"Josh Erickson has had a dramatic impact on my life, not just my business. He is a rare combination of a visionary and a “hands on” practical, implementer. He inspires and equips me every time we interact. What I get from him moves through me to my family, co-workers and friends.”
~ Lee Pedersen, Executive Vice President, Director of Brokerage Services, CB Richard Ellis

"I had extremely high expectations for Team Concepts. Josh absolutely exceeded them. The activities were dynamic, relevant and engaging. More importantly, they can have a sustainable impact long after the event. Definitely worth the investment on all accounts."
~ Sam Stecher, Superintendent, East Butler High School

"The performance coaching I have received from Team Concepts has allowed me to enhance the leadership I provide for over six hundred employees. The coaching has helped me clarify my vision and have the confidence to execute it. I have a much greater understanding of the leadership process and empowering others.”
~ Jack Henry, CEO, Global Industries

"Want to build a winning culture? Look no further than Josh Erickson and Team Concepts. His hands-on approach will empower your staff to build a unified vision and transform your culture.”
~ Dr. Paul Plinske, Director of Athletics, University of Nebraska at Kearney

"What a great session with my students today! You definitely raised the energy level and increased collaboration with teams. I can't wait to reinforce what you discussed with the students. You have a real talent!”
~ Trent Wachner, Ph.D, Professor, Heider College of Business, Creighton University

"It's so refreshing and affirming to be on the same page in working with students; hearing messages about personal choices, attitude, and accountability. You set the stage that initiates engagement for the educational process and facilitate their development with your thought-provoking activities and honoring."
~ Sue Ellen Herdt, Counselor/Educator, CHOICES Department Head


Master Team Builder


Josh Erickson is a master team builder, serial entrepreneur, and trusted advisor. For the last 17 years, he has been impacting teams: businesses, high schools, colleges, and non-profits of all levels. In addition to implementing proven methods to his own ventures, companies such as FedEX, Holiday Inn, SHRM, and the University of Nebraska have partnered with Josh when they have wanted to increase employee engagement, team collaboration, and team leadership. Industry leaders have called him a hands-on practitioner and implementer with a dynamic and engaging presentation style. Josh Erickson will empower your organization to profit emotionally, professionally, and financially.



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Setting the Pace For Your Team
Pace setting is the most commonly over-looked leadership tool. Within any group there are a variety of leadership styles. Some team members want to move fast, while others feel comfortable staying behind making sure no assignment is missed and every mistake corrected. Exceptional team leaders understand the cadence of their team, recognize trends resulting in low engagement, and anticipate pace adjustments needed to find success as a team.

Four Factors of Team Success
No one succeeds alone. There are four common threads that contribute to team success- effort, unity, skill, and execution. There is a belief that teams have a limit to the accomplishments that can be achieved. These are teams that haven’t learned to tap into their team’s unlimited resources-motivation, selfness, focused enhancement, and expectation. When combined with effort, unity, skill, and execution; a team’s potential grows limitless.

Managing the Engagement Cycle
Engagement is a cycle that every person experiences from the highest level (actively engaged) to the lowest (actively disengaged.) The key for organizational success is to accurately and effectively identify the level of engagement of their team members. We have found the most productive and successful organizations are the ones that discover trends that predict change in team member engagement. When members discover how important they are to the success of the team, individual and team engagement levels increase. Organizations need to start investing in their employees by embracing their personal strengths.

Setting Expectations
Josh has been building and managing successful relationships or the past 20 years. Through these experiences he has developed an understanding of “Setting Expectations” and the importance this has on managing successful relationships. The presentation will cover how to identify personal expectations. This is an essential starting point in every relationship because it provides a clear standard of what is expected from each member. Josh will teach proven methods on how to handle disappointment from unmet expectations and learn to reset the original standard and expectation.