"Having worked with your bureau in the past, when you told us that Dan Kuester would be a perfect speaker for our Chamber Banquet, we were confident in booking him for our 2016 event. I must say you were spot on! Our audience members were very impressed with Dan! He made us laugh….which was an important ingredient in what we were looking for in a speaker….yet he delivered a message that was exceptional! Many of the guests were still talking about his entertaining message long after the banquet had ended. Thanks again for providing us with such a perfect match!"
Pam Winer, President Atkinson Area Chamber of Commerce

"Dan Kuester did a customer service training seminar for County Fair Food of Watertown, SD. He did a SUPER job and all of our associates took something away to help them improve on our over all operation of our store. The seminar was very high energy and he made sure to involve each and everyone of our associates in different scenerios.

As a retailer myself, I am very excited to see this program offered. We all have to face issues in our store in hiring the right people, in the right position with good attitudes and I feel this seminar gives you and the associates this tool.
If you are not participating in these seminars you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to help improve your store operation."
Jeff Gamber
County Fair Foods
Watertown, SD

"I just wanted to let you know that I thought you did an awesome job in doing the presentation at Ric's in Rockford a couple weeks ago! I have been to a few presentations in my life and I have been bored at all of them. You made it seem like an hour instead of the two. I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know you are right were you should be in your career!"
Candi Macgrayne
Cashier at Ric's
Rockford, MI

"I contacted Barry Carlson in an effort to find a speaker for our Annual Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Appreciation Banquet. He connected me with Dan Kuester. Dan was a great speaker and went out of his way to recognize the volunteers and make them feel important. Chef Dan delivered a fun, enthusiastic and entertaining presentation that the volunteers loved. Dan went out of his way to make it a great evening for us. I can’t thank Barry and Dan enough!"
Cheri Theesen
Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Director


Creating Conditions for Success


Dan’s explosive personality and many years of experience in all levels of leadership prove to be a powerful, educational and entertaining combination. You will not want to miss these incredibly high energy, visual and humorous seminars.

Dan learned his training and leadership abilities in the US Army
where he retired after 23 years with the rank of First Sergeant. He has used these skills while working in human resources and training departments in both the private and public sectors.

He has done seminars on change management, sales, customer service and leadership in Las Vegas, Colorado, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Michigan and Missouri. He receives rave reviews and numerous requests for return sessions.



Norfolk, Nebraska








Change Management: Create Growing Pains by Driving Change
If you want to keep getting what’s your getting keep doing what you’re doing. If your not happy with your business results its time to make some changes. The necessary changes you implement will cause growing pains for you and your employees. It is imperative that you prepare your workforce for the impending changes to minimize the pain. Properly done you will get the results you desire.

In this session, Chef Dan will share his recipe for Change Management. The ingredients that go into the recipe will prepare you to transition through the different phases of the change process. Dan will also share how you can prepare your work-force to adjust, adapt and overcome the many challenges they will face during the change. Attendees will enjoy a session with a high level of energy that will be educational and motivational. When you leave this session you have a better grasp of how to drive change and get the results you desire.

Baking with Chef Dan - A Recipe for Successful Leadership
Have you ever thought about what baking a cake and developing a leader have in common? In order for a cake to taste good you have to have the recipe that lists all the ingredients. The same steps are involved in developing leaders.

Chef Dan’s explosive personality and 23 years of experience in all levels of leadership prove to be a powerful, educational and entertaining combination. You will not want to miss this incredibly high energy, visual and humorous seminar with Chef Dan as he simultaneously takes you through the steps of baking a cake and the key ingredients that are needed to build an effective leader.

You hired the right people. Now teach them how to build trust and rapport. These two skills will help them gain trust so they can determine a prospects needs and interests so they can present a program that addresses the need of the prospect. Closing a sale and handling objections the two hardest steps will become the easiest when you’re giving your prospect what they say they want. Dan will take you through the five steps and how to engage your prospect throughout.

Help your leaders build a highly efficient and motivated team. Very few things separate a good team from a great team. Learn the little things great teams do when building a top notch team.

We know how important customer service is and yet we don’t train all levels on how to be good at it. Business success is tied to how well we serve others. This session will discuss how to be a great customer service employee.