"V.J.'s message of kindness and sincerity towards other humans made a strong impression with our staff. His enthusiasm for presenting also set the tone when grabbing the audience's attention. He was able to win over our staff with his story of a worker from Walmart that connected with everyone who came through his checkout line. Our staff was very touched and inspired by this story! I would highly recommend V. J. for any outing you and your organization might have when you want to be touched by the human spirit."
~ Cory Worrell, Superintendent, Boone Central Public Schools

"You have quite a story to tell. I have booked speakers throughout the nation. You are excellent, and I've heard thousands. I would compare you with some of the best."
~ Patricia

"In my 22 1/2 years in the Marine Corps, I have heard many motivational and inspirational speakers and leaders. I just wanted to let you know I rank you near the top."

"Your address to our convention was everything we had hoped for and more. You did a great job capturing the audience's attention and holding them spellbound for the entire presentation. I would certainly recommend you to anyone."

"Personally, I benefit most from the speaker who speaks from the heart. It's a message delivered with sincerity, but driven by passion. That describes what I heard from you on Friday, as did the rest of the audience. The standing ovation was proof."


The Richest Man in Town


V.J. Smith is a professional speaker and published author. He graduated from South Dakota State University in 1978 and spent the decade of the 1980s working for the Allied Signal Aerospace Company in Kansas City. He returned to his alma mater in 1990, working for six years in the SDSU Athletic Depart-ment. He was appointed Executive Director of the SDSU Alumni Association in 1996. In January 2007 he left that position to pursue a career in professional speaking. Smith travels the country and makes over 100 speaking appearances a year.

In March 2014, Meeting and Conventions Magazine named V.J. as one of the favorite speakers of meeting planners throughout America.

He is the author of the best-selling book, "The Richest Man in Town." The book details Smith's relationship with a little old man who ran a cash register at a local Wal-Mart. "That guy changed my life," Smith says.

Smith is a two-time finalist in Toastmasters' International's "World's Championship of Public Speaking." He is also the author of, "Can You Hear What I See" and "Jackrabbit Tales."

V.J. is the President of Life's Great Moments and resides in Brookings, SD.



Brookings, SD



The Richest Man in Town, Jackrabbit Tales, and Can You Hear What I See?








The Richest Man in Town
This talk is based on the life of 'Marty', a wonderful man who ran a cash register at Wal-Mart. He was considered rich because he was loved and respected, but most of all, he was content with every aspect of his life, no regrets. Marty's simple philosophies show what happens when you take the time to be kind and compassionate. All that you give, you get back, and more. Audience members will go on an emotional roller coaster ride... guaranteed.

Simple Choices, Big Rewards
We are judged by the choices we make. In our personal lives and our business lives, we are faced with simple choices on how we interact with the people around us. In this talk, the speaker focuses on five major situations we face each day. The audience will laugh and reflect during this one hour rapid-fire session.

Got Goals?: A Personal Journey
This is a journey from procrastination to destination. Smith shares his 15 year battle against setting goals. In this inspirational talk, the speaker tells how he found himself at a football game at Notre Dame, eating lobster in Maine, and planting a tree. According to Smith, “Too many of the so-called goal experts have made goal setting cumbersome and sets people up for failure. I found my own path.” That simple path, filled with moments of great happiness, was built on the idea of getting better at this thing called life.

Pants on Fire
The difference between right and wrong is easy, most kids can figure it out, but it's the application that is difficult. Using that sage wisdom uttered by a former neighbor, V.J. Smith offers a unique perspective on why it's often difficult to do the right thing. "Speaking up, taking action and living by your values require courage," Smith says. Childhood lessons are the framework for this one hour time of reflection and renewal.

The Exceptional Employee
Drawing on his twenty years serving as a supervisor, Smith gives ten qualities associated with exceptional employees. This talk is filled with anecdotes and humorous stories to illustrate key points. Every person in the audience will relate to the various categories in which we are judged in our working lives. People will be able to determine where they are on the “Exceptional Scale.”