“Mary is the absolute best! She ALWAYS delivers informative and engaging sessions. Only problem . . . finding a room large enough to hold everyone who wants to hear her. What a great problem to have!!”
~Jody O'Neil , Virginia MGMA

“Mary was by far the most engaging speaker our organization has had to date. From start to finish, Mary was extremely easy to work with and during our meeting found her to be present, engaging and actively involved with all of our conference sessions. Her sessions were interactive, fast-paced, and the content was nothing short of outstanding. Thank you Mary!”
~Melissa Klingberg, North Carolina MGMA

“Mary recently spoke at our Executive Leadership event, and was terrific! She was the last session of the day, and not only got butts in seats, but kept them engaged and laughing. The feedback from attendees has been nothing but positive, and she was so easy to work with. Between her extensive (and very intriguing) background as well as her dynamic personality, I would absolutely recommend her as a speaker for your next event.”
Megan Passinger, /National Waste & Recycling Association

“Mary came to the AIA Wyoming Conference in Laramie, WY and she was AWESOME! She was funny, knowledgeable, engaging, serious (when she needed to be), and to the point. Her topics of discussion totally hit home with my business and I am looking forward to seeing her future webcast. I would highly recommend Mary as a speaker for any organization.”
Ron Shosh , Amundsen Associates

“Wow, I just spent one of the most productive hours of my life with Mary Kelly. What a knowledge bomb! My fingers couldn't type fast enough to capture all of the amazing ideas and advice I received during just one hour of coaching. I measure the value of my time spent with a coach by how much I can implement and monetize. My cup runneth over and I can't wait to put her wisdom into practice and soar!”
Debbie Sardone, Speed Cleaning

“Leading a team, regardless of setting, is difficult and Mary helps provides those leaders with additional tools to carry in their tool belts! After all, not all problems/situations are ‘nails’ requiring a hammer! I would highly recommend that Mary become part of your arsenal of tools!”
Drew Brassfield, City of Fritch

“Mary was the featured speaker at Clarke's annual leadership conference, held at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. Her message, following the book ‘Master Your World’, was perfectly on point with the theme of our conference, Winning Together. She captivated the audience! In addition to her presentation, Mary spent the previous evening with our top leadership, and attended the entire next day's conference, which really helped the attendees connect with her, and to drive the message home. Thank you, Mary!”
George Svaranowic, Clarke Power Services

“Mary is dynamic, knowledgeable and effective. Her academic and professional credentials are impressive. Mary delivered award winning leadership and communication instruction to more than 200 members of the Utah Local Governments Trust. Her lifetime of high-level experience keeps everyone interested and engaged. Thanks Mary!”
Steven Hansen, Utah Local Governments Trust

“She knows her stuff. She communicates. She locks in her audience so they learn. She's funny. No one can be bored because she draws participation. She deals in reality not fantasy. She raises people up. She uses life examples. Stop analyzing, put her on your calendar.”
Joe Liss, Vistage Chair

“I heard Mary speak at this year's Bryant Summit. I was first inspired by her dedication. She was recovering from emergency surgery and did the program via Skype. Then I was impressed by how engaging she was - even more than I have experienced at other seminars - and she wasn't even in the room with us! Her insights were right on, and gave me much food for thought. My only regret is that the seminar ended too soon - she had much to say, and I wanted to hear more!”
Natalie Benkovich, AIPSO


Leadership and Business Keynoter


Mary Kelly, PhD, CSP, CDR, US Navy (ret) is an internationally known economist and leadership expert, specializing in productivity, communication, and business profit growth.

Mary is the CEO of Productive Leaders, with sites in Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado.

Mary has been quoted in hundreds of periodicals including Forbes, Money Magazine, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Success, the Wall Street Journal, and dozens of business journals.

A MENSA member, Mary has received several accolades speaking accolades including the Air Force Academy Instructor of the Year, Outstanding Educator Award, National Speakers Association-Colorado Member of the Year, and the Navy League Leadership Award, in addition to her military awards.

Mary is the author of 13 books, including:

While in the Navy, Mary served as an intelligence ocer, and she later specialized in running military bases. With extensive experience in human resources, finance, insurance, organizational leadership, strategic planning, and project development, she focuses on building successful strategies for business leaders at all levels of an organization.

Mary earned a BS from the United States Naval Academy, an MA in Economics from the University of Oklahoma, an MA in History and Foreign Policy from the University of Hawaii, and a PhD in Economics from Greenwich University.



Dallas, Texas





Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success How can we ensure success? What do successful leaders do differently? What are the surprisingly common mistakes that many leaders unknowingly make that derail their success? Using current data and case studies collected through years of corporate and military leadership, audiences will learn why so many leaders fail, and how to avoid the hidden pitfalls of leadership.

Master Your World: Executive Leadership Strategies Everyone benefits when managers and leaders apply 3 core principles, and then refine them with 7 critical applications. Audiences can immediately use these practices at work and at home. Fun, engaging, and eminently applicable to a wide range of audiences, this popular talk is packed with information and useful ways to get the behavior you want from people around you for greater results, with less stress.

Futurenomics: Economic Outlook for Today’s Leaders Mary provides an engaging and interesting economic update on the latest trends and forecasts. She reviews US spending and budget issues, tax changes, and legislative actions that impact advisors and business owners.

15 Ways to Grow Your Business in Every Economy Perfect for sales teams, business owners, entrepreneurs, and business teams, this fast paced and humorous program discusses how to strategically plan and improve business, develop a successful marketing plan, effectively use available networks, manage referrals, improve focus, save time, and increase profits.

Change Management: Survive & Thrive in the New Economy Change is fun for some people, but miserable for others. Personality types, job positions, seniority, and past experiences all determine how different people react to the idea of changing the way we conduct business. Understanding how people react and addressing their concerns in advance of implementation can determine the success or failure. Learn how to lead change, even when change is tough.

Top Secret Leadership: What the Military Doesn't Want you to Know How does the military get people to work together? How do they get intense commitment from their people? What is the military doing that civilian organization can copy? Form a former Navy Intelligence Officer, learn the secrets of military leadership and apply them to your organization.