“Gina is absolutely one-of-a-kind AMAZING! She was great to work with from beginning to end. We hired Gina for the same presentation 3 weeks in a row. Week after week she was professional, punctual, entertaining, and educational. Gina is refreshingly different and extremely easy to work with. Just can't say enough about what a success Gina was for our meetings!!! ”
~Emmie Muser, Director, Auto-Owner’s Insurance

“Gina hit a grand slam with her Keynote presentation at the National Association of Professional Organizer's National Conference. Entertaining, vast knowledge, interesting, content rich, dynamic, energetic, and delightful are all words we can use to describe Gina - but the proof is over 700 individuals ALL loved Gina. Amazingly Gina’s social media message touch the non-techies and the advanced techies alike. Her enthusiasm and energy clearly has moved our profession forward! Thanks Gina!”
~Ellen Faye, CPO®, NAPO Conference Program Chair

“Gina is the most effective and charismatic speakers we have worked with. Her content and delivery in the area of technology and marketing raised the caliber of our employees' skills. Gina is extremely versatile, easy to work with and is an unforgettable presence on any organization. I'd recommend her to any industry and for any conference you are having! She'll deliver and you'll look great as a result!"
~Marcia Benshoof, Senior VP, Pinnacol Assurance

“I had the very good fortune to have hired and worked with Gina on two of our organization's North American Leadership Institute Meetings where she was a featured speaker. In both instances I found the experience personally rewarding and Gina delivered significant value to attendees and that led to successful events. Gina's presence in the social networking spheres is considerable, and unlike many others who ultimately become stale and boring, Gina is able to consistently sustain useful and relevant information. Perhaps more importantly, her natural enthusiasm comes through each and every time she speaks - As a featured speaker at our North America Leadership Institute Meeting, Gina outstandingly met the challenge of addressing delegates immediately following lunch, and at a critical time during that meeting, she elevated everybody's mood and at the same time got people thinking. I am happy to recommend Gina, and eagerly look forward to the next time she and I work together."
~Gil Marder, PMI, Programming and Education Development

“If you are looking for the quintessential expert speaker on social media strategies for your business, you just found her. Gina brings with her the unmatched energy, creativity, and maturity that has become so hard to find with today’s digital-age speakers. Our audience raved about her."
~Ken Champagne, Director of Training, Western Union

"Working with Gina Schreck is phenomenal experience in every way. She's smart, creative, skilled, experienced and has a clear understanding of how today's technology and social media tools can help any size business find and keep customers. Gina's easy, authentic style allows her to fit seamlessly into any group and when we match Gina to a client, we always get rave reviews! Her cutting-edge content, engaging presentation style, easy and accessible personality, ebullient energy and playful sense of humor make Gina an outstanding choice for any franchise system looking for a keynote speaker to make technology and Social Media exciting and easy to understand.”
~Katrina Mitchell, CEO, Speak Franchise

"I recently had the opportunity to share a stage with Gina at an awards ceremony. As a professional speaker I have the chance to hear a lot of other professional speakers. Gina is one of the best speakers that I've ever heard. She has a great gift for delivering valuable content in an engaging and humorous manner. That is not an easy thing to do, and she does it brilliantly.”
~Kevin Knebl, Speaker, Author, Emcee

"Gina is one of the funniest and most-driven women I know. As a speaker, she is witty, wise and insightful all at the same time. Everyone at this conference was not only buzzing about how fun this was, but they were talking about all they are going to use—that’s a big deal for this topic. As a human being, she is sensitive, caring and inspiring. If you are looking for a speaker who is easy to work with, a great value and will not disappoint... Gina's your gal!”
~Trish Thomas, CEO, TEAM

"Gina is amazing! It was such a pleasure to have Gina speak on implementing strategies using video....as a non-techie, I can attest to what a gifted teacher and speaker she is!! I highly recommend her and can't wait to work with her again!”
~Gigi Belmonico, Founder, Bombshell Marketing Conference

"It is my pleasure to speak to the excellent reputation of Gina Schreck. There is no question who to go for Social Media. Her friendly demeanor invokes confidence in knowing she always has the company's best interest at heart and always represents everyone with such integrity. I have known and worked with Gina for many years. She is the expert in Social Media and is one of the best presenters you will find on the subject.”
~Debbie Taylor, Founder, Taylor Made Events

"Gina is a very talented speaker and trainer. She is creative and makes learning fun and easy. She has the gift of taking complicated topics and simplifying them without losing anything in the translation. Technology is a fearful journey for many but not if the you choose Gina Schreck as your guide. The journey will be fun, interesting and you will leave empowered with knowledge to help you grow your business. ”
~Donna Gilliland, M.O.S.T. Microsoft Training

"Gina's presentation at the PMI LIM in Texas was the highlight of the conference - energized and practical with real world applications and solid suggestions for improvement. As a fellow professional speaker I learned a lot about social media and a some wonderful hints about embedding video to make a point. Great job, Gina - great!”
~Kim Ziemski, Project Lead, KSP

