"Karl Mecklenburg a pleasure to work with, as engaged in planning your event and achieving your goals as you are, and an audience-pleasing presenter. Thank you, Karl, for your relationship with CoBank and your assistance over the past few years. I look forward to working with you in the future."
Nancy S. Montgomery
Senior Manager, Event Marketing
CoBank, ACB

"On behalf of the Front Range Community College Foundation I would like to extend a big thank you for being a part of our "A Lot to Give, Celebrate Student Success" event at Mile High Stadium in Denver. Your speech was inspiring, motivating, and highly entertaining! As an event that celebrates the success of students who have overcome great obstacles, your “Six Keys to Success” were a perfect fit for our scholarship recipients and powerful words that can be applied in all areas of life. Most of all, I was impressed with your ability to connect with our audience on such a deep and sincere level. Your use of personal stories both on and off the field, and your ability to present failures as a part of the path to success, provided a highly relatable and encouraging message to all!"
Chuck Crowe
Executive Director

“Karl was referred to me by several colleagues in the surrounding states who derive business from the construction industry. While I respect Karl greatly for all his accomplishments on the football field, to me the most valuable assets Karl brought to us were his energy and compassion for people. I enjoyed watching him captivate our audience with positive reinforcements, humility and passion. The enthusiam that he brings to his presentationshas been unmatched in my experience. He was continuously giving our members valuable tools to help them move forward both personally and professionally. I wholeheartedly recommend Karl as a speakers for similar conferences or events."
Samantha Porter
Member Services Coordinator
AGC Nebraska Chapter

“Thank you for recommending Karl Mecklenburg to be our keynote speaker for our 2015 Leaders Conference. As you know we had 100 financial and insurance advisors from across the country. They represent our leading producers and regional managers and their spouses. We also had representatives from our biggest insurance carriers/partners. In the six years that I've run these meeting, Karl was rated as our #1 speaker. His message was well received, and his talk about goal setting, integrity and overcoming adversity is very powerful. He was the highlight of a great conference!”
Michael Kalen
President & CEO, Futurity First

“Your leadership on the football field with the Denver Broncos translated very well - and most appropriately - to our attendees. The "Six Keys to Success" that you emphasized throughout your speech were inspirational. You tailored your comments to include references to school personnel and the valuable opportunity we have working with children. Beyond your keynote, you took time to visit and mingle with attendees. You are down-to-earth with warmth, genuine affection, and interest in others. As a result, you have that unique ability to make each person feel special."
Jon Martinson
Executive Director
North Dakota School Boards Association


Former Denver Bronco Linebacker
Inspiring Long-Term Positive Change


Karl Mecklenburg rose from a college walk-on and twelfth round draft choice to an NFL career that included three Super Bowl and six Pro Bowl appearances. The former Bronco’s captain spent his entire twelve year career in Denver and makes Colorado his home now. Mecklenburg was arguably the most versatile player in the NFL playing all seven defensive front positions often in the course of a single game. Karl was selected as the AFC Linebacker of the Year, AFC player of the Year, and since retiring from the NFL has been enshrined in the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame and the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. Mecklenburg has been a Pro Football Hall of Fame Semifinalist each of the last five years.

Karl and his wife Kathi continue their charitable commitment to Colorado as the Broncos representative for Taste of the NFL raising money for foodbanks in Colorado and across the country. His latest book, Heart of a Student Athlete; All Pro Advice for Competitors and Their Families, offers advice to young athletes and their loved ones about what it really takes to be successful in sports and life. Mecklenburg is the only NFL legend to have earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association. As an author and speaker, Mecklenburg’s stories of teamwork and leadership are humourous and inspiring. He approaches his speaking career with the same intelligence, passion, and intensity that punctuated his great football career.



Littleton, Colorado



Heart of a Student Athlete -
Perfect for young athletes and their families, Heart of a Student Athlete uses football and family stories to teach Mecklenburg’s six keys to success; Teamwork, Courage, Honesty and Forgiveness, Dedication, Desire, and Goal Setting.









Six Keys to Success -
Success is overcoming obstacles on the way to your dreams. It doesn’t happen by accident. There is a pattern, a template that these accomplishments have in common. Karl’s speeches give you the Six Keys to Success that he used to rise from a college walk-on to the most versatile player in the NFL. This presentation will be tailored to the needs of your group, and is full of humor and the life lessons that the rigors of the NFL taught him. Teamwork – leadership is the ultimate form of teamwork, “think we not me”; Courage to try new things and the courage to be decisive; Dedication – hard work, constant learning, and refusing to quit; Desire – your dreams, your passion, your mission; Honesty and Forgiveness, with others and in self evaluation; and Goal Setting – the short term, reasonable, specific steps that take you to your desires. These are the keys that you can apply at work, in your relationships, in your personal life, and anywhere that is important to you.


“Karl, your two presentations were outstanding and I would commend you on your ability to adapt to the two different groups. What was wonderful about your presentations, was the way that you presented the information to students on teamwork, courage, dedication, desire, honesty and goal setting. The students really related well with the information. I can't say enough about your presentations and your flexibility in your schedule to also attend part of our CSC Homecoming Football Game. You are an inspiration to young and old."

Shellie Johns
Chadron State College
Coordinator of Conferencing