“Leaving John's presentation we felt unbelievably motivated and inspired through his story and positive attitude. Thank you!”
~ Major Brands

"Learning John's story has opened my eyes to all the possibilities in life. The three keys to over coming adversity will keep me focused on the end result: success."
~ Federal Reserve Bank

“I’ve utilized John more than 30 times for my business. He’s authentic, tailors his message beautifully, and is better every time I hear him. His message transcends business, inspires leaders to do and be more, and literally changes lives.”
Rusty Keeley, President, ADB

“John did an outstanding job captivating the hearts and minds of our attendees…at the business and personal levels and his talk was the highlight of the weekend.”
National Association for Electrical Distributors

“Our consultants are viewing their business and lives in ways they never have before. John touched our souls!”
~ Jill Blashak Strahan, Tastefully Simple CEO

“John's message, passion, vision and common sense path arrived at just the right time."
~ California Pizza Kitchen

“Every person in the group had both a tear and a laugh. That is a hard combo!"
~ Pricewaterhouse Coopers

“John was our speaker for our kick-off and was simply amazing. There are not enough words to express how impactful his talk was.”
~ Susan Steele, Microsoft

"John O'Leary Inspires - is an understatement! You connect, you educate, you encourage, you open the mind to the possibilities of living life fully....and you do, you inspire. Thank you for sharing your story, your talent, your lessons, your energy, and your inspiration. For a gathering of caregivers, you and your message were simply perfect."
~ William Bates, Chief Executive Officer, LeadingAge, Missouri

“The feedback from John's presentation has been overwhelmingly awesome.”
Tom Chelew, Vice President, Enterprise

“John was absolutely phenomenal. The response we've received from not only our clients but our staff has been amazing. Everyone has said that he really is the best speaker they've ever heard.”
Lauren DiGiuseppe, NTT Data, Inc

“Words cannot express my gratitude for your contribution at our National Conference. I know you surely changed a lot of lives that day!”
~ Mike Graves, President, FYZICAL

“John's presentation was great. Expectations were high, and he exceeded them."
~ Geoff Hartwig, President & CEO, Hartwig, Inc.

“John absolutely set the tone for our conference. It was all positive and upbeat. In my opinion, it was the best conference we have had in years, and I know that John played a major role in that."
~ Cheryl Pinson, National Credit Management Association



Live Inspired


John O’Leary, lived through worse than most can imagine. At the age of nine, a fire exploded and burned 100% of his body. Given a one-percent chance to live, he fought extraordinary odds.

John spent five months in the hospital, underwent dozens of surgeries, lost all of his fingers to amputation and had to relearn to walk, write, and feed himself. He endured, persevered, and survived – largely because others emerged, served and inspired. He now lives to share the life-giving lessons from his story in the hope that he can Spark! the extraordinary possibility of your story.

John share these lessons as a tribute to those who leapt into the flames to save him. Who worked tirelessly to restore him. Who pushed him to write though he no longer had fingers. Who held him close when the days were dark and the nights were scary. John share these lessons as an invitation for you to choose to wake up to the fullness of your life, to embrace the amazing gift of each moment, and to celebrate the joy of your inspired life!

As John share these lessons, sparks will leap.

Sparks that can renew you with hope, purpose, perspective, faith and love. Sparks that remind you that one person, one action, one word, does indeed make a difference. Sparks that liberate you from excuses, destructive cynicism, limiting beliefs, broken relationships, and lousy results. And sparks that, when united, ignite us together toward an extraordinary future!

What John knows for certain is this: You can’t always choose the path you walk in life, but you can always choose the manner in which you walk.

Today is your day. Live inspired.



Saint Louis, MO





"ON FIRE: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life", John presents 7 choices that hold the power to transform our lives from dull to extraordinary, from tragic to triumphant, and from merely successful to truly significant. Join the movement and get your copy today!











Sales & Business
Today’s business environment has more challenges than ever: budget cuts, declining employee engagement, and the pressure to increase financial goals. John empowers audiences to shift perspective, increase individual and team accountability, and embrace a culture of abundance rather than scarcity. His keynotes have dramatically affected the personal and professional lives of business men & women – and the bottom line.

As a former trauma patient and hospital chaplain, John is a popular speaker choice for hospital systems, healthcare associations, and medical/EMS conferences. He understands that the healthcare profession demands individuals who are dedicated to serving patients and families, often with limited resources and exhaustive schedules. John will reignite participants’ passion for their healthcare careers.

Insurance & Finance
John and his family have experienced the incredible impact proper financial and insurance planning can have. John’s father, Denny, has been living with Parkinson’s disease for the past three decades. It is Denny’s disability insurance policy that has sustained his family’s standard of living. Additionally, their family has also rebuilt after two separate house fires. John is a favorite for client appreciation events, regional / national meetings and recognition events.

John has shared his message at administration conferences, student assemblies, and professional development / in-service workshops. John inspires audiences to fully realize the possibility of how one can serve, love and impact more profoundly. John’s message celebrates individual uniqueness, the power of everyday heroes, and the need for character and integrity. John’s message may be the most important gift your students, faculty, and staff receive this year!

As John O’Leary so intimately knows, one poor decision can dramatically affect the rest of your life – and also your family, organization, and community. Leading with a vision of eliminating all employee accidents, John challenges audiences in manufacturing, construction and utilities to improve their safety through personal accountability – one employee, one decision at a time. While many safety programs focus on what NOT to do, John focuses on what TO DO to cultivate a safe work place, lead and thrive in life.

Today’s world can seem so dark. All too often we are reminded of the pain and disappointment in our everyday lives. Faith doesn’t guarantee the avoidance of adversity, but it does share the truth that a loving God suffers with us in our pain, celebrates with us in our joy, and invites us into an eternal relationship with Him. John illustrates the incredible power of love, gratitude, forgiveness, purpose, courage and resilience. This program will empower you to shine your light of faith for all to see!

John has reinvigorated association members in all industries – he will share the intangible values of connecting with like-minded professionals, being part of something more and the truth that the best is yet to come.

Direct Sales & Marketing
John will reignite your consultants’ passion for selling and your vision for what is possible.