“The stories Dean shared about the importance of community building are so intriguing because they come directly from his real-world experiences. His message is thought-provoking and the lessons he teaches translate easily into our everyday lives. It's just not something you easily forget about the next day. This presentation will keep us thinking about how we can do better...BE better. Every single comment we received from our employees about Dean's presentation was positive! We thank Dean for his part in making our meeting a real success!"
~ Alison Larson, Vice President, Marketing Director, Equitable Bank, Grand Island, NE

“Dean Jacobs was the highlight of the Nebraska Jaycee Year End Convention. He exceeded our expectations! Dean did his research on the Jaycee’s purpose and tailored his presentation to inspire the members to pursue their own personal life journey. He created a relationship with the attendees by sharing his real life lessons through his photos and his presentation about his seven wonders of humanity. Those who attended his presentation talked about it the rest of the weekend! He took time after the presentation to answer questions and sign his Wondrous Journey book. I highly recommend bringing Dean to your event for a keynote to remember!”
~ Emily Wageman, Convention Chair
Fremont Jaycees, 2010 NE Jaycee Year End Convention

“Dean Jacobs' "Wondrous Journey" presentation was absolutely awesome! The photos are beautiful, and he uses them to tell stories covering the gamut of the human condition. His passion for celebrating the diversity of our planet is contagious! He delivers from the heart, and his messages about humanity are important ones that are too-often overlooked or forgotten during jam-packed school and work days. Dean Jacobs is a professional in every way. He was responsive to our requests and did everything he said he would do. Dean is, without a doubt, an inspirational speaker, and I highly recommend him for your next event.”
~ Jill Goldesberry, Program Officer
Community Partnerships

“It was a genuine pleasure and honor for our educational family of Ross Elementary School to have Dean Jacobs as our guest author! He truly brings books to life! In his initial introductory assembly he had all 42 teachers and 560 kindergarten through 6 graders actively engaged, entertained, and genuinely interested in his travels and life experiences; the parents were just as excited at his evening presentation!. Throughout the two days, he used multiple strategies and challenged the kids in small groups with writing workshops using well-designed, differentiated, age appropriate materials. Dean Jacobs is more than just a speaker; he is an educational professional who is able to connect with students of all ages and abilities. I would highly recommend his workshops for every student in any school. Without exception, every student, teacher, and parent that I have talked to thoroughly enjoyed his time with us!”
~ David C. Lieberman, Principal
Ross Elementary School
Pittsburgh, PA


Learn how to stay true to your dreams.


Since 2001, Dean Jacobs has spent five years traversing across the globe exploring over 52 countries on a low budget adventure, propelled by a desire to understand the world. He graduated from Wayne State College, earning a degree in biology, with minors in earth science and art.

Eventually, this path led him to Pfizer Pharmaceuticals where he was employed in sales/marketing for 10 years. After a great deal of soul searching, Jacobs left the security of corporate America, and decided to pursue other dreams. This was the beginning of a process that would lead to a travelling adventure that would span 22 months and cover 28 countries.

Taking photos became a natural expression of the journey for Jacobs as he documented the common ground of our humanity. Since this beginning, Jacobs' travels have led to working for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Other adventures have taken him on journeys to explore the Nile in Africa, the Amazon of South America and the Trans-Siberian railway of Asia.

These days, when Jacobs is not travelling, he keeps busy as a contributing newspaper columnist, photojournalist, children’s book author and keynote presenter across the country.



Wondrous Journey
After 13 years of success in the business world, Dean Jacobs asked himself a couple of questions: How much does one need to be happy? What is my dream? The answer to the latter was easy: to take a journey around the world!

Wondrous Creatures
An award winning book, Wondrous Creatures is an engaging and exciting book for young people to learn about animals and the habitats from around the world.




Fremont, NE











Keynote: Seven Wonders, Seven Lessons.
Dean's presentations are anything but dull. Through his emotional stories, stunning images, and powerful experiences, Dean brings audiences out of their seats and into the world with him. There, they laugh, cry, struggle, and learn the keys to success on all of life's journeys. See images not often seen and learn about the world in a way that inspires and gives one hope.

Keynote: Wondrous Journey
See the world in a different light then what is portrayed in the news and media. Living on $10-$15 a day, Jacobs wandered from Australia and Southeast Asia to the Middle East and Africa as he explored 28 countries.

But more importantly in a world that we are told to be afraid of, Jacobs found something different. The kindness of the ordinary people in the world was the rule, not the exception. This is a story of a man who would stop at nothing to follow his dream and the magic that happens when one follows his heart.Few things are more powerful as fulfilling a dream or traveling the world.

Learn how to stay true to your dreams. Come take this Wondrous Journey with Dean.

"Mr. Dean Jacobs spoke at a recent event on the Ohio State University campus for veterinary students from across the USA. His presentation was inspiring, uplifting and motivating. His views on life, mankind, and the world we share were outlined in simple terms we could all relate to. Through his extensive travel experiences around the world, he was able to boil life’s essentials down to key points that apply to all areas of life for all people. His talk left the audience hopeful and positive about living life to its full extent and enjoying and respecting all those we occupy this planet with. Dean’s stories amazed us and his ability to relate to and interact with the audience was superior! We found his presentation to be a perfect fit for our event, and he would certainly be welcome at any of our future programs.”

~ Eric D. Gordon, Associate Professor,
Clinical OSU College of Veterinary Medicine