“Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar, the first ever speaker of our Student Wellness Lecture Series, was all we could have asked for and more! Dynamic, funny, engaging, inspiring and passionate only begin to describe the impact she had on our students. We can't wait to invite her back to share more of her energy and knowledge about the secrets to healthy living and a happy life!”
~Mary Flynn MS Ed, Benedictine College, Atchison, KS

“Thank you for speaking to us at the WPTA--you are a bright light of God's love and your energy is highly contagious!”
~Derek Cook, Wyoming Pupil Transportation Association

“We booked Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar through MidAmerica Speakers Bureau to kick off the second half of our school year with our staff here at Beatrice Public Schools. As I told Tyler and Barry afterward, she was as amazing as they assured me she would be! My staff rewarded her efforts with an immediate rousing standing ovation! She is energetic, humorous, thought-provoking and motivating. We here at BPS would highly recommend her for your next event. She will most certainly 'bring the house down!' Thanks again Tyler and Barry for another awesome speaker!”
~Jason Alexander, Superintendent, Beatrice Public Schools

“Hi Barry and Tyler, just wanted you to know that Dr. JoAnne was a delight and did an absolutely fabulous job speaking at our 2017 conference! We really couldn’t have asked for a better speaker at this year’s convening! We have received numerous thank yous from grantees who very much appreciated her talk. Thanks for all your help in securing such a wonderful speaker! It has been a pleasure working with the two of you and MSB, and it’s our hope that we will be able to connect again as other opportunities arise.”
~Ally Flaherty, GMMB

“I wanted to get back with you after our wellness awards luncheon and let you know that Dr. JoAnne was everything you and Barry said she would be! We enjoyed her keynote thoroughly! I will be forwarding your contact information to a few others who want to book her for future events if that is okay. Thank you for your time and efforts in helping us with our keynote speaker needs. We will reach out again when we are in need.”
~Barbara Munro, Wellness Coordinator

“Thank you for taking the time--and MUCH ENERGY--to be with us in Dorchester yesterday. You were excellent. The reviews are in and they LOVE you! I didn't expect anything less. You are a passionate and dynamic person - and your willingness to share your 'story' and to help all of us grow by encouraging us to want to be better individuals is priceless. You benefit so many - and you show us how to live, better yet, how to live the right way. I like that. Outside of education, it is nice to see how things are working in the world and what people are doing to make significant differences in children's lives. Thank you for sharing your gift!"
~Jane Hansmeyer

“It was perfect timing for Raymond Central for Dr. JoAnne's presentation. She absolutely rocked the house for our opening session during our 2017-18 Staff Kick-Off! After her presentation, staff members commented how it was a FANTASTIC way to begin the school year! Her ability to tell her story and blend it with being healthy and positive was spot on for us at RC Schools. We will be able to recycle her message throughout the course of the year and connect it to the great work that is underway. Please thank Dr. Nauslar once again for us…her presentation was the perfect balance of passion, humor, knowledge, and everything in-between!"
~Dr. Derrick Joel, Superintendent, Raymond Central Public Schools

“My name is Coy and I am a senior at Dundy County Stratton High School in Nebraska. I, along with four other students from my high-school, saw your presentation when you spoke at Boys' State and Girls' State in June of this year. The five of us enjoyed your presentation very much and would like to hear you speak again at our school.”
~Coy, FBLA Chapter President




Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar has spent 43 years promoting the benefits of healthy active living. She is considered one of the nation’s most vocal personalities on issues of physical activity and the need for physical education in the critical core day.

JoAnne has been described as Past President of almost everything, including the National Association for Sport and Physical Education; the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance; and The Husker Athletic Fund.

She has taught at all levels and was the State Director for Comprehensive Health and Physical Education at the Nebraska Department of Education for 19 years. For 9 years, Dr. Owens-Nauslar held the title of Director of Professional Development for the American School Health Association. In 2004, she decided to make a change and join corporate America to share her beliefs.

With more than 2,000 keynotes, presentations, and trainings to her credit, she has enlightened and entertained corporate America, non-profit organizations, school personnel, faith-based groups, children/youth, school boards, policy makers, and stake holders. When you see JoAnne live, you will have the opportunity to laugh, learn, network, and share, while being reminded that we must "move to improve."



Lincoln, NE





“Secure Your Own Mask, FIRST!”TM
• The elements of well being including health and humor
• Doable tips to take care of ourselves before we help others, therefore healthy and active living should be daily priorities
• Coping skills
• Action strategies to sustain your ENERGY
• Laughing, learning, sharing, and networking
• Audience: Adults
• Length: Up to 60 to 90 minutes

"If Your Horse Is Dead...Dismount!"
• Stress and life management skills
• Actionable ideas for dealing with distress & eustress
• Ideas for "adjusting your sails" in the face of adversity
• After coping with scenarios, strategies to find humor in the situation
• Reminders from the animal world about coping with human behavior
• Laughing, learning, sharing, and networking
• Audience: All (tailored to age groups and expected outcomes)
• Length: Up to 60 to 90 minutes

"Be A Possibilitarian!"
• Lessons learned from being highly optimistic, every day
• Possible outcomes for energy & attitude adjustments
• Ideas and proven strategies to be incorporated into daily living
• Ideas for action from The Energy Bus
• Audience: All (tailored to age groups and expected outcomes)
• Length: Up to 60 minutes

"Get Your MBA - Movement Based Academics"
• Ideas, activities, and the research substantiating the power of physical activity and brain development
• Audience: Educators, Coaches, and Child Care Providers
• Length: Up to 60 minutes

"Laughter Is Lotion For Life's Sunburns"
• Reminders that LIFE is filled with humor and laughs if we can stop and reflect
• Ideas for the audience to detail their scenarios for a bestselling story
• More reminders from the animal world about coping with human behavior
• Relaxation & health enhancement strategies.
• Audience: Adults
• Length: 60 to 90 minutes


“Hello again from Washington! Thank you for such an inspiring presentation to our group! As I said to you following the keynote, 'The best I have heard in many, many years!' If we could not come away feeling like taking on the world, we were not in the same session!! Your passion was very apparent to all of us! Thanks again for giving us your time and leading us to ASPIRE TO INSPIRE… I will take it with me wherever my journey takes me!!!! My hope is our paths cross again!!!"
~Joe Harris, Chelan Middle/High School

“When you book Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar through MidAmerica Speakers Bureau, be prepared for a dynamic program that will rank high on your staff evaluations! She does her research on the topic to be presented and delivers a non-stop wonderful presentation. She will be one of your favorites—as she is mine. I cannot wait for another opportunity to have her back again!"
~Todd Kirshenbaum, Training Specialist, Nebraska Department of Administrative Services