph is the next BIG thing! I'm certain of it. As a business professional who has been around for four decades, he is "once in a blue moon!" Every single person I spoke with following his class stated how much they learned while having fun. It was also obvious that he loves what he does.”
~Chen Yang

"Hi! My name is Kyleigh and I was one of the students from Oak Grove High that you spoke to earlier today. I don’t know if you will read this because you may be way too busy, but I just want you to know that you really inspired me with your speech today and it really touched my heart. You have inspired me to do better things with my education and most importantly my life. I have been a slacker lately and I do not always do the best that I can, but seeing your story, and your journey I’ve learned that there are no excuses. There is ALWAYS room to be better. It was a real eye opener to mr. You have also inspired me that it is TOTALLY OK TO BE DIFFERENT! Just like you, I was that person that tried to “fit in” with everyone, but you opened my eyes and told me that I should stand out. Thanks to you I have a whole different view point of my life and I will set goals to better myself. I feel like your speech has definately changed my life and today is a day that I will never forget! ”
~Kyleigh, Oak Grove High

”Dr. Brown has been the best speaker and communicator I have seen in 38 years of Education. When teachers and staff heard we had a Professional Development Day, They thought "same old, same old"...This was far from anything traditional! His words will inspire you. Dr. Brown is engaging and absolutely understands the classroom and Public Education because he's been there. The way to right Social Injustice is through education...believing in the best from every student that walks through our doors is what is needed today. Giving our students the tools to advocate for themselves and providing compassion and genuine concern is what it's all about.Every school district would benefit from Dr. Brown's wisdom. Thank You Dr. Brown for a fantastic learning experience. It's about relationships and being connected to one another that will make this world a better place~ Thank You, Thank YOU! I can not wait to read your books!!”
~Laural Thurston MA CCC SLP Speech-Language Pathologist

”WOW, I cannot express enough how grateful I am for having the opportunity to hear you speak yesterday at the Know Your Impact conference in Mabank Texas! Your “real talk” was EXACTLY what I needed to hear as we have the dreaded wait on STAAR scores after an EXTREMELY challenging school year! I have always known that our “hard to teach” students need us more than the other students and I always work hard to build rapport in order to make an impact; but I have to say, you definitely lit a fire in me to “partner” WAY more with my students and become the BEST “balcony teacher” I can be for these babies! No more “basement” days when the going gets tough because someone’s second backpack is getting in the way! I will forever remember to dig deep in myself to see the “tree in the seed” EVERYDAY for EVERY student! I truly believe that your keynote address was the absolute BEST address I have ever heard in my 25 years of teaching and my wish is that EVERY educator has the privilege/opportunity to hear you speak so we can have a world full of educators teaching with love, light and insight! ”
~Regina O’Malley Aspiring Balcony Teacher

"I was fortunate to see you present at the National Equity Conference and I you are the best speaker I’ve ever heard in my 38 years of attending seminars. Your session was smart, funny, high energy, completely original, motivational and thought provoking. Many are already talking about how to get you back next year. Thank you for the blessings and the lessons."
~Faye Wilder

"Just wanted to share how much we loved Dr. Brown's "impromptu speaking" for our youth. He allowed the audience of over 500 students to submit questions via his twitter feed and he answered as many as he could. This was a wonderful example of professional speaking with the incorporation of technology. Our future business leaders have not stopped talking about his positive impact. It is quite obvious that Dr. Brown is both an accomplished teacher and parent. The teachers also enjoyed submitting questions as well. Thank you for making a positive difference wherever you are.”
~Jan Litman

"On behalf of the U.S. Coast Guard Hampton Roads Black Heritage Committee, I would like to thank you for making our Black History Month Breakfast a memorable event. Those in attendance had nothing but the highest praise for the exceptional message you presented on "The African Diaspora". The program was a huge success and I received word from our Partnership In Education teachers that the students could not stop talking about your presentation when they returned to school. Thank you for participating in our event. We look forward to working with you in the future. You indeed have made it a better day!"
~ Don Cuffy, Program Manager Hampton Roads Black Heritage Committee U.S. Coast Guard


Servant Leader | Author | Humorist | Master Teacher


Born in the heart of the inner city, while spending summers in rural Virginia with his grandfather, Adolph was reared to be very hard-working and reflective. Having had a single parent mother in the housing projects, having been a Head Start student, having been the first of his family of five to graduate high school, and having had his oldest sibling and only brother murdered when he was only 11, Adolph's life and work have been a voyage of discovery beyond anything he could imagine. Adolph is a recovering middle school special education teacher, university professor, graduate college dean, and corporate project manager. He is an educational and clinical psychologist, master teacher, humorist, author, and philanthropist. As a philanthropist, Adolph donates 1/3 of his consultation fees to support a million-dollars scholarship endowment for hardworking young people.

He has served as a legislative advocate, Virginia Head Start Association President and President of the Virginia Association of Black Psychologists. He brings his experience, focus, and sense of humor to each of his endeavors. Adolph is a man of virtue and simplicity. He is a deep thinker, an active listener, and a very engaging presenter. Adolph has a strong appreciation for the virtues of teaching, research and leadership, as he became the youngest tenured full university professor in the United States at the age of 29 with the help of a supportive family, encouraging teachers and a supportive community. His research focuses on Servant Leadership, Equity and Inclusion, 21st Century Life Skills, Teaching Excellence, Classroom Expectations, Social & Emotional Learning, Positive Mindset, Service Learning, Personal Development and Self-Improvement. He also quite often gives talks to today's youth on yesterday's life lessons; as well as master classes to teachers on how to reach EVERY student. He has a "head" for adults and a "heart" for kids as he facilitates over 100 youth focus groups a year.

Adolph now lives in Virginia with his lovely wife Marla, he met while they were both undergraduates at the College of William and Mary. Virginia is indeed "For Lovers" as they have 8 mischievously wonderful children. Many still affectionately refer to him as "the U.S. Secretary of Inspiration" following his days with "America's Promise" founded by General Colin Powell. Adolph describes himself as just a "good guy" with regular problems and plenty of faith.



Virginia Beach, VA




Dr. Brown has a variety of presentations for a diverse array of audiences...too many to mention here. Below is a list of his "general audience" presentations, along with "specific audiences" he loves to address. Contact us for a list of his dynamite presentations in any of these categories.

General Audience:

  • Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover
  • Better Attitude Development
  • Real Talk
  • Dancing Through The Storm
  • "DRAMA" in the Workplace

Audience Specific:

  • Business & Corporation
  • Student Assemblies
  • School Boards
  • Parenting Education
  • AVID
  • Technical & Community Colleges
  • School Leaders & Educational Admin
  • Educators & School Counselors
  • The Early Years
  • Faith Communities
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Sports Teams & Coaches
  • Health & Wellness
  • Juvenile Justice Providers
  • Mental Wellness
  • Civic Engagement/Service-Learning
  • Healthy Marriages & Families