"I would highly recommend Arthur for groups large and small. He will not dissapoint."
~ Ameristar

"Incredible wit and ability to connect with his audience."
~ Hy-Vee

"Amazing Arthur Fratelli performed for the 'Connecting Young Nebraskans' event and I must say he did an excellent job! His timing was perfect, he was very funny, and all of the material was very appropriate. We had no complaints whatsoever. We would recommend Arthur to others who are looking for a fun, clean, and enjoyable show!"
~ Rhonda Veleba, York Chamber of Commerce, York, NE

"An extraordinary combination of entertainment ability, purpose and passion creating a highly energized and enjoyable event."
~ Fintegra National

“Many had to leave the room because they couldn't breath any more..."
~ Toba Inc.

"Your various material and quick wit easily give you the right to say that you are truly amazing."
~ Steven Pettersen

“He has a special talent for involving everyone in sustained laughter and working the crowd in a kind disarming way."
~ LLOYD, Inc.

“Our staff members are still talking about it and laughing at the jokes which means the show was a hit and everyone had a fun night."
~ O'Connor Group

"The interactive nature of his show kept our group engaged and entertained."
~ Midlands Carrier Transit

"Your snappy responses to our members added to the fun and the whole audience felt they were part of the show."
~ Columbus Home Builders Association

"He was puncutal, polite and most of all he knew how to engage with clients and show everyone a great time."
~ Pinnacle Wealth Management


The Professional Showoff


Comedy Mentalist Arthur Fratelli is one of the most popular and sought after corporate acts in the country. His passion for live entertainment is obvious in his original comedy, mentalism and uncanny ability to work a crowd. He is in constant demand for corporate events all over the country. Arthur is also an accomplished consultant for stage presentations large and small.






Omaha NE





  • Connections
  • Humor
  • Magic
  • Attitude
  • Master of Ceremonies / Emcee
  • Relationships
  • Comedian

Specific Presentations:

Scents of Humor:
The shortest distance between two people is laughter! Arthur illustrates this point with his interactive comedy performance. An interactive performance loaded with stories, techniques, a few stats and lots of demonstrations. Arthur will show you how to 'click' with almost anyone with just a few words. Audience participation, comedy, mentalism, and magic make this show perfect for any event requiring clean, professional entertainment.

Do It Scared:
"Courage is doing it scared." If you wait until you are confident enough to take the stage, you may never do it! The only way to get the courage to take the stage is to own it! Arthur takes the point of view that confidence is a learned skill and like all skills, it must be honed. Arthur will teach you how to change your behavior and thinking to find your comfort zone and confidence. The ideal presentation for those in search of public speaking skills.