"The recent 'Generational Differences' session Tom McClung conducted for Nebraska State Government was not only informative and on target, it was very engaging! Tom was knowledgeable on the subject, he provided information through examples and solutions, and the material presented is usable today. Tom’s energy was infectious and we have received rave reviews! Tom is definitely on our list of presenters to call on in the future!”
Dovi Mueller, Personnel Program Administrator

"Thank you for your incredible insight! I am in the State Leadership Training [Program] and I have had the opportunity to attend two of your events – the Ethics Panel and your talk, 'Navigating Generational Differences in the Workplace.' Your information is so relevant and well presented. Thank you!”
Julia Perez, Attendee, State Leadership Training

"Tom McClung did a great job of closing out our program for the Nebraska Cooperative Council Director/Managers Workshops. After a long day of presentations, Tom provided a high energy look at the differences in generations. Our folks really enjoyed the presentation and indicated in the evaluations that Tom should have had more time on the program. What a ringing endorsement! I also greatly appreciated the professionalism in which Tom approached the engagement and the ease of working with him prior to the event! Thanks Tom and MSB!"
Ed Woeppel, Education & Program Director

“Mr. McClung delivered a presentation entitled “The Compatibility Between Geeks and Geezers”. During the presentation Mr. McClung thoroughly covered the different generations in patient care as well as the work place. His breadth of knowledge shined through on the presentation regarding the differences in the generations, and how they might better understand and communicate with each other. Mr. McClung did a wonderful job communicating his material to all members of our staff from providers to housekeeping staff, and of course all generations that fell into these positions. To state it in few words, his presentation was informative, thought provoking, and entertaining. I heard nothing but good things from our employees regarding his presentation!”
Jeremy Littrell, Human Resources Director, Brodstone Memorial Hospital

“Tom McClung is a natural at engaging an audience. He is down to earth, incorporates appropriate humor and is comfortable poking fun at himself. This enables Tom to relate well to his audience. At the same time, he takes the necessary time for research and preparation to truly be an expert in the subject matter he presents. I love to be at the receiving end when Tom is presenting”
Ann Kelleher, President/Owner, Integrity Staffing & Solutions

“Tom McClung was one of our featured speakers last year at our annual Norfolk Area Human Resources Association training symposium. He did an excellent job presenting “Accommodating Younger Workers in the Workplace”. His material was presented in a very orderly, exciting, informative way. Tom used a power point presentation as his guide, and elaborated extensively on each slide. Tom enjoys interacting with his groups, which made the presentation much more enjoyable. He left us with, how to help employees focus on shared values and the customer rather than the generational differences. He also presented ideas on how to work with each generation and what methods tend to work best with each age group. When the day was over, attendees felt his presentation was the best. In fact, we have invited him to return this year for our symposium.”
Monica Talbott, Human Resources Assistant
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Tom McClung is a native of Ohio where he attended colleges for his bachelors (College of Wooster) and masters (The Ohio State University) degrees. He then earned his doctorate at Michigan State University before moving to Omaha where he has worked since 1974.

Tom’s extensive experience in leadership roles has provided him the opportunity to assist individuals and organizations in such areas as adapting to change, handling conflict situations, and making good decisions consistent with planned strategic direction. In addition, he has extensive public speaking experience on topics related to leadership, business ethics, and managing generational differences in the workplace. His management experience has been in such diverse areas as information technology, client services, financial planning/budgeting, and strategic planning. He has worked in profit, nonprofit, and educational institutions which has included managing start-up operations, strategic growth planning, administrative functions, staff development, and business coaching.

Tom and his wife have two married children and three grandchildren.



Omaha, Nebraska









Navigating Generational Differences in the Workplace -
Younger and older workers often have different values and characteristics. The focus of these presentations is to better understand each of the four generations currently in the workplace and how to accommodate generational differences successfully. This involves helping younger and older employees to better understand one another and focus on broader goals that benefit the organization.

Change Management - Many people have difficulty in handling change which can add a lot of stress in their lives. This is true in both one’s personal and professional lives. We look at ways to manage change more effectively so individuals can better transition from the past to the future.

Conflict Resolution - Conflict is an ongoing occurrence in our lives and can have either positive or negative consequences. We explore the different sources of conflict and appropriate ways to prevent and resolve conflict.

Effective Communication in the Workplace - Communication involves the transmission of information from one person or group to another. It can take on different forms (e.g., auditory, visual, etc.) and the level of success of these modes of communication are not the same in every situation. In this presentation we look at both the barriers and ways to facilitate communication in the work setting.

Business Ethics - Business ethics involves what is good and right in the work setting. Ethical behavior is defined through such tools as value statements and codes of conduct. It is relevant to all areas of an operation and is not just the responsibility of the Compliance Department. Ethics starts with the law and migrates into things not yet addressed by the law. We explore the different facets of ethics and its application in an organization.

"Barry and Tyler, Tom McClung’s presentation was very well-received by our members. He took a potentially dry subject (“business ethics”) and delivered a thought-provoking workshop that held the attendee's interest for THREE HOURS! I especially appreciated the extra effort he put into doing some advance research and talking to people in our industry so that he could tailor the program to the interests of our members. We look forward to having him come back again soon!”
~ Joe Pittman, Chief Administrator, Omaha Association of Health Underwriters

"Thank you so much for a wonderful presentation at our recent Heartland Chapter AICP meeting! We received lots of positive feedback and everyone really enjoyed your insights about generational differences. Your energy and enthusiasm about the subject were so evident and I watched the crowd respond very well to the entire speech. Again -- thank you so much...you were a big hit!”
Katie Gurnett, Compliance Manager, Government & Industry