"Sean McGuire gave a presentation entitled 'The Affordable Care Act ...You, Your Family and Your Business' as part of our Holt County Economic Development Entrepreneurship Series. I must say Sean did a great job! To say he knows his stuff is an understatement! One of the best things about his presentation is that he broke it down into easy to understand segments that the audience could better comprehend.

Those in attendance were also complimentary of Sean's presentation, and had several very good questions. Sean promised up front it would be a non-political presentation and it was. As he stated at the beginning, he presented us with the 'good, the bad and the ugly!' I would highly recommend him as a speaker for other business and community groups!"
~ Nicole Sedlacek, Executive Director, Holt County Economic Development

"I am happy to endorse your inclusion of Sean on your speakers bureau list. Sean came to UNMC's Dean's Office in 2009 after significant exposure to policy-making as staff of the Senate Finance Committee. His grasp of the political process, his contacts in Washington, and his energy and savvy helped us understand and influence reactions to the health care legislation then forming. He staffed a weekly interactive meeting of University leaders to keep them abreast of the develop- ing law, then the ACA, and to plan accordingly. As a speaker he joined us in a temperate so-called 'town hall' for Senator Nelson, several seminars for interested medical and other students, presentations to the Regents, and various Departmental Grand Rounds with helpful powerpoint material, crucial, often missing facts, and Q&A sessions requiring spontaneity as well as specificity. Subsequently he continues to inform and instruct in the community. He avoids partisan shadings of the facts, has a sense of humor, and is a reliable resource."
~John Benson Jr., MD
Dean and Professor of Medicine, Emeritus -- OHSU; Professor of Internal Medicine, Emeritus -- UNMC; President, Emeritus -- ABIM


"The Affordable Care Act…You, Your
Family & Your Business”


Sean McGuire has developed a unique understanding of the Affordable Care Act commonly referred to as Obamacare as U.S. Senate Finance committee staff member where he began working on the law over five years ago.

As a staff member on U.S. Senate Finance Committee, he developed understanding of the context of healthcare reform and understanding of the politics behind the ACA. This has been well documented in all mediums of media including television, radio and social media.

His commentary appears on www.healthreformexplained.com (Health Reform Explained) a non-partisan resource explaining health reform to the audience in common language and he can be heard every Saturday morning in the heartland as host of America’s Healthcare Challenge a weekly radio program preparing business owners and the public with up to date information on health reform and changing government policies.
After returning from Washington, McGuire served from 2009-2011, as the health reform consultant for the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Medicine, however, in late 2011 he realized the business community was under-informed on how the law will challenge small and mid-sized firms especially with new taxes and compliance requirements beginning in 2013.

Sean founded E.D. Bellis a consulting company in Omaha, NE that prepares business owners and executives with disseminated information on healthcare reform and helps them navigate new and compliance, potential penalties for non-compliance and taxes beginning in 2013.

A proud graduate of Marquette University, Sean also serves on the Board of Directors of the Omaha Press Club, and is a member the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and the Omaha Executive Club.


Omaha, NE


Were you surprised by Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act? Are you ready for what is really coming? New costs, taxes and the requirement everyone must purchase health insurance will confuse all of us. Enter Sean McGuire, Health Reform Guru and Political Analyst. Sean was there, working for Congress when the law began the legislative process, and unlike many who actually voted on the law, Sean has actually read the legislation multiple times. He offers a concise summary of the law, and quantifies what it really means to you and those you care about. Featuring the latest developments from Capitol Hill, answers to your questions, and information you need to prepare yourself, your family and your business.

Do you ever wonder if your vote really counts? It is easy to be jaded with our country so polarized, and the news constantly reporting accounts of voter fraud. The average voter often discouraged usually ends up staying home on Election Day. Sean motivates you to not give up on your democracy, and teaches you exactly how to mobilize your efforts to positively impact your community and change history. Maximize your voice, become informed, and make your vote really count!