"The best speaker I've ever heard! Loved him!! Please bring him back! He's awesome and totally hilarious!"
April Farley, Librarian, Alamogordo High S chool, Alamogordo, New Mexico

"Outstanding!!! If you want to have people roaring laughing and never forget how to provide exceptional customer service, hire Billy Riggs"
~ Peg Jones, Administrative Contracting Officer, U.S. Department of Defense

"One minute I was laughing so hard I cried. The next I felt so lucky to be where I am in life that I cried."
~Joe Blomstein, Wausau Insurance Company

“Extremely awesome how you can mix the best magic show in the world with the journey to success! "
Mike Hassman, Kansas Pest Control Association

"Your “show” was the best I have seen in 25 years in the health care business. Entertaining and uplifting."
Connie Rutledge, Social Services, Country Health Nursing Home, Gifford, Illinois

"The most entertaining motivational speaker I have ever heard. The content was relevant and his delivery was amazing – fun, highenergy, and he connected with the audience immediately. He was the last speaker at the conference and no one left early! I’d highly recommend Billy to anyone needing a great motivational speaker."
~Dana Malone, Assistant Controller, University of Texas System, Austin

"This may be the first testimonial letter I’ve written in 15 years of picking speakers for our national meetings (we do three a year). You absolutely nailed it for us! The audience (after a late night and long day) was with you every step of the way, and two curtain calls from 1000 people sums is all up."
~Joseph H. Bourdow, President, Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, Largo, Florida

“I'm sure you hear it all the time but your presentation was fabulous. I got so much good feedback from so many people I lost count. We've had some good speakers but I'm not sure I've ever heard so many good things about any other presentation. I hope we can do it again in the future!"
Sherri Schmoekel, Chief Operating Officer, PCAM, Community Associations Institute of Dallas-Fort Worth

"Billy, you were fantastic Monday night! Your presentation was spot-on with the message we wanted to convey to our colleagues! The fact that you did it with magic and humor was amazing! Thank you for working with us and making our event [all-employee meeting] such a success. I would certainly recommend you in the 5 star category!"
~Cami Pecorak, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Shore Bancshares, Easton, Maryland

“Thank you for such a GREAT motivational show to the teachers and support staff of Bartlesville Public Schools. Your message was awesome and our teachers are still buzzing about how great they felt after the show. People are still talking about our best Back-to-School Rally ever!"
Dianne Martinez, Principal, Hoover Elementary School, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

"Just wanted to thank you once more for the awesome presentation. I knew that you were going to be good.....just didn't dream you would be this good!!!! I have received a ton of wonderful comments about your presentation... You really wowed them. Thank you!!!!"
Lizette Pirtle, Consultant, Franchise Source Brands, International, Asheville, North Carolina

"We loved him especially the magic. It was fun and exciting and not the usual drab speaking we encounter. We appreciate him coming in from Austin for our event. He was a HIT WITH EVERYONE!! Thank you."
~Gina Oliver, Franchise Liason, Kolache Factory, Houston, Texas

“Billy Riggs' presentation is one of the most informative and innovative I have ever heard… and I’ve heard a lot. His mix of magic, humor and leadership training is both entertaining and instructive – an ideal combination!"
John Mann, CEO and President, Hospitality Specialists, Jacksonville, Illinois

"Terrific… very entertaining and motivational. Several of my key people who have been with me 8 or 9 years have sought me out to tell me that yours was the best program we’ve ever had at our conference. I’m not just blowing smoke -- I agree with them!"
Garry Pincock, CEO, American Cancer Society, Pennsylvania Division
















Master of Enchantment, Entertainment and Empowerment


Billy Riggs has been called “The Dr. Phil of Magic,” and “a psychologist masquerading as a comedian and magician.” He was voted one of America's Top Five Most Entertaining Speakers in a 2014 nationwide poll of conference attendees. This past June he received a standing ovation from 11,000 people for his inspiring message at the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table in Orlando, Florida. As a highly skilled orator Billy moves audiences to action with his message of hope and inspiration. Add in his talent as a master magician, illusionist, and spellbinding entertainer, and he delivers a presentation that audiences will remember long after the event ends. Billy's presentations change lives, improve attitudes, turbocharge sales, and inspire exceptional service. Through television, radio, books, videos, and live keynote speeches, Billy continues to spread his message and currently more than a million people on five continents have benefitted from his work. In 2010, Billy made his debut on public television starring in his own special, “The Magic of Attitude.”

