“I received numerous positive comments from my members along the lines of ‘I really enjoyed Liz Nead’s presentation…we need more of her in our day to day lives’, to ‘she was great and her spirit is absolutely marvelous.’ She instilled a shared vision with enthusiasm, humor and realism. She motivated our members and they left our conference feeling energized and to thrive in our industry.”
Kim Folz, Iowa Alliance in Home Care Annual Conference. (Health Care)

"We hired Liz as a trainer / speaker for our PM training. She is a highly energetic person who delivered a stellar presentation and showed us a different approach to our every-day problems as PMs. Really worth it.”
Luigi Calviello, Project Management Director at Compressor Controls Corporation (Engineering)

"Liz recently visited my organization and presented inspiring, creative ways for my co-workers and I to use our specific characteristics (our 'Game') to be successful at our careers and life in general. Liz was an enthusiastic speaker and was well prepared with tools and resources for each employee at our company. She has also followed up with us and proved a real committment to our success.”
Lauren Youngs, Personal Counselor at Graceland University, SocialSciences Lead Faculty Area Chair, University of Phoenix (Education)

“I had the opportunity to listen to Liz Nead at a MPI (Event Planners/Event Services) meeting in NJ. She spoke on the 1440 Principle which was relevant, creative, and original. Her presentation really made us all think about how we spend our time and how to be more productive in business and our personal lives. Elizabeth's presentation style was entertaining, and she knows how to connect with an audience.”
Carol Malinky, CMP Event Professional (Event Management)

"Liz was impressive! She immediately engaged the department with her humor and casual style, and persuasively demonstrated and explained the power of positivity and picturing what is possible. Liz is not only entertaining with her humorous stories, but she is a true motivator.”
Krista, lawyer
Principal Financial Group (Legal group)



Igniting people to de-sign their dreams!


TV Host. Speaker. Coach. Media Personality. Writer. Liz Nead ignites people to de-sign their dreams!

A Leukemia/Lymphoma Celebrity of the Year, Liz is called a “dream-designer,” encouraging thousands through speaking, inspirational CD’s, life coaching, magazine articles and life improvement television. Her own story fuels her passion to help others. After over 15 years of senior management, Liz chose a moment of transition to test a “vision board” process, completely change careers and go into “full time inspiration.” Within 119 days, she had spoken to her first audience; guest hosted for the largest station in the state, and shot a television pilot. She hasn’t looked back since.

Liz is a thought provoking and dynamic speaker, igniting her audience with four key messages, which focus on accessing their game, creating powerful vision and creating a Rockstar network. Recently, she has worked with the US Army, Barilla Pasta and Principal Financial Group.

She is an executive business and life coach supporting clients all over the world, from Oxford, England and Toronto, Canada to Santa Barbara, Minneapolis and New York. She specializes in high impact business planning and life design.

Liz created and hosts Life Dare Television, airing on Central Iowa Fox Affiliate five days a week. Life Dare TV has been profiled in Ladies Home Journal and was awarded an Iowa Motion Picture Association Award. She is also an actor, regularly working in Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen and other video projects.

She believes that changing your vision will change your life and that small and doable changes will lead to mighty, life changing results.



Des Moines, Iowa



Liz Nead created mini pep-talks for herself and her followers for eight years through conversation, presentations and social media. Founding her company, Nead Inspiration after a layoff and during a recession, Liz fought her way through desperate financial and relational moments, birthing each quote through tough personal work and a fierce reliance on God.








Life Without Limits: How to Create Inspired Vision- Keynote, workshop
Liz Nead had a successful corporate career in the insurance and mortgage technology industry when she happened upon a book about vision boards. As an experiment, she captured a lifetime of dreams on her own vision board. Surprisingly, her "life without limits" became a reality a short 119 days later as every idea came to life - speaking engagements, a television pilot, a radio show - even six pounds lost. She continued to refine the process over a decade, winning an Iowa Motion Picture Association Award for her television show- "Life Dare," climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and co-authoring an Amazon Best Seller. Today Liz shares her 5-step process to creating and achieving vision, encouraging her audience to think beyond daily responsibilities to design the life experience they want…a life without limits.

The Climb of My Life- Keynote
Liz Nead fulfilled a lifelong dream when she summited Mt. Kilimanjaro on July 4, 2014, climbing over 19,000 feet to the top of the largest free-standing mountain in Africa. She traveled to Tanzania ready to conquer the adventure but the thin air, jet lag and temperatures were challenging, forcing her to think and work differently during the 7-day journey. She completed the climb successfully, transformed by her own struggle and her experience with the Mt. Kili climb culture. Liz shares those lessons, sometimes humorous and often touching about personal growth, the power of imbalance and the transformation of living in the moment.

The 1440 Principle- Keynote, workshop
Liz Nead was on her way home from a stressful dinner with a friend when a though popped into her head, 'What if I had to pay one dollar for every minute tonight? Would it be worth it?' It was then the 1440 Principle was imagined- a life management principle used to cast a light on relationships, careers, health and the future. Highly interactive and entertaining, Liz guides the audience through a new way of thinking, using the 1440 Principle to imagine paying ($1.00 for every minute) for everything they say, think and do. Participants leave with a new way of thinking about their life and strategies to create both necessary boundaries and new opportunities for growth.

Play Your Game: accessing your internal blueprint
Each person is born with a unique game that cannot be duplicated by anyone else. Often individuals are taught there is a formula for advancement- they must duplicate a way of talking, thinking and leading that points to success. Imitation often leads to an uncomfortable feeling you somehow don't have the right equipment- and others are better equipped to prosper. Liz Nead believes true success comes from understanding the equipment you were born with, developing these talents into skills and learning to play your game with your team. Liz uses powerful examples of historical and modern day inventors, entertainers and leaders and shares simple strategies to implement your game in communication, leadership, organization and creativity.

Pitching and Catching: powerful conversations in collaboration and conflict
Today's leaders must be empathetic, clear and bold, no small task in an increasingly diverse and fragmented workplace. Pitching and Catching is a unique communication strategy developed by Liz Nead, equipping individuals to look at connection as series of exchanges, each tailored to the needs of the situation and the receiver. Participants are encouraged to look at the big picture, understand the variety and purpose of communication "pitches" available to them and interpret the intent and "catching" abilities of the team members. In the end, leaders are shown the power of mindful and empathetic leadership with simple tweaks to the communication process.

The Sesame Street Strategies
After a spirited conversation with her military husband about how and when to do laundry, Liz Nead realized there were fundamental differences between their priorities and choices that couldn't be characterized as right or wrong. While her husband felt supported by predict-ability, Liz felt constrained by the very same routine. Their contrasts led her to create the Sesame Street Strategies, a behavioral prediction model based on six Sesame Street characters. Imaginative, entertaining and interactive, Liz uses these characters (developed by child psychologists) to help audiences unlock, understand and utilize their differences and promote team success. Sneak peek: Cookie Monster is the passionate specialist, always excited by a cause or idea. How do you get Cookie to channel their enthusiasm into other initiatives?