"Neil Halford spoke at our Kansas/Nebraska Phi Theta Kappa Conference in Manhattan, Kansas in November of 2018 and he did a fantastic job! It was a great message for our honor students to hear regarding overcoming obstacles in life in order to be successful. The students asked several great questions at the end, and according to the comments afterward, I know they very much appreciated his talk and being able to interact with him. We thank Neil for his part in helping to make our conference a big success!"
Tammy Fuentez, VP Students Affairs, Title IX Coordinator

"Neil spoke at our annual client conference, which consists of two different groups, each with about 275 participants. During his presentation, there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd. The inspiration provided by Neil's story was a great way to kick off the conference; and the momentum kept up all week - our clients couldn't stop talking about him!"
Joelle Kesling, Marketing Manager, Mid America Computer Corp (MACC)

"Neil Halford spoke at our 2018 'Cash For Camps' Fundraiser.  He did an excellent job, which I knew he would because I had heard him before, so I felt the crowd would really like his message. They did! We received numerous positive comments from those in attendance! Thanks again to Neil for helping make our event a big success!"
Brent Hollinger, Superintendent, Cross County Community Schools

"What a wonderful presentation Neil Halford gave us today at Omaha Marian High School! His story was SO inspirational and uplifting….our students were absolutely riveted! They could have continued asking him questions all day! We already posted a story about today's assembly on our website.”
Susie Sisson, Marian High School Teacher

"I thought the presentation was extremely motivational and let me know that you really can achieve your dreams if you go for them and never give up. My interest was kept throughout the entire presentation and it is one that I could sit and listen to every day. Most importantly, it is a presentation and story I will never forget. Many fellow co-workers that were around me stated how touching and moving the presentation was and really made them realize that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. Any type of organization could benefit from this presentation by showing everyone the career goals that could be achieved as well as personal goals. I purchased the Sound of Sight several months ago. I read a chapter of the book almost every night before I go to sleep. The book is also very uplifting and motivational."
Hayley Chase, Project Leader, Mid America Agency Services


From Victim to Victor - The Sound of Sight


Neil Halford is one of the premier motivational and inspirational speakers in the speaking industry today. At the age of 2 Neil was involved in a near fatal accident which left him totally blind and forever changed his life and that of his family.

Neil's fearless will to succeed in a sighted world has taken him to heights unimaginable to most listeners. In high school Neil was one of the top wrestlers in the State of Nebraska. He twice qualified for the Nebraska state high school wrestling tournament, and as a senior brought home a 4th place metal from state. As an adult, Neil has obtained unmatched success in the sales industry, and in 2005 he published his autobiography "The Sound of Sight."

Neil has shared his amazing story with many top businesses, schools, and organizations throughout the country. The impact which Neil's presentation has had on its listeners is immeasurable. Neil constantly receives feedback and is recognized by individuals who's lives have been touched by his story.



The Sound of Sight - This is a story of a young boy, his family and the small town in which he lives. It is a story of tragedy. It is a story of love. It is the story of an incredible boy, born out of catastrophe, nourished by the love of his family and the concern of his community.


Fort Calhoun, Nebraska





From Victim to Victor: The Neil Halford Story: Neil takes the audience on the enthralling journey of his true life story. It is an emotional roller coaster which will have you crying one moment and wiping away tears of laughter the next.

Throughout this 45 minute presentation Neil will walk you through that tragic morning which changed his life, and will share with you through his short inspiring stories, some of the unique challenges he faced in his public and personal life.


"Neil was an amazing speaker! He had a wonderful message he shared with the students while telling his story. His sense of humor most definitely helped the students stay engaged. It was remarkable to listen to him talk about how he has overcome so many challenges with his disability. His speech was very inspirational as he showed students that they can overcome any challenges they meet to achieve their goals! We thank Neil for helping make our Path to Success Conference a huge success!”
Cody McCain, Director, 2016 Path to Success Conference

"Neil Halford is amazing because he chose to make it so. From his elementary grade experiences through his adult life, from successful student to successful wrestler, from his decision to be self-sufficient to becoming successful in business, from wondering if he would have ‘normal’ life experiences to making it so. Neil is motivational because of how he has chosen to live his life. We all need to hear this story and understand and appreciate the example Neil sets for himself and for those around him.”
Jon Habben, Executive Director, Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association (NRCSA)

"Neil Halford recently spoke at our Annual Memorial Health Care Systems Tailgate Event and I must say he was extremely well received! In fact, the rave reviews are still rolling in! His story was extremely interesting and very powerful. It im- pacted our employees like few speakers ever have. Other than when he had the audience laughing with his great sense of humor, you could have heard a pin drop. Several of our employees said that out of all the speakers we have had in the past, they felt Neil was the best! I heard such words as 'interesting, intriguing, heartfelt and wonderful message!' I would not hesitate to refer Neil to other organizations. I can't imagine any company or organization not loving his story as we did!"
Kathi Kelly, Director of Quality, Memorial Health Care Systems, Seward, NE