"Nathan’s workshop ‘Creating a Winning Culture’ is refreshingly direct and immediately actionable. While I believe Nathan’s principle-based messages are applicable to almost any organization, I appreciate even more the time and effort he took to really listen and understand how to apply it to our company. Nathan is superb at getting to root causes and addressing real issues that will impact performance.”
~Andrew Benjamin H. Thompson, Aurora XMO

“Nathan took time to understand our business model, and integrated his presentation with relevant language and illustrations particular to our company. It’s been two months since he presented here, and our sales force is still buzzing over what they learned, and how they put it into action, and asking when we will have him back! More than anything, Nathan is an authentic “walk the talk” guy, that exceeded our expectations!”
~Lynda Myers, CapitalOne

“Nathan’s passion and attitude are contagious! His ability to engage an audience and compel them to take action, is truly impressive. If you are considering investing in your people, Nathan will deliver the value and execute beyond your expectations. We plan on forging a long-term relationship with Nathan and his team.”
~Joe Lohmeier, Cisco

“After speaking with our sales team, I received only positive feedback from the morning we spent with Nathan. I’d highly recommend having Nathan speak with any sales force or group of sales leaders regardless of the current situation. Nathan’s message is one that can be inspiring for both senior level sales and entry level sales people as well as sales leaders. The message is succinct and to the point and really leaves you with an upbeat and optimistic attitude, that is, we’re living the dream every day!!”
~Ken Smith, Georgia-Pacific

“Enjoyed is an understatement. He was phenomenal!! I heard comments from seasoned folks that he is the best they have ever heard! He did such a great job of personalizing his presentation to our group. He took the time to learn our organization, our acronyms (and we have a ton), meet some of our people and incorporated that into his presentation. He even wrote lyrics to a little song using our acronyms that was hysterical… I would highly recommend him!”
~Jeanne Osterlund, Health Works

“Nathan, thanks for the energy brought to our team! The material in your book is spot on and your delivery is even better. You provided an opportunity to reflect on areas on my business that need improvement. These areas are not complicated, just difficult, and with that complexity, decisions don’t get made and challenges continue to slow progress.”
~Michael Conrad, JanPak

“Nathan is a high energy individual and it makes the message more believable when you can see that this guy knows how to be successful. Nathan took a lot of time to learn about our organization and tailor his remarks for our benefit. I would certainly recommend him to any group with new or experienced managers.”
~Marvin Mutchler, First Savings Bank

“Nathan is an excellent motivational speaker who brings a vast amount of business experience and parlays that into a great message for employees. Nathan does an excellent job of providing guidance to employees on how to win”
~Kevin Kappler, Sprint

“In the 20+ years I’ve been in sales management, I’ve booked dozens of keynote speakers ranging from 4-Star generals to World Series-winning managers to captains of industry. In that time, no speaker has made a more positive impact on his audience than Nathan Jamail. His enthusiasm, passion, understanding of human behavior, and earnest nature all contribute to making him incredibly engaging and effective. Mr. Jamail’s strength is his ability to deliver practical messages in a relatable way that is equally appreciated by and beneficial for any demographic or global culture.”
~Brooke Christian, Transperfect

“I am so grateful to have had Nathan work with my team and I twice now. The benefits have shown themselves over and over again. Highly recommend bringing Nathan Jamail into your world.”
~Steve Fox, Microsoft

“Very powerful message in which we can utilize in business and personal life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing your ideas to become a better leader. Nathan is very passionate, energentic and most of all REAL in his message. You are now my mentor in becoming a better leader and building a winning business team. I can’t say enough how his message has changed my outlook in life!!!!”
~Denise Saucedo, Verizon


Building Winning Teams


For more than two decades Nathan Jamail has either been setting sales records, or training others on how to do so. Previously Nathan set record results in sales by producing top performing sales teams in capacities such as business sales, direct consumer sales, indirect sales, distribution and marketing for several Fortune 100 companies. Also named a top Executive Sales Director for a Fortune 500 company where he received numerous National Sales Excellence awards and was named Executive Coach Leader.

