"Barry & Tyler, Marni was BRILLIANT! PHENOMENAL! EXCELLENT! Completely entertaining and hysterical. She was perfect for our group. I’m so thrilled that you recommended her!"
~Emily Shockley, Norris Public Power District

"Your adaptability is so commendable from your 'humor message' act to your stand-up comedy routine, you have really taken the Twin Cities credit industry by storm! That event is our biggest event of the year. The room was filled with our major customers, so it was important to us that they be properly entertained. You really topped off the day!"
~Chilton Company

"Barry and Tyler, Marni hit the mark with our group on several points! It’s amazing how well she can discuss serious topics like the research study information, and mix in many funny stories to emphasize the impact! After her presentation I had many people tell me how much they enjoyed hearing her speak and how they haven’t laughed so much in months!! She was outstanding!! I would recommend her to any group that is looking to energize their audience with solid messages (around sound business, doing what is right) in a fun and entertaining manner! Marni’s the best!!"
~Tammy Tusa, VP, Operations, First National Bank

“Barry and Tyler, T. Marni was a delight and a huge hit at our Women’s Health Fair! Her subtle message of using humor to improve health and life resonated with the crowd. She kept them laughing for a solid 60 minutes with her flawless delivery.”
Julie Murray, CEO
Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital

“T. Marni Vos did a great job putting a smile on our teacher's faces. This was just what was ordered right before our holiday break. She was able to mix her humor into a message that was well received by all. I would highly recommend her for any speaking engagements that you might have.”
Cory Worrell, Superintendent
Boone Central Schools

"On May 16, 2013, T. Marni Vos addressed our department at ConAgra Foods. In a nutshell, her presentation was GREAT! The audience loved her and very much enjoyed her perspectives and her humor. She was very flexible and open to working the room, as well as relating to those employees who could not attend in-person and participated by WebEx. I would most certainly recommend T. Marni Vos to other corporations and organizations!"
Lori Kleinschmit
Senior Director of Finance, ConAgra Foods

"Your wonderfully humorous presentation delighted our audience, in fact, I saw many of them wiping tears from their eyes, and we have had comments from many that this was the best program we have ever had. We feel the positive approach of humor as you so aptly illustrated could only enhance the support and commitment of those attending to the mission of Futures Unlimited, Inc."
Futures Unlimited, Inc.

"I was fortunate enough to attend the Ideas in Motion Converence last year when you spoke to us. I have been holding on to your card and am finally getting around to writing to you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk. It was funny, and insightful, and I wish that everyone at our location had the opportunity to hear you. I often think of the truths that you spoke that day. Thank you for your observations. Keep opening eyes!"
Eaton Corporation

"Thank you! You made me a hero by booking T. Marni Vos for our convention. Our group of insurance agents felt that they had shared a moment of laughter and sincerity with a very special person in Marni. She is a gem in the world of keynote speakers. Her style is warm and witty, yet entirely professional. As a conference planner, I appreciated her communication, her cost-consciousness and her promptness. She researched the group and offered pertinent, insightful information to an industry that has had its share of serious events this year. As a humorist, she is beyond comparison. We research hundreds of speakers each year to be keynotes at our conferences. Her comedic style on a stage, translates into hilarity on a corporate level. To receive a standing ovation from 600 insurance agents says it all."
DUAGI - Delphi Users Advisory Group, Inc.



Meeting Challenges with Humor


T. Marni Vos is a clean and refreshing humorist. She is as funny as she is inspiring. A motivational speaker, she entertains with her keynotes as she motivates and inspires her audience to be top performers at their work and as individuals. T. Marni Vos leaves her audience not only with an additional communication tool, but she leaves them laughing, free of stress, and ready for change.

T. Marni Vos became one of only seven women in 20 years to be a Finalist in the prestigious San Francisco International Stand-up Comedy Competition, where over 400 comics compete each year. She has performed on Life Time's "Girls Night Out" and opened for Jay Leno at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach.

A former high school instructor in a stressful environment, T. Marni Vos used humor and creativity to inspire and motivate students to go beyond their potential. Through laughter and communication she continues to educate people in all walks of life to meet their challenges with a light heart and the echo of laughter. She has earned 42 hours of instruction from the Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior at conferences in Saratoga, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. T. Marni Vos can complete an entire S.A.T. test in 17 minutes.

In today's business environment, where every skill counts, humor, laughter, and creativity can provide a winning edge.






Lincoln, NE





Healer, Healing and Humor - There are four attributes to our health: the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual. Both the patient and the healer know that stress is the number one medical bill in this country. Stress is not an event, it is how we choose to perceive an event. Perceiving the world around us with humor, hope, joy, and faith, not only assist the health care provider, but also the patient. Humor lifts us in our healing and helps us to maintain our well-being as we help others in their healing process.

Considerations for a Fuller Life - Your job, regardless of what it is, does not define you
You bring the definition of who you are to your job...and to your family, your friends, and your community. Your job is just one of the places you go, in the course of a week, while you are working on something that is much, much, more important, and that is your becoming. If you are working on becoming a grand kind of individual, well then, your work environment will benefit, but so will your family, friends, strangers, and of course, you!

Sold on Humor - People buy the quality of the individual as well as the product. If there are people whose products have equal qualifications, we will go with the individual who brings pleasure to the process. Laughter, a sense of lightness, and an authentic friendship, brings that pleasure to the process. Humor and the heart of enjoyment brings a product, a service, a proposal, or an idea, to Life, and then...to Sold.

Laughter & Learning - As a former high school teacher, I watch most “survival reality shows” and say, “That’s nothing, I taught teenagers!” Regardless of what grade level you teach, K thru college, humor is not a choice. It is one of our greatest communication tools. In a recent study, 284 teachers were evaluated. Those that ranked at the top in teaching ability averaged 3.95 on the humor scale. The poorest teachers ranked 2.36. Through incorporating more humor into the classroom, both teacher and student will benefit. It is not just about a subject. It’s about relationships.

How 'bout Just a Good Time- Laughter can kick off a conference like nothing else! It truly is the shortest distance between two people. Aren’t conferences designed, in large, to bring people together to share information? Why not shorten that distance with the common bond of laughter? To walk out of your event with grins and laughter, can send attendees off on their long drives or airline flights, with a bit of inspiration and a bounce in their step!