“After 8 successful years in real estate... REEsults Coaching helped me double my production in just 12 months.”
~ Kathryn S., Entrepreneur

“Mark Wehner's Coaching helped me to write more business in the first six months as I did the entire, previous year.”
~ Bill C., Entrepreneur

"Wow! Congratulations to you and your West Dodge agents. Your coaching is WORKING!"
~ Marilyn S., Entrepreneur


Mark is the founder of REEsults Coaching™


Mark Wehner (Way-ner) has been an extraordinary, inspiring, and motivating “coach” for individuals, companies, and organizations for over two decades. Mark possesses a unique “coaching style” in his presentations. Matched with his “high impact” delivery, he has the ability to target the goals and objectives exclusively for each client in every “high energy” program. Mark Wehner is your “go-to-speaker” when you absolutely, positively need an uplifting, entrepreneurial…or intrepreneurial…message for your event.

His list of accomplishments, awards, and recognition for his efforts and activities will impress any audience. Mark has been an entrepreneurial success since age 9. From turning a penny into over $25 in 1961…to creating a 5 figure income at age 12…to opening over 23,000,000 acres of private lands for hunting, fishing and recreational activities in just 2 years…to earning the #2 rank in the world in only 14 months for the internationally respected Rexall company…to unmatched excellence in real estate sales, management, training, and continuing education since 1976, he is a living example of excellence in every endeavor.

Mark is the founder of REEsults Coaching™…guaranteed coaching programs “For Entrepreneurs Serious About Success©”. His coaching programs are the foundation from which he creates customized presentations for his audiences. Mark, with REEsults Coaching, is a Partner with the National Association of Community Colleges for Entrepreneurship (NACCE). He has been a speaker, sponsor, and master of ceremonies for NACCE national conventions, the Nebraska REALTOR Association state conventions, and a program speaker for the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA). He has also been the guest speaker for Rotary Clubs, U.S. Jaycees, Pi Kappa Fraternity, Cosmopolitan Clubs, U.S. Small Business Administration, and the U.S. Small Business Association, and Mid-Plains, Southeast, Central, Northeast, and Metro Community Colleges.

If you are looking for a balanced, informative, and stimulating message…with a little humor added for effect…you will enjoy Mark Wehner.


Omaha, NE


1440-Empowering Entrepreneurs Every Minute of the Day - 1,440 entrepreneurial thoughts to inspire and motivate today’s entrepreneur.








“Game Changing” Business Strategies

“Doing the same things this year that you did last year…and expecting your competition to do the same…is the new definition of insanity.” ~Mark Wehner

Mark’s “Game Changing Business Strategies” combines the key components of entrepreneurship…PLUS introduces a cultural shift to intrepreneurship…where the entrepreneur’s employees adopt an “ownership” attitude in their day-to-day work activities. In his presentation you will learn exactly HOW you and your company/organization can move from untapped potential to unlimited possibilities with proven high-definition entrepreneurial mindsets and methods.

Mark’s high-impact and inspiring presentations include:

  • HOW to create an entrepreneurial perspective that will eliminate the “just a job” mentality.
  • HOW to move from efficient-to-effective.
  • HOW to thrive…not just survive in today’s business economy.

Mark Wehner’s Game “Game Changing Business Strategies” can be customized to every company, group or organization to maximize the effectiveness and your desired results.

Mark’s presentation can be tailored to fit any time frame... from 20-180 minutes.