Currently, as President of Jamail Development Group, and owner of several small businesses, Nathan trains, coaches, and mentors sales professionals and leaders in many industries. Nathan is also the author of The Playbook Series, starting with a number one business-selling book, “The Sales Leaders Playbook”, a book that teaches the important principals of building a successful sales team, as well as, “The Sales Professionals Playbook" and "The Sales Leaders Gameplan". His latest book “The Leadership Playbook”, released with Penguin books, is ideal for all leaders in any capacity - teaching successful coaching principals. All books are available at your local Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other fine retailers.  Nathan’s passion, energy and leadership have become the center of his success, and for those around him. He is known as an invincible sales leader, with the ability to take the lowest producing areas of the country and build exemplary business teams. His coaching and programs implement strong positive belief systems and creates winning environments within organizations cultivating the highest levels of success. Nathan has been featured and interviewed by Fox Television and various other publications regarding his leadership style and the success that he has created himself and helped others to create.

As a practitioner and coach of sales and leadership Nathan understands that a professional sales person or leader cannot be successful on a positive mental attitude alone. He teaches and more importantly believes that it takes a great balance of attitude, belief, skill, coaching and practice to maximize one’s skills and attributes for success. With his first hand experience, clients and organizations are able to identify challenges, maximize employee strengths and increase productivity. His coaching and training programs have helped organizations increase their productivity up to and over 300%.

Often people attend trainings, meetings and motivational speaking engagements, but most of the time the message is lost because it did not connect, or did not provide true value. That is why more businesses are hiring Nathan Jamail as their motivational speaker and coach- his message connects, energizes and moves people to a new level of thinking, action and success.


The Leadership Playbook - There are enormous differences between managing and coaching. Yet many companies and organizations encourage their leaders to coach teams without ever teaching them how and without creating a culture that supports coaching.

The Sales Professionals Playbook - Sales professional and entrepreneur Nathan Jamail has developed a playbook of techniques and best practices that have allowed thousands of sales professionals to find success. Mastering professional selling skills improves confidence, and abilities, and increases professionalism, sales and profits.

The Sales Leaders Playbook - From creating an organizational belief system to taking the bullet for those you lead, The Sales Leaders Playbook focuses on how to build a winning team. It takes a sales leader who is willing to hold a team accountable and more importantly, hold themselves accountable to be successful.


Temecula, CA





The FIVE principles of coaching

  • The team is more important than any individual
  • Embracing conflict to grow employees
  • Act before a response is needed
  • Pay attention to top performers and focus on making more of them
  • Mandate everybody must practice

Coaching employees

  • Making employees better versus more experienced
  • Coach’s job is to hire good people and make them better
  • Mandating the right attitude so positive employees stay and negative ones leave
  • Developing a “skill” practice program because all skills improve with practice
  • Building the bench; Finding good people is easy if you know where and when to look
  • Removing the 80/20 rule to get more top producers

Creating a winning culture

  • Winning starts with the coach; great coaches make great teams
  • Creative a winning attitude and belief; remove the limits one’s belief and results will follow
  • Removing excuses and overcoming obstacles to increase the organization’s success
  • Culture that removes blame, bad morale and complacency

Accountability is good for business

  • Why accountability is key to one’s success
  • Why most leaders don’t hold employees accountable; based on being selfish not conflict
  • What leaders can do to show the value of accountability so employees will embrace and expect it
  • Leaders learn the skills and disciplines to implement in their business

Leadership principles we learned from our parents

  • Leaders must sacrifice their time to develop their employees if they want to develop their business for success
  • Our employees can be anything they want if they believe it and will do the work
  • We are hard on our employees because of compassion and belief not fear and resentment
  • “Guests eat first”; learning how to serve our leaders and our clients as we do our guests


The sales professional's playbook

  • Sales is a noble job
  • Learning the right mindset
  • Developing the skill of selling
  • Creating purposeful questions
  • Building our business through prospecting
  • Serving clients to get more clients

Creating a sales mindset

  • Confidence breeds competence
  • Obstacles VS excuses
  • Selling is a skill that is improved by purposeful practice
  • Features and benefits do not create value
  • Better mindset = better sales results
  • Serving UP versus sucking UP

Relationship selling through trust and influence (Value Selling)

  • All successful sales relationship require trust and respect
  • How to embrace a gate keeper to get to the decision maker
  • Increase sales by being good for business, no matter the business
  • Creating a sense of urgency with decreasing value or profit
  • How to turn relation-ships into money-ships