Awarded the prestigious CSP designation in 2002, Billy's skill as a professional speaker has been perfected over nearly 4 decades. Audiences are stirred by his sincerity and power on the platform. When Billy Riggs appears, things on stage disappear, time flies, and no one leaves the room! Using Las Vegas-quality magic and illusions to drive home his points, Billy's presentations have transformed hundreds of otherwise ordinary conferences into events that are truly special. His quick wit and quicker hands spread laughter and raise morale as listeners learn to reshape their destinies by eliminating their “Grand Illusions” and embracing even grander realities.



Dripping Springs, Texas


The Twelve Immutable Laws of Humor The Twelve Immutable Laws of Humor will improve your public speaking skills and help you get your point across in any situation. With 100 jokes, it is also fun to read!


Megatudes: Twelve Critical Attitudes That Will Shape Your Future Life is attitude. The attitudes you bring (or don't bring) to your circumstances will affect your future more than your talent, looks, or intelligence. Whether good or bad under which you must live and labor. Indeed, they are so important that I call them Megatudes.





How to Become a Born Leader
Bosses are a dime a dozen; leaders are priceless. A genuine leader inspires team members to want to do their work. Employees follow true leaders out of respect and admiration. They work out of a sense of shared ownership of goals and passion for the fulfillment of a noble mission. Learn the keys to climbing the “Leadership Pyramid” through six distinct stages!

Positively Magical Service!
Today’s market is more highly competitive than ever before. But successful businesses know that the most effective and least expensive way to distinguish their company from the competition is to provide mind-boggling customer service. World-class magician and funny motivational speaker Billy Riggs, exposes the five grand illusions that prevent you and your staff from serving your customers in a way that keeps them coming back again and again!

The Power of a P.M.A. (Positively Magical Attitude)
The single most important factor in success is attitude. A positive attitude directly impacts the bottom line because it improves performance, reduces turnover, and decreases absenteeism. Best of all, a fabulous attitude is contagious. Help your staff embrace change with a smile, adjust to hardship with optimism, and strive to be their best each and every day by experiencing the “Magic of Attitude”!

How to Achieve the Impossible!
Extraordinary success is the result of extraordinary leadership. In this powerful presentation, magician and funny leadership speaker Billy Riggs impresses leaders and managers with the core beliefs held by all remarkably successful leaders, and shatters the illusions that limit growth. This presentation is perfect for leadership or board training and is entertaining, motivational and highly practical.

Positively Magical Selling
Effective selling is the result of accurate beliefs – beliefs about the marketplace, the client, and yourself. Consequently, your greatest obstacles to stratospheric sales success are your illusions, faulty beliefs that lurk in the subconscious mind to lower self-confidence, undermine motivation, and reduce closing ratios. In this fascinating combination of classic magic, humor, and education, world-class illusionist Billy Riggs helps eliminate these psychological glass ceilings, propelling your sales force to higher sales and greater satisfaction.

The Magic of Education
The staff and faculty of exemplary schools hold a set of core beliefs in common – beliefs about students, learning, work and themselves. Internalizing these beliefs, then, is essential to effective education. By formulating, nurturing and communicating the proper belief system, you can quickly drive your classroom, school or district to exemplary status. In this hilarious, but provocative combination of magic, message and motivation, Billy Riggs demolishes the debilitating myths that render schools ineffective, and identifies the cardinal realities of education. Custodians, teachers, office staff and administrators will be moved to tears by inspiring stories and leave with sore cheeks from laughing so much!

The Magic of Teamwork
The DiSC™ personality profile represents the gold standard in corporate team-building. When blended with Billy Riggs’ comedic and magical skills, audience participation, and group interaction, the results are hilarious and life-changing. Transform your staff into a team in one fun day! Better yet, Billy follows up the program with weekly emails to your staff to refresh their memories and reinforce lessons learned.