"Barry, Coach Kush’s message is simple, but it resonates across all areas of business and life. He delivers it with confidence and enthusiasm. He is a very inspiring speaker who makes you want to be a better teammate. Also, thanks to you and MidAmerica Speakers Bureau for making the entire process of bringing Kevin to TD Ameritrade so simple!"
~Sandra Ash, Director, TD Ameritrade

"Coach Kush inspired 1,000 educators, secretaries, nurses, bus drivers, custodians, and administrators to become an enthusiastic member of our team…an important piece of our educational puzzle. We laughed and cried during his presentation which was motivational, humorous, and inspirational. Coach Kush was the perfect kick-off to our new school year!” ~Tori Stofferson, Communications, Kearney Public Schools

"Coach Kush delivered an enthusiastic and energetic presentation that was both motivating and encouraging! The "Doors of Opportunity" speech was very relatable and hit home with both our students and staff. The student body was highly engaged and truly listened to what Coach had to say. I believe his presentation had a positive impact on the students, and I would be honored to have him speak again at our school. Thank you Coach for just an outstanding presentation!"
~Casey Conner, Homer High School
Homer, NE

"Kevin Kush’s speech ‘A Piece of the Puzzle’ that he delivered at our Harms Oil Company Christmas Party was exceptional! ALL of the responses we heard from employees and guests were extremely positive! His presentation was very well delivered and quite inspiring! In fact, Duane Harms, the company owner, was so impressed he had us purchase all 240 books that Kevin brought with him that night! Again, thank you so much MidAmerica Speakers Bureau for coordinating this event with us!”
~Peggy Lippert, Harms Oil Company

"In my profession as a financial planner I have had the opportunity to hear countless speakers at many events. These speakers span the range of motivation to detail oriented content and usually have left the audience with a temporary good feeling about their talk. I would rank Kevin Kush's presentation as one of the most heart felt and genuine talks I have ever heard, and only wish that more would take his message to heart and practice what he has perfected. I can hardly wait to read his book!"
~Ron L Bazata,CFP PDG Rotary International

"At our 2012 Nebraska State Education Conference Coach Kevin Kush, who is the head football coach at Boys Town, was our keynote speaker. After his speech, I heard several attendees make comments such as, 'Kevin was mesmerizing!' We received so many extremely positive comments about his talk, 'A Piece of the Puzzle...8 Traits of a Quality Teammate.' There were over 1,000 superintendents and school board members in attendance, and I can honestly say I did not hear a single negative comment! As Barry Carlson, owner of MidAmerica Speakers Bureau and I were visiting afterwards, we both agreed that Kevin might be the best kept secret in Nebraska! I would not hesitate in the least to recommend Coach Kush to other organizations who are looking for a powerful, professional, compassionate speaker, and one who understands what it takes to build an effective organization full of great teammates! Thank you Coach Kush for a dynamite presentation!"
~Sharon Endorf, NASB Event Manager/Field Consultant

"Wow! Coach Kush delivered! He was such a dynamic speaker and his message fit perfectly with our culture. It was great watching the audience become so engaged! Our event was about owning your personal and professional development. Kevin finished the event with a tool kit that we can all utilize every day to be our best. Thanks to Coach and MidAmerica Speakers Bureau for helping make our event a huge success!”"
~Kevin Riley, Gretna, Nebraska Superintendent

"An audience of over 1000 sales professionals were blown away by Coach's enthusiasm and approach to business and life. We would highly recommend Coach Kush for any corporate speaking event large or small."
~Yahoo! Inc.

"I can't thank you enough for what was an engaging, informative, and extremely entertaining keynote! The group loved it and it was the perfect addition to our event. Consider us among your biggest fans and please feel free to use us as a reference for any future clients."
~Lending Tree

"I wanted to reach out and personally thank you for helping us to secure Coach Kevin Kush for our recent Trade Show on November 10th, 2016. Kevin is a dynamic speaker that infuses humor and personal stories into his motivating presentations. During his keynote at our event, I took a quick look around the room and everyone was completely engaged and several were literally on the edge of their seats! I found his presentation to be relevant to our diverse group from the multi-family industry and the suppliers that support the industry. Everyone walked away with a feeling that they could contribute more and make a difference every day. Each day is a new opportunity! I heard more than one person talking about asking Coach Kush to present for their own companies! This speaks volumes to me as there are a lot of motivational speakers out there. I know that without a doubt, Coach Kush makes a difference not only with the students he works with but also to the audiences who have the opportunity to hear him speak!”
~Rhonda Pederson, Executive Director, Apartment Association of Nebraska







Mr. Kush has been involved in coaching and teaching for over thirty years. Coach Kush spent 21 of those years working with at-risk youth at Boys Town in Omaha Nebraska. As a head football coach, he compiled a remarkable record of 164 wins and just 58 losses with 13 of those teams finishing in the top 10. Mr. Kush now shares his experiences with a variety of groups including teachers, youth organizations, and companies. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in marketing and business education, and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Nebraska in vocational and adult education. Mr. Kush was featured on ABC World News Tonight as their Person of the Week. He is the author of 2 books: The 100-Yard Classroom and A Piece of the Puzzle...Eight Traits of a Quality Teammate.



