“As an educator, the scariest thing I can imagine is pulling 750 students from class, putting them in an auditorium with a guest speaker and talking about depression, but that is exactly what we did and we tasked Coach Mark Potter with the responsibility of making it a success. Coach Potter’s story about his battle with depression is compelling and his message to kids about getting help is appropriate, relevant, and passionate. In my nine years in education, I have never seen a group of 750 kids more engaged with a guest speaker. More important than the talk, for us, was the outcome. I met with several students over the course of the next few weeks who stepped forward to advocate for help in their own struggle with depression. I would highly recommend Coach Potter to any high school that is willing to have the difficult discussion about mental health.”
~Adam, Melichar, Counselor at Maize South High School

“Mark Potter came to Cherryvale Middle/High School to speak to our kids in the afternoon, and our community in the evening. He was great to work with and his communication prior to the event was very professional. Mark wanted to make sure he was giving a program that WE wanted and he wanted to tailor it to our needs. Mark has a very outgoing personality and he was very personable and friendly to everyone with whom he came in contact. His presentation was real and very impactful. Mark is a very passionate speaker. Many students wanted to speak with him after his presentation and he was very excited to be able to speak with them on a one-on-one basis. Mark will make an impact with any group he speaks to.”
~Scott Lambdin, Principal, Cherryvale High School

“I have known Mark and Nanette for over twenty years. This dynamic duo gets to the heart of the matter by speaking frankly to students and parents about the silent epidemic of depression. Mark captivated our high school students by sharing his own personal struggles with depression. Nanette’s story speaks to the family members who often have to make the difficult decision of where and when to go for help. If you are looking for a high-energy speaker that teenagers and parents can relate to, and someone to outline concrete strategies to combat depression, then Coach Potter is your man! I would encourage any school to invite the Potters to speak.”
~Vanessa Harshberger, Principal – Bishop Carroll Catholic High School

“Coach Mark Potter delivered a very powerful and very real account of his own struggles with depression. His story revealed that even the toughest and most successful individuals within our community are not immune to depression and anxiety. His story brought laughter and tears by both students and adults. His wife’s perspective brought to the forefront how depression affects the entire family and can paralyze it if it is ignored. The Potter’s ability to deal with it as a family through prayer and therapy was both uplifting and inspiring.”
~Chris Bloomer, Principal, Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School


Coach and Advocate for Mental Illness


Mark grew up in Sedan, Kansas, where he was a basketball and baseball fanatic! As a stand-out in both sports, he was recruited to play at the collegiate level. He first attended Cowley County Community College and then went on to finish his playing career at Kansas Newman College where he earned a degree in Secondary Education. From that point on, Mark became known as “Coach Potter."

After teaching and coaching at the high school level for 11 years, Mark accepted the challenge of re-starting the men’s basketball program at his Alma Mater, now called Newman University. He remained at Newman for 19 years.

Mark has built winning programs at every level. Because of his player and coaching success, he has been inducted into three Halls of Fame!

In 2017, Mark felt a calling in his life to share his experiences as a coach, and to advocate for mental illness. Mark’s passion today is to share with his audiences a message of hope. Throughout his own battle with severe depression and his rise to victory, Coach Potter refers to that as his “National Championship”.



Cheney, Kansas "outside of Wichita"





Toughness vs Talent
This keynote shares practical solutions and strategies to get the most out of your talent. These topics can impact business professionals, educators, students, or athletes. Practical ways to increase your mental toughness are given, so you can reach your ultimate potential.

The Silent Epidemic
This keynote provides a real, relevant, and raw story of Mark's personal experience with severe depression. You can have victory over mental illness and Mark wants to share his experiences to help others. When appropriate and invited, Nanette (Mark's wife) will also share her perspective and give the caregiver practical suggestions to assist in the situation.

Embrace the Journey
This keynote provides companies and schools with simple ways to change their thinking about personal growth and the daily grind of “business as usual.”


“I am so thankful for you because you gave me the courage to get my husband help even if he wouldn’t go willingly. This is only the beginning and we have a long road but now we are on the right track.”

“You obviously prepared well for relating your presentation to our business. I have heard nothing but positive responses. Your message and presence was another example of God’s perfectly placed gifts.”
~Jeff Lange, Red Guard Owner

“Thank you very much for speaking to our faculty today. You are correct when you stated that this is your calling. You are helping many people. I can’t help but (selfishly) think that God put you here in Pittsburg today for me to hear.”