“Many people told me we should have given you twice as much time. In the eight years that we have sponsored this Conference, you proved to be our most popular luncheon speaker. The response was simply overwhelming.”
~ Melodye A. Turek, President
Colorado Safety Association

“In our business small talk is an essential leadership skill. Demonstrating conversational skills and techniques that build rapport and relationships in both social and business situations is a key to success. You gave all of us a learning gift in a meaningful, humorous, and creative way.”
Carol N. Hopper, Vice President
AmerUs Group, Des Moines, Iowa

“I just want to say thank you very much for the wonderful session you did at the ICMA Annual Conference. Your presentation to the partners at the Tuesday morning breakfast was outstanding! The session was everything you promised and more.”
M. Eileen O’Connell Membership Operations Manager, International City/County Management Association

“Debra makes every person in the audience feel like she is speaking directly to him or her. When people are talking to one another afterwards about how great the speaker was, you know that her message is already working!"
~ Judy Pederson, Owner Pro Printing & Graphics, North Platte, NE

“Your program had immediate results – our Specialists walked out of the classroom with more confidence in their communication skills and a better understanding of how to strengthen customer relationships.”
~ Marie Celeste Roybal, U. S. Department of Transportation, Midwestern Resource Center, Olympia Fields, Illinois

“We have heard many great comments about your educational program. Let me give you a few examples:
*Bring Debra back next year! She’s great!
*All the information she discussed can be used in personal life, as well as professional life.
*Debra was a great speaker. She kept it fun, exciting and interesting. I learned a lot!
*Speaker was excellent! Thank you for bringing her!"

Judy Cook, Director, Scientific Programs and Special Events, Texas Dental Association



The Fine Art of Small Talk


Debra Fine a formerly shy, tongue-tied engineer, is now an internationally recognized keynote speaker, trainer, communication expert and bestselling author. Fine established her Denver based company The Fine Art of Small Talk to teach all variety of C-Level, manager, stake holder and member, along with the spouse who is dragged along to banquets and meetings; conversation, rapport and mingling skills and relationship building techniques for use at business networking events, conventions, association meetings, trade shows, as well as when interacting with clients, customers and patients.

Once you master The Fine Art of Small Talk, every conversation and business networking event will become an opportunity for success. Learn about Debra Fine’s customized, motivational keynote presentations and workshops that teach conversation and rapport building skills, business networking techniques, relationship building tools and mingling tips including: icebreakers and starting conversations, mastering introductions and remembering names, keeping the conversation going, avoiding conversation foot in mouth disease, listening and rapport building skills, body language, handling awkward situations and overcoming communication barriers, becoming “active” listeners, reviving a dying conversation, coming up with topics to discuss, approaching social functions with confidence, preparing for successful conversation and even exiting conversations with grace and diplomacy.




The Fine Art of Small Talk
Nationally recognized communication expert Debra Fine reveals the techniques and strategies anyone can use to make small talk -- in any situation. Does the thought of striking up a conversation with a stranger make your stomach do flip-flops? Do you sit nervously through job interviews waiting for the other person to speak? Are you a "Nervous Ned or Nellie" when it comes to networking? Then it's time you mastered The Fine Art of Small Talk.





Denver, CO











The Fine Art of Small Talk
Join Debra Fine for her fast-paced, interactive and entertaining presentation The Fine Art of Small Talk. Together we’ll laugh, learn and leave with insightful and informative conversation tips and techniques on how to strike up conversations and keep them going, avoid conversation “killers”, exit conversations with grace and develop business, non-profit, volunteer and personal relationships. Learn how to turn every meeting or conference, interaction with a client or colleague, social event with a spouse/partner and networking event into an opportunity for success.

The Fine Art of Building Business Relationships: One Conversation at a Time
Focus on rapport building techniques, conversation and mingling skills, gaining visibility, making a positive impression and networking tips that help build face to face business relationships. Presentations are informative, interactive and entertaining; tailored to the priorities and challenges of those in the audience.

The Fine Art of Enhancing Leadership Skills
Leaders learn the technical skills required for career success, often overlooking the importance of conversation and rapport building skills. The ability to talk easily with anyone is a learned skill, not a personality trait. Acquiring it will help develop rapport within organizations, raise visibility and create liaisons with the community at large and leaving a positive impression that lasts longer than an exchange of business cards. In the competitive world of business more emphasis is placed on developing personal business relationships than has been expected in the past. The leader who avoids opportunities to meet new people or whose conversation is frozen by these meetings will limit themselves professionally as well as personally.

The Fine Art of Small Talk: Cultivating Campus Connections (or) Cultivating Alumni Connections
Join Debra Fine, former engineer, now nationally recognized keynote speaker, trainer and bestselling author, for her fast-paced, interactive and entertaining presentation. Together we’ll laugh, learn and leave with insightful and informative conversation skills and networking techniques on how to strike up conversations and keep them going, avoid conversation “killers”, and come across as composed and self-assured when interacting with colleagues, department heads, administration and the community at large at meetings and presentations, networking events and other institution related functions.