Omaha, NE



The 100-Yard Classroom

With passion, humor, and empathy, Mr. Kush reminds readers why they work with young people and what they can do to inject high expectations and energy into their classrooms (wherever that classroom may be).


A Piece of the Puzzle...Eight Traits of a Quality Teammate

How well do the members of your educational team or learning community work together? Are you a smooth, well-oiled machine? In a straightforward, no-excuses style, author and coach Kevin Kush outlines eight traits that can turn any group or organization into a cohesive, high-performing team.





The 100-Yard Classroom
Audience: Educators/Coaches working with
youth or young adults
Getting kids from point “A” to point “B” is a goal of any teacher, coach, or parent. In this inspirational and practical presentation, Coach Kush explains his dynamic strategies for motivating youth to individual improvement and team achievement. Kevin Kush achieved tremendous success with his Boys Town football team comprised of youth who have academic, behavior, and emotional problems. Many have never played organized sports. Coach’s strategies can succeed for you whether you work with kids in a classroom, on a school athletic team, or in a weekend recreational league.

A Piece of the Puzzle...Eight Traits of a Quality Teammate Audience: Any Team, Group, or Organization
This is Coach Kush’s signature talk and the title of his latest book. How well do the members of your organization or team work together? Are you a smooth, well-oiled machine or a fractured collection of in-it-for-yourself individuals? In a straight forward no-excuses style, Kevin Kush discusses eight traits that can turn any group or organization into a cohesive, high-performing team. Including; respecting everyone, handling adversity, adapting to change, and the importance of having high energy and being accountable. Coach Kush’s passion for performance is contagious and will help lead your team to greater productivity and success!

Doors of Opportunity
Audience: Youth grades 7-12
In this presentation Coach Kush cuts right to the chase and lays it on the line like only a coach can! Kevin discusses; the importance of choosing the right friends, how to set goals, overcoming adversity, making decisions big and small, and the importance of respecting everyone. Young people need direction to get through the doors of opportunity in front of them and Coach Kush shows them the way in this energy filled talk.

Playing on God’s Team
Audience: Christians from 9 to 90!
Speaking from the heart, Coach Kevin Kush draws an analogy between playing on a football team and working hard every day to make it on God’s team. Who is your head coach? The Bible is your playbook. You don’t know how much time is on the clock! What is your defensive game plan against temptation? These are all concepts that Kevin discusses in a truly unique scripture filled presentation.


“Barry, thank you again for your assistance in booking Coach Kevin Kush to speak to our students and staff here at Palmer High School. Your Bureau made it a very simple process and Coach Kush knocked it out of the park! He had the students and staff hooked from beginning to end. We have had several speakers in my 10 years at Palmer, but this was the first time I had students tell me how good the speaker was! I had no doubt Kevin would be a great speaker, and for the first time I felt like we brought in a speaker who made a connection and had an impact on our kids! This was also the first time that I have had such a positive response from our staff following a speaker as several staff members commented on how good he was, and that the points he made were exactly what our kids needed to hear. We very much appreciated the opportunity to have Kevin, and I highly recommend him and MidAmerica Speakers Bureau to any school looking to motivate their students and wanting to open their eyes to the importance of the decisions they make in taking advantage of the opportunities they will face in life!"
~Rob Wegner, Administrative Assistant & AD
Palmer Public Schools, Palmer, NE

“Barry, I would just like to say THANK YOU for booking Kevin Kush to speak at our main fundraiser of the year! Kevin’s presentation was AWESOME as he had the attention of all of our guests. His content was ‘dead on’ and I believe he may have been the best speaker we have ever had for our event. Again, thank you for adding to our event!”
~Lloyd Wagnitz, Head Boy’s Basketball Coach and Heartland Lutheran Banquet organizer

"I would like to thank MidAmerica Speakers Bureau for providing us with several quality speakers over the past 3 years. Without exception every speaker they have booked for us has been excellent, and Coach Kevin Kush was no exception when he delivered the closing keynote address at our Nebraska Medical Group Management Association's Fall Conference! Kevin's talk was entitled 'A Piece of the Puzzle-8 Traits of a Quality Teammate' and what a talk it was! Coach Kush was a great speaker and his attitude and energy were superb! He really fired everyone up with his humor while presenting a great message. I can’t wait to read his books! Thanks Coach Kush for ending our conference on a very high note!"
~Dave Long , Nebraska Medical Group Management Association-President

"Wow! Coach Kush delivered! He was such a dynamic speaker and his message fit perfectly with our culture. It was great watching the audience become so engaged! Our event was about owning your personal and professional development. Kevin finished the event with a tool kit that we can all utilize every day to be our best. Thanks to Coach and MidAmerica Speakers Bureau for helping make our event a huge success!"
~Alexis Maust, Farm Credit Services of America