"Gina is not only a genius in all things technology-related, but she is also an incredible teacher! I had the privilege of attending her presentation on social media marketing at a conference and I walked away with clear comprehension and THAT only happens when one has a phenomenal teacher! Her knowledge was enhanced by her great sense of humor and her 'people skills'. I have since followed through by watching and reading all of the content she puts out on her site.”
~Michelle Rahn, Program Coordinator, Ms Senior America

"Gina is an excellent speaker and facilitator. She motivates the audience and holds their attention throughout the presentation. Our team is still discussing her presentation several months later.”
~Cherie Hogue-Figge, Commerical Purchasing Card Consultant, UMB Bank

"Gina was by far the most liked speaker at our conference. Our team is very interested in having her present again at our future events. We received 145 evaluations after the presentation telling us that Gina’s presentation was Excellent. Some of the comments from the evaluations are as follows: “So worth my time”, “Fantastic presentation of a topic I didn’t know would be so interesting”, “Gina made this fun and interesting”, “Outstanding speaker”, “Learning made fun”, “Great Engagement”, “Very, very good”, “Wonderful presentation.””
~Michelle Bueno, Senior Resource Manager, State of Colorado


Social Media Coach and Founder of SocialKNX



Gina Schreck is an authority on all topics in the digital media space. She was ranked as one of the top female influencers online according to FastCompany, and LinkedIn has just named Gina as one of the top B2B Marketers to follow in 2019, but most importantly, she will make you look like a ROCKSTAR for bringing her in to help your audience members build their personal and professional brands. The author of several books, including her latest SOCIAL MEDIA DOESN’T WORK…unless you do, Gina makes technology and digital marketing fun and accessible.

Gina’s experience isn’t out of a book or a few blog posts. She has run 3 successful businesses and walks her talk blogging and producing a weekly podcast for two of her current businesses, and she can even be found on your Alexa devices with her Flash Briefing, “Getting’ Geeky with Gina.”

Living a digital life 24/7, Gina enjoyed unplugging for 2 weeks to climb Kilimanjaro in Africa (although she did end up blogging each night with an iPad that she charged with a solar charger).

Her clients have included: Coca Cola, Boeing, JP Morgan Chase, Project Management International, ReMax, Hyatt Hotels, and WellBiz Brands.



Denver, CO




Social Media Doesn’t Work… unless you do!
Gina helps her audience understand the current digital landscape, how consumer behavior is changing the way businesses need to operate to succeed. She outlines the plan for successful use of each social channel to draw people into a “content universe” and build relationships that convert to sales. This is the HOW-TO book for marketing in 2019.





Experts say that most people in today’s workplace will not be “employable” in the next 5 years? Will your business be relevant? What are you doing today to stay connected, growing and ahead of the pack? We have seen a radical shift in how people are using technology tools to connect, learn and THRIVE as thought leaders. This shift, or revolution, has caused some to dig their heels in and refuse to embrace the new tools, while others are leading the charge and thriving.

The good news is we don’t have to throw out all that has worked for us in the past. It’s not THIS OR THAT. In this new digital landscape, we have more tools at our disposal. We can use THIS AND THAT to be seen as leaders, building trust and likeability within our communities online AND offline.

Leaders must stay relevant and show others how to use the tools of the day to recruit and retain top talent. It’s no longer acceptable to “do business the old way.” To thrive in this new landscape, we may need to reboot our own internal hard drives and learn some new skills.

In This Session, Participants Will Learn:

  • What has changed in this new landscape
  • Why it is critical to embrace the new tools to build trust and likeability today
  • How (and why) to think “Digital First” within your organization
  • How to avoid getting OLD as an organization before you get OLD as an organization
  • How to stand out as an expert resource in your space to build trust
  • What is “Social Influence” and does it matter in your world?
  • Tapping into the social knowledge pool to keep your skills sharp and share your own expertise
  • Steps to take TODAY for you and your business to survive this digital revolution

DEEP DIVE into VIDEO MARKETING: How to build trust and shorten your sales cycle with video marketing.
Video is the hottest tool in 2019 and we don’t see it slowing down. With Live Streaming on just about every social channel, and video consumption at an all-time high:

  • 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.
  • More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day.
  • More video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years.
  • 87% of online marketers use video content.

With the free and low-cost tools available to marketers today, there is absolutely no excuse for not getting in the game.

In this session, we will go over ways to ease into video marketing with interviews and short video content, and then discuss apps, tools, and other sources for everything from DIY to professionally produced video content.

We will even put this into practice with a quick outline creating session and turn those cameras on to GO LIVE in the class!

Participants can jump in and practice what they have learned or be a spectator while building the courage.

Successful Inbound Marketing: Attracting Sales in a Digital World Keywords: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Blogging, SEO and SEM
Nothing has changed sales as much as search, and with the rise of mobile devices, today’s consumers call the shots and set the pace in the sales process. They have already done the research and know all about you and your services before they ever make contact with you, thanks to Google search. Your job is to have enough great content on your sites to attract, inform, and establish social proof to win at the content-marketing game.

In This Session, Participants Will Learn:

  • How consumers now search, find, and consume marketing content
  • Creating content marketing pieces that aren’t an interruption, but instead are sought after resources
  • How to start planning and creating content that is findable
  • The content platforms that attract and which are RED HOT today
  • Turning LIKES into LEADS with a great content strategy

Doing Social Right: Build Your Business and Manage Your Brand Using Today’s Technology Tools!
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube ... Just to name a few! The skills and tools needed to build business yesterday are no longer enough today! Consumers are tech-savvy and very SOCIAL. We have gone from “push” marketing methods, like cold-calling and mailers to “pull” marketing methods using conversations on social media sites and tweets to turn prospects into clients.

In This Program Participants Will Learn:

  • How to apply a strategic approach to your social media efforts to build a targeted and engaged community, without letting it consume your life.
  • Developing content strategies & hosting social media events, to learning to listen to your community and monitor what they are interested in,
  • Social goes beyond the tweet. It’s no longer enough to “Do Social Media,” now you must know how to “DO SOCIAL RIGHT.”

Thriving in The New Digital Landscape
Will you be employable in 5 years? Will Your business be relevant? What are you doing today to stay connected, learning and ahead of the pack? We have seen a radical shift in how people are using technology tools to connect, learn and stay out front as thought leaders. This shift, or revolution, has caused some to dig their heels in and refuse to embrace the new tools, while others are leading the charge and rising to the top. Leaders must stay relevant and show others how to use the tools of the day to recruit and retain top talent. It’s no longer acceptable to “do business the old way.” Employees and team members must learn to think like entrepreneurs trying new tools and thinking social from the inside out.

In This Session, Participants Will Learn:

  • What has changed in this new landscape
  • How (and why) to think “Digital First” within the entire organization
  • How to stand out as an expert resource in your space
  • What is “Social Influence” and does it matter in your world?
  • Tapping into the social knowledge pool to keep your skills sharp and share your own expertise
  • Steps to take TODAY for your business to survive this digital revolution

Building and Managing a POWER Brand
Today, more than ever, we each need to manage our brand, online and offline for career and business success. It doesn’t matter if your company is large or small, personal branding and management of that brand is vital.

In This Session, Participants Will Learn:

  • The importance of “Google Tracks” and how to lay more of them for branding success
  • Your marketable assets—take an inventory and get them in tip top shape
  • How to identify brand champions and industry influencers to help you reach a larger audience
  • Specific strategies to use today’s tech and social tools to magnify your reach
  • How to use tools like LinkedIn to really stand out and get noticed

DEEP DIVE into Strategic Social Marketing: Using Today’s Tools To Build Business
There are so many social tools available today and anyone can become overwhelmed and paralyzed trying to use them all. This program will explore the most popular social media tools and how each is used to build relationships and ultimately, business. From Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus, to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, businesses today must understand what the tools are and if their target market is active on the sites.

In This Session, Participants Will Learn:

  • How to optimize their personal LinkedIn profiles for greater reach, more powerful marketing and establishing themselves as thought leaders in their industry.
  • What apps to include for maximum marketing power and how often to be “social” on LinkedIn.
  • How to use Facebook for both personal AND professional connections without blurring those lines.
  • How to manage a business page that engages a community of potential clients for you.
  • Why Twitter is the most powerful social sales tool available for anyone in business and how to get on board.
  • How to create lists on Twitter for content that keeps you learning as well as prospects you want to engage and build relationships with.
  • How to use Google Plus to increase your search power.
  • How often to post and how your posts differ to engage your audience with Google+’s visual power.
  • What are Hangouts and how you can use them to add value to your clients.
  • How to think “social” as a business. Everyone can be a content creator and visual storyteller for your business and brand. We will explore Instagram, SlideShare and Pinterest to discover ways to connect with leads on each platform.

DEEP DIVE into working in a MOBILE WORLD
Today’s leaders and employees are on the go. Work is no longer done sitting behind a desk 8 hours a day. Our new mobile world brings new challenges to working effectively. Come discover valuable technology tools to allow you to stay productive wherever you are. This session will be interactive and you will help us identify the top challenges for working in mobile environment and then we will present solutions, ideas and best practices.

In This Session You Will Learn:

  • What is the best MOBILE hardware: Top tablets, smart phones, and productivity gadgets
  • Which accessories bring serious solutions
  • The top apps for staying productive at home, at work, and on the road
  • Managing your social media and online reputation
  • Efficient and time saving app solutions for maximizing productivity when managing and operating a business