"We have Pee-Wee to thank for making our event a success. He delivered his part by telling of his own personal experiences and how he was able to overcome and make a successful life. Pee-Wee's testimony truly touched the hearts of our attendees. Many attendees reached saying this was the best event they have ever been to and the speaker was the part that really drew it in for them. Pee-Wee made our night a true success."
~ Suzanne M. Vinson
Senior Analyst

"Pee-Wee Harrison is a must-have testimonial speaker for any fund-raising event. He is able to succinctly communicate a motivational message that your potential donors will grasp and open their wallets to support. Pee-Wee speaks from the heart and is able to share real life experiences that will motivate your audience."
Leonard M. Romano, Sr.
President & CEO

"Les 'Pee-Wee' Harrison is contagious. The energy, humor, insight and inspiration he brings to audiences, both small and large, cannot be denied. He is the 'Ha-Ha-Ouch' kind of speaker. Les can get you laughing with his great humor and then put an 'ouch' or strong point in to make you think, dream and go deeper into life and what it means to a full one with integrity and intention."
~ Jeff VandenHoek
Director of Business Relations
George Fox University School of Business


Dream an Unrealistic Dream


Les “Pee-Wee” Harrison will challenge the audience to “Dream an Unrealistic Dream” and ask themselves "Why Not"? Pee-Wee’s journey started in Omaha, Nebraska as the second child of eleven. His strong family roots, core values, continual self-inquiry and inquisitive nature helped him avoid the pit falls of the streets and to navigate through a flawed educational environment; he went on to college to earn an MBA. Pee-Wee finally reached his dream of playing basketball along-side his childhood idols, Meadowlark Lemon and Curly Neal. He played with Meadowlark Lemon after he left the Globetrotters and has the longest tenor of playing with him. Pee-Wee has 28 years of playtime with Meadowlark Lemon, the next closest is Curly at 11yrs.

He now has a nationally recognized Youth Character Education program (Anti-Bullying-A.P.P.L.A.U.S.E.) and inspires transitional change from Management to Leadership with his corporate motivational speaking. His audiences leave empowered to live out their dreams and encouraged to establish new concrete directions.

Les “Pee-Wee” Harrison is contagious. The energy, humor, insight and inspiration he brings to audiences, both small and large, cannot be denied. He is the “Ha-Ha-Ouch” kind of speaker who can get you laughing with his great humor and then put and “ouch” or strong point in to make you think, dream and go deeper into life and what it means to fill one with integrity and intention. His unique multi-disciplined approach allows for connection with a wide range of audiences including students, educators, parents, and professionals. He is able to leave a lasting impression for affecting positive change. His messages will inspire to fulfill dreams, as well as to motivate and empower to action.

Pee-Wee is a great fit for schools, organizations, and companies who are looking to provide an opportunity for their student body, employees and managers to be motivated towards the next level with courage, conviction and passion. Schools, churches, seminars, sales meetings and leadership training, his messages are customized to your needs.



Portland, Oregon






The Perfect Assist: Putting people in place to have success in life. Helping leaders to structure their organization to have success by applying the methods of The Perfect Assist.








The Perfect Assist: In his book, Les "Pee Wee" Harrison gives tribute to the mentors in his life who have shaped his character and helped to carve a path that led him to an incredible sports career playing aside basketball legends Meadowlark Lemon, Curly Neal, Marques Haynes and the late Pistol Pete Maravich. Through humorous stories, readers journey through his life from childhood where he was positioned for greatness by every day mentors to his relationships with the Harlem All Stars team and founder Meadowlark Lemon. This inspiring story is a must read for LEADERS wanting to win, ADULTS who work with children, and YOUTH who have a dream in their hearts and need THE PERFECT ASSIST.

The Art of Effective Communication: Communication is your door to financial wealth, loving relationships, and all that is good in life. Communication is the most talked about and least understood area of human behavior. Unleash your voice and open the door to becoming a wonderful communicator. The lack of confidence and wording certainly can impair communication, but it does not have to stop communication. Learn the 3 C’s of communication to be Clear, Concise and Compelling the keys to mastering the art of communication. Effective communication skills are unquestionably vital to living a life by your own design.

How to close without sounding like a salesman: So the trick is not to sound like a salesman when you are in front of a potential customer. Let them have the impression that they’re in control. They don’t want to see a wide-eyed sales person circling around them and salivating like a vulture smelling fresh meat.
Today sales people need to employ persuasive techniques that are much more subtle. You need to establish what it is that the customer needs. And not just their logical, stated needs, but also their emotional and psychological ones too. It’s about understanding what they really want. And not looking like a vulture about to swoop on its unsuspecting prey.

Fine tuning the machine - motivating change: Successful strategies for your team. Whenever a winner is proclaimed, whether it be in business, sports or warfare, you can be assured that the main reason they became victorious was because they had a solid strategy. Call it a battle plan, a game plan, or a strategy, having a detailed plan of attack/approach is critical if you want to have a successful business, relationships or partnership.