“J.T. Wetherington performed for our Kenesaw High School Alumni Banquet this spring, 2013. From the moment JT walked into the building, we could feel his excitement for magic and entertaining people. JT arrived on schedule and was flexible in meeting all of our specific needs. He was both professional and personable. Our crowd was hesitant and cold in the beginning, and only a few people volunteered to be on stage. JT handled our 'not-so-lively crowd' with humor and ease. We were impressed by his enthusiasm and charm. By the end of his show, everyone was laughing and having fun. His magic was also stellar! He left us all asking 'How did he do that?' JT is generous, kind-hearted and naturally funny. He has a gift for entertaining people of all ages. We would highly recommend J.T. Wetherington to groups of all sizes. He can, without a doubt, entertain them all!"
~ Amanda Denny
Kenesaw High School Alumni Association
Class of 1998
Kenesaw, Nebraska

“...They're mind-boggling expositions of magic that keep people guessing"
~ Aurora News Register

“Even up close it's impressive."
Channel 5 News

"J.T. you are unbelievable!"
Corinne Hautala


Magic Extraordinaire


J.T. has loved entertaining since he was very young. He booked his first "gig" when he was just 5 years old, performing for a local group of artists. More than a dozen years later, J.T. has been featured on News 5 numerous times and has made the front page in several newspapers. He has had the pleasure of presenting his magic in front of several large audiences. He has performed in stage productions in Grand Island, as well as the Lied Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. J.T. loves performing the art of magic while adding comedy to his routines. He has attended numerous seminars, lectures, and classes taught by such experts as Eugene Burger, Max Maven, and Aldo Colombini. J.T. also belongs to the Lincoln Magic Club and the Society of American Magicians. He is currently studying Pre-Med at the University of South Dakota.



South Dakota



With over 10 years of performing experience, J.T. knows how to work a crowd and is extremely entertaining to watch. His business, Illusion Confusion, works with many different professional props, tons of audience participation, and a lot of laughs! He performs for both public and private parties at a very affordable rate.