"What a great talk for our meeting. You work everything in. Thanks, you made our program special!"
~ Kay Hicks - The Insurance Store

"Your positive inspiring message was a real hit. You’re a dynamic, well-informed presenter that left our group with a genuine feeling of self-worth and inspiration that will help us enrich the lives that we touch. Thank you."
~ Carla Brauer

“You finished our awards program with a great talk. People will be talking about it for a long time!"
~ Joyce Williams

“Wendall, you did it again! The Government Day was a success because of the "sack of life." We have not had a speaker that kept the kids' and adults' interest like you did. Thank you!"
~ Cheyenne County VFW

“You did it again. This is the third time we have had you on the program. It gets better every time. You have been a joy to work with. We had the largest crowd ever just to hear you. Thanks for making our programs a success."
~ Jerry Steele


The Phunny Pharmer


Wendall Gaston is a pharmacist. He's also a sitting city councilman and mayor, a businessman, a speaker, and a father. As a pharmacist, he owned Professional Service Pharmacy in Sidney, Nebraska. It was a business he acquired in his early 20s. He and his wife, Deanna, have owned as many as 6 businesses. They've sold several of them through the years. Gaston, a Potter, Nebraska native, graduated from the University of Nebraska with an MBA in business. He's also a graduate of the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy and a graduate of the University of Kansas, where he earned a doctorate in pharmacy. Wendall has been active in over 18 community and professional organizations, including the Sidney Jaycees, Sidney Kiwanis Club, Sidney Rotary Club and Cheyenne County Chamber of Commerce, and has served as a board member or officer in most of them. He strongly believes in community and professional service, and after enjoying one of this sought-after dinner speaker's programs, you will too.



Sidney, Nebraska








Don't Wish Upon a Star, Reach for One
This talk focuses on goal setting, and looking forward to and planning the future.
Many people think that they can wish their way to the top. Just take small steps each day, make a list and one day you will look back and see you did not just wish upon a star but reached for one, 1 day at a time.

The Sacks of Life
What kind of "sack of life" are you filling? This talk focuses on volunteering and giving back to your community and professional organizations.
It is all about the size of sack you are willing to fill. Giving of oneself will return 10-fold the reward one will receive.

It's Apple Pickin' Time
An entertaining presentation, including many enlightening stories, about how to adapt positively to change, to grow as a person and enhnace teamwork and leadership. It is not about the Apple but the seeds inside of the Apple. The Seeds of opportunity. How are you planting your seeds of opportunity?

Ethics, You and the Law
This program is designed for health professionals dealing with ethical issues, and how your personality determines the type of choices you make. Several case studies will be reviewed resulting in problems with the law.

Generational Marketing and Management
This program is designed to develop an understanding of the different age groups (WWII, Baby Boomer, Generation X and Generation Y) and how to market and manage each group. The goal is to better understand how different groups react and respond to work, products and services.

Who, What, When and How of Customer Service
This seminar examines customer service from several angles, emphasizing how you can increase customer service no matter what your business or organization.

Chemistry Is A Part of Life
This is a program designed for grade school, middle school and high school science and chemistry classes. The program shows how chemistry affects our everyday life and is all around us.

What You Need to Start and Grow Your Business
This seminar reviews critical areas, especially financial, that you must address if you are going to start your own small business. You'll also discover successful ways to promote and grow that business. Several helpful financial forms are available.