“Dan Meers was an outstanding speaker for our annual conference. His message was highly entertaining with a strong and resonant message. He is an individual with great heart, genuineness, and authenticity and his message, and delivery, resonated extremely well with our audience. I would definitely recommend him to other organizations."
~Midwest Energy Association

“Dan has had a profound impact on the Chiefs’ Kingdom because of his character, humility and focus on others. With endless energy, an infectious positive spirit and a gift for entertaining, Dan’s message of character and encouragement has made KC Wolf much more than a mascot."
~Clark Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs owner

“Dan “KC Wolf” Meers uses his life of leadership and influence to reach kids all over the world. Students in our small, rural middle and high school recognized and valued this. A poignant photo of KC Wolf holding the hands of two small girls from an orphanage in Haiti brought Meers and the students to an emotional standstill. He left our kids laughing, but also thinking about his message: ‘Spend your life coin on the important things: relationships, family and faith. Each day do something good for others. Be a leader, be a good friend to someone who needs you, shine instead of whine.'"
~Woodbine Community School, Woodbine, Iowa

“Dan’s message last night was very powerful. He may wear wolves clothing but he is genuine and authentic in his words and in the way he lives."
~Bonnie Henning, Five Star Homes Real Estate Group

“Dan did a superb job of engaging our kids, making everyone smile and delivering a great message. He was also the easiest speaker I have ever had a chance to work with."
~Todd Showalter

“Dan Meers was an excellent keynote presenter! He was well received by our audience and his story is inspirational!"
~State of MN Dept. of Administration

“I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your speech more than I’ve ever enjoyed a speech at a conference, and I’ve been to A LOT of them. Your energy and enthusiasm are inspiring."
~Rachel Morgans, Dallas County Health Dept.

“Dan’s message comes through so powerfully. A little kindness and making the right choice just because it’s the right thing has a ripple affect which reaches farther than we know. Highly recommend!"
~Blue Earth County

"Dan was received very well by our audience. His message was very powerful and inspiring to all staff!”
~SWWC Service Coop

"An amazing, inspirational speaker that made our group laugh, cry and reflect. I would recommend Dan Meers hands down!”
~New Horizon Academy

"Dan is the best thing that has hit this county yet. He was awesome and that’s about the best way to describe it. Everyone is still talking about him, really impressive and motivational.”
~Larry (Lexington, Mo)





NFL Mascot - A Character with Character


Dan Meers goes to work each day like many other men, dressed in a suit. The only difference is that instead of wearing a tie with his suit, Dan wears a tail. You see, Dan is a professional mascot.

Dan began his career in 1986 at the University of Missouri – Columbia. Dressed as the school mascot, Truman Tiger, it didn’t take long for Dan to establish himself as one of the top college mascots in the nation. After finishing second in 1988, Dan was selected the nation’s #1 college mascot at the 1989 National Collegiate Mascot Championships. As graduation approached, Dan began to receive offers to use his talents at the professional level.

After graduating with honors, Dan decided to trade in his tiger stripes for bird feathers and began his professional career as Fredbird, the mascot for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. Although many thought Dan’s “bird legs” were a perfect match for his costume in St. Louis, Dan stayed only a short time. He was offered a job in professional football and decided to exchange his bird suit to become a wolf.

Today Dan is widely known as KC Wolf, the official mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs. He travels throughout the United States and the world entertaining thousands of people both in and out of costume. Dan is in high demand not only as a mascot but also as a humorous and motivational speaker to audiences of all ages. His enthusiasm, optimism and love for life are contagious and makes Dan an inspiration to all those he meets.



Wolves Can't Fly
Dan Meers has been KC Wolf, the mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs for over 25 years. In 2006 he became the first NFL mascot inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame. Dan is the author of the book, "Wolves Can't Fly". All proceeds from book sales are used to fund missions and ministries aiding orphans and the poor around the world.


Kansas City, MO





"Courageous Leadership – Living A Life Of Influence" - On November 23, 2013, Dan Meers came within inches of losing his life while practicing a bungee jump and zip line stunt at Arrowhead Stadium… home of the Kansas City Chiefs. What Dan anticipated being the thrill of a lifetime ended up being the spill of a lifetime. The stunt went terribly wrong and Dan plummeted 75 feet before crashing into the stadium seats. Miraculously Dan survived. He spent 9 days in the hospital and got some really big scars. Dan smiles when he says, “Scars are just Tattoos that come with a Cool Story”. During this powerful presentation Dan shares his incredible story and the important lessons that he learned during his long road to recovery about leadership and about life.

"Take Off The Mask - Is Your Life Story Worth Telling?" -
It’s been said that if you ask a man his occupation you will find out how he pays his bills, but if you ask a man his preoccupation then you will discover the passion of his life. Dan Meers has a rather unique occupation.   For over 25 years he has paid his bills by working as “KC Wolf” the mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs.  However, Dan’s preoccupation, what he is truly passionate about is encouraging others to strive for the best in life and to enjoy it each and every step along the way.  Dan believes that your life is like a Coin.  You can spend it anyway you wish but you will only get to spend it one time, so spend it wisely.  During this presentation Dan shares some of the valuable lessons he’s learned during his long career as a professional mascot.  Whether at home, work or in the community, Dan challenges his audience to live each day to the fullest by wisely investing their lives and not just spending them.

"A Sheep In Wolves Clothing" -
Dan also offers a variety of programs for churches and faith based organizations. These programs center around Dan’s faith and the importance it plays in his life. Dan strongly believes that “God didn’t put us on earth to make a living, He put us here to make an impact.” These programs are designed to challenge and encourage others to put their faith into action. Dan speaks at numerous men’s events and conferences each year. He and his wife Cam, who is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, also frequently do Marriage Retreats.

School Assemblies -
During his mascot career Dan has presented over 3,000 school assemblies and youth programs to students of all ages. Dan does these programs for one simple reason – He loves young people! Dan has three children of his own and he knows the importance of good role models in the community. His programs are designed to “Edutain” (Educate and Entertain). Dan believes that learning should be fun and he offers programs on a variety of topics including: Character Education, Fitness and Nutrition, Anti-Bullying, Reading and Say "No" To Drugs. If you are looking for a fun way to encourage your school staff, Dan also has a motivational program called “Courageous Leadership – Living a Life of Influence” that is geared specifically toward adult teachers